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Volvo S40 Basic Maintenance Questions

ndotymndotym Posts: 7
I have a s40 2.4I the manual states 7500, I thought oil changes were every 3,000 at most 5,000 the dealer stated 10-30 castrol gtx any help or should I do every 3,000 I plan on keeping this car past 100,000 miles.


  • jessreds40jessreds40 Posts: 21
    Yeah I want to know too. The Volvo dealership said the first one was on them. So is that 3k or in 7500mi?
    I didn't ask about the oil recommendation. Any recommendations?
  • I have a 2004 S40. Dealer changes every 7500 miles through first 30,000 miles per the manual. Not sure what oil they use. The 3000 mile suggestion is for really heavy driving of basic american cars particularily in dusty and city driving, or so I'm told. I also have a 2007 Mercury Mariner and that calls for 5000 miles which my dealer provides for life.
  • blumsteinblumstein Posts: 38
    With most cars & a good brand of oil, 5,000 is the norm. Some places say 3,000 so they can make more money :-). Volvo uses a good synthetic oil which lasts longer than so-called fossil fuel so they can get away with 7500 mi intervals.
  • maxloadmaxload Posts: 5
    On a related note, does anyone know how often (how many months) you should have your oil changed if you don't reach the 7,500 mile mark? My S40 is 2 years old now and I've only hit 10,000 miles so far. I assumed it was something to the effect of 7,500 miles or 6 months, whichever comes first, but when I took my car into the dealer after 6 months, they instructed me to come back at 7,500 miles. In short, my question is: Should I take my car in now for an oil change or should I wait until I hit 15,000 miles?
  • It may sound weird replying to my own post, but I was mistaken and I want to keep things straight. My bad for listening to the salesman :-) I shoulda known better.

    They don't put synthetic in it when it is new nor during maintenance unless you request it. (I got this from the service manager). They count on the low blowby and the large crankcase (7 qts w/filter vs 5 for most cars) to keep the oil going that long.

    I still feel queasy about keeping dino oil past 5k. So, I plan to do the 1st oil change at around 3700 miles and use synthetic for all servicing after that.

    The reasons that I'm going to use dino on the first change is because that leaves 3700 till the next service & dino oil will help during the break-in period.

  • Does anybody know where the turn signal relay is located on a 2001 Volvo S40? Not a fuse, not the bulbs, oil in the engine lol, must be relay. Thanks for any help! Funny I can change brakes but can't find a relay!
  • Hey ndotym,

    I have a 2001 S40 with over 100K miles. This little pony hasalways been serviced by the dealership at 7,500m. They use synthetic oil and still going. Maybe you should try it.
  • Here is a botom line answer from the service manager, non synthic castrol 5/30 recommended. I have my s40 2.4I serviced at the dealer, and to confirm they use 5/30 castrol motor oil, synthic is extra and as told not needed on a non turbo car unless reqested at a extra charge, norm is 7500 and the service light will remind you of this. I'm satisfied with this answer from the dealer. I might switch at next service, as I put about 100 miles per day in various conditions of driving 45 /50 mix. no problems and no excessive oil usage..
  • To dealershop or not to dealership.

    I have a 2001 S-40. My service engine light is on and I've been told that I need to replace my O2 sensor.
    Dealership wants a bit of money. If I change this myself will the computer reset it self or do I need to get the computer re-set by the dealership? :confuse:
  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    OBDII will clear the CEL when the condition(s) that triggered it are back to normal again. So, yes, it will reset itself. However, it can take several driving cycles before clearing.

    The only other ways would be to use a scan tool to clear the code (can buy one for $100-$200) or pull the battery cables and reset things (however, this can cause the ECU to go back to defaults which can yield lower MPG for a tank or two, plus you'll lose your radio presets).

  • I'm looking for the best place to buy service manuals for my S40 without paying the dealer $760 for the entire set for year 2004. I don't like buying Chilton's or Haynes because I don't think they are complete enough for what I like to do. Any suggestions?
  • I have a 2003 Volvo S40 that I just purchased with 50,000 miles on it and going down the road in really hard rain the windshield wipers stopped for about 6 or 7 minutes and then started back. What could cause this to happen?
  • I presume its best to use Volvo for all scheduled service. I'm wondering if the warranty is voided, or if I risk sub-standard service, if I use a non-Volvo dealer. I'm not out to be cheap, but I gather that dealer service is a major cash center, and I'm wondering if an alternative makes sense. Any advice would be appreciated.

    thanks in advance,
  • Yes, you do run the risk of voiding the warranty if going to an independant shop. You can but be careful who you let touch your car! The reason is if something fails on your car and you need the warranty, Volvo may ask you for your service records and if you sont have any from the dealership they will not honor the warranty. I would use the dealer for 1 you know they are certified mechanics working on your car, you have someone to go back to if something goes wrong and you know your getting what you pay for (like they are actually doing the work they say they are).
    When it comes to service I have no problem laying out the cash to the right people.
  • I have a 2007 S40. Does anyone know how to clear the regular maintenance message once the car has been serviced? Thanks.
  • This worked for my 06 XC90:
    VOLVO XC90 -- Resetting the service reminder indicator (SRI)
    (The text message "Time for regular maintenance" is displayed for 120 seconds each time the ignition is switched on.)

    -Turn the key to Ignition position I
    -Press and hold in the reset button for the trip odometer and turn the key to Ignition position II within 2 seconds
    -Hold the reset button until the warning triangle flashes.
    -Release the reset button for the trip odometer within 4 seconds. -The instrument panel gives an audible signal when resetting has succeeded.
  • tmoratotmorato Posts: 1
    How do you replace air filter on a volvo s 40 2005 model?
    It's hard to open it. Pls. help. Thanks.
  • uncbyuuncbyu Posts: 1
    It works for 2008 S40, too. I just tried. It works.
  • I have a question that anyone with an older model s40 can answer. My wife hit a curb and now there is a clunk in the front end when we turn or hit a bump. I jacked the car up and I cannot see any damage, but I noticed that I can swing the sway bar front to back and make it tap against the engine. Is this normal? I need to compare this to someone elses car. If you reach behind your front tire can you swing the sway bar for and aft? Or is it in a fixed position?


  • -Turn the key to Ignition position I
    -Press and hold in the reset button for the trip odometer and turn the key to Ignition position II within 2 seconds
    -Hold the reset button until the warning triangle flashes.
    -Release the reset button for the trip odometer within 4 seconds. -The instrument panel gives an audible signal when resetting has succeeded.

    This did work on my 2007 S40, be sure to close the doors, turn down the radio, and tell your wife to stop talking.

    Thank You
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