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Isuzu Axiom Transmission Problems

dave02dave02 Posts: 1
I've got the accumulator seal/cover leak on my 02 Ax. Will be getting the part on Monday but would like to add some lost fluid - but where to fill from as there is no dipstick. Any help is greatly appreciated.



  • we have an 03 Axiom and do not live near a certified dealer. In order to get our transmission serviced we have to take it to a qualified dealer... meaning someone who has the special tool required to service the sealed transmission. It doesn't have a dipstick and unless you can purchase this equipment yourself and educate yourself on how to use it...I imagine you'll be needing a 'qualified' dealer as well. A word of warning though... we recently took our Axiom to a dealer because we needed new intake gaskets...they recommended that we service our transmission (due at 50K m according to them), as well service the timing belt, change the water pump, flush the fuel injectors, change the fuel filter, etc. Our Axiom has 85K mi, and we knew we were 10K over service...we agreed to have the fuel filter changed and the injectors flushed, said no to the timing belt/water pump, and agreed to have the transmission flushed. It took 7 days for the mechanic to change the intake gaskets, flush the fuel system, and flush the transmission. They charged us just under $900. 2 days after getting our Axiom back, the transmission went out. We had it towed back to the dealer, where they estimated repair/replacement cost at $5000!, admitted that the mechanic knew the trans. was slipping when we got it back and didn't inform us, and then further informed us AFTER THE FACT that flushing the transmission may cause loose debris that would destroy the transmission, since it was 10k mi overdue (25k according to them). We are now without transportation and possibly looking into a lawsuit- or a great deal on a new car. I suggest finding a mechanic you can trust to service your car.
  • I also want to add...I'm currently researching just how much a replacement transmission actually costs... Isuzu will not give me a personal quote, only through a dealer. I found $2200 listed as a repair cost on consumerguide. I also found that this transmission does have known problems but no recalls.
  • The only way you can add or refill fluid for 2002 Isuzu Axiom is from bottom of trans.,not from the top.Take your car to the shop is the best way.
  • ga12345ga12345 Posts: 1
    Did you ever find out how much it costs to replace a transmission? I might have to replace mine and would like to know. :cry:
  • macdougallmacdougall Posts: 5
    I have an 03 Axiom. The check engine light started to blink, and now it is stalling or bogging down at stop signs, and lights. We checked the O2 sensors, which we found has 4! That didn't seem to be the problem. It seems to be getting worse, anyone have these same problems? The nearest dealer is 2 hours away.......I recently had the fuel filter changed and air filter, with no luck?
  • sagefemmesagefemme Posts: 4
    We received two quotes...both said the actual trans. replacement cost would be $4500. :surprise:
  • sagefemmesagefemme Posts: 4
    Our Axiom did that. That's why we took it in...they diagnosed it as intake gaskets which needed to be replaced.
  • axiomguyaxiomguy Posts: 6
    Mine did the same thing, ended up being the egr valve located on top of the engine right in front of the firewall. You may want to goto Autozone and have them run the code.
  • macdougallmacdougall Posts: 5
    Thanks for your reply. We took it to the dealer and had the same problem, intake gaskets. It cost $345, they charged $150 per hour for labor! Problem solved however, pockets emptied.
  • cptsessocptsesso Posts: 116
    Hey Mac, how many miles on your Ax? I had my 2002 intake gasket replaced under warranty last year. I am not sure of the warranty on the 2003's.
  • macdougallmacdougall Posts: 5
    Well mine is also a 2002, thought it was an 03. It had 68,750 on it when my problem started. They didn't say anything about it being covered under any warranty. I assume they wouldn't offer up that type of info.
  • cptsessocptsesso Posts: 116
    Are you the first owner? If not, the warranty period is shorter, I don't recall what the time frame is, but you can call to find out.

    If you are the first owner, I would make a call to the dealer as to why it was not covered. Mine was out of the 3yr, 50k mile basic warranty (time not mileage) but the gasket was covered under the 10yr, 120k mile powertrain warranty.
  • russkie03russkie03 Posts: 1
    I'm starting to feel the transmission starting to "slip" on my 2002 Ax. It doesn't engage initially unless I'm very careful with the gas. If I'm not careful, it jerks and then engages and it feels like it's getting worse. Could that be a transmission fluid problem or is this something else. I haven't taken it to a dealer to get the transmission fluid examined and it has about 54,000 on it right now. I know the manual says I need to do it every 20,000 miles, but I don't have a dealer near by and it's definitely outside of my skill set. I appreciate any and all help.
  • macdougallmacdougall Posts: 5
    I would first check your warranty. Then look at a previously posted message about having the fluid changed and the problems it cost. Sounds to me like it would be a bit more than just the fluid. However, I thought warranty runs up to 60K?
  • rpino69rpino69 Posts: 7
    I have an 02 Axiom with 90k miles and my check trans and set cruse light come on at the same time and the vehicle bogs and sometimes dies. Also when I come to a stop the trans or motor sounds and feels like it moves forward when I stop and on take of it feels like it moves backwards. Now reading all the stories it really sucks that I bought this vehicle. Has anyone had these problems and can u help.
  • rpino69rpino69 Posts: 7
    I own an 02 Axiom and the check trans and cruise set lights come on and then the vehicle bogs down or dies. It usually happens when I hit a bump or accellerate. Also when I come to a stop I hear and feel the motor or ABS system move forward and on take off it moves backwards. Can anyone help?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Please post your ABS question in Isuzu Axiom Brake Problems.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • jamrock02jamrock02 Posts: 9
    Hi, I have a 02 Axiom, and the transmission went out at 92,000 miles. It started slipping at first then just wouldn't go into gear. The dealer replaced it under warranty. The thing I couldn't figured out is the replacement only has a 12 month or rest of original warranty coverage. So take it in it is covered.
  • Problem fixed, I had to take it to the dealer. I had a short in my wiring from my crank to the PCM that caused the two lights to come on. The thump I felt was my drive shaft, It needed to be re packed. It cost me $600.00.
  • Hello all,
    I'm glad I found this forum to keep up with the latest on my 2002 Axiom. I've owned it since new and have babied it with good maintenance, oil changes etc.

    I had the transmission serviced at 45k miles and had just about reach 90k miles for my next service of the tranny. Unfortunately the week before I was going to take it to the dealer for service, the oil cooler line to the radiator blew without warning. No leaks or other signs were evident before the failure.

    Since it was the pressure hose from the tranny that split open, all of the fluid was dumped immediately had the car coasted to a stop. We had it towed to the dealership here in West Palm Beach and they replaced both hoses, the filter, gasket and flushed the tranny all of which came to $507. With the towing charge, I'm out about $600.

    My question to the group is this: Should I have expected this line to let go this soon? How many others have blown with less than 90k miles?

    I'm still covered under the 120k mile / 10-year power-train warranty by Isuzu but the dealership said that this pressure line is not part of that warranty. Should I appeal to Isuzu for my out of pocket expenses?

    Thanks in advance for your replies,
    SE Florida
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