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Chevrolet Equinox Oil Changes



  • treetoadtreetoad Posts: 1
    Old school thoughts on when to change to synthetic oil had you wait 10,000-20,000 miles. Many new cars are now delivered with Mobil 1 from the factory. I wll be switching to synthetic on my 2010 (2.4) after a couple of changes. Any thougts on this? Thanks.
  • ems1ems1 Posts: 48
    I'm planing to change to synthetic this weekend in my 2010 2.4 with 4,500 miles. After it has the synthetic oil in, I will use the Oil life monitor for future changes. As you stated, "old school had you wait for 10,000 or more miles." That is not necessary any more. Since the oil life monitor usually indicates 7,000 mile+ changes with the driving I do, I want the extra protection with a synthetic oil.
  • I have a 2006 with about 35,000 miles on it now. I changed to Mobil 1 at 500 miles based on their website stating that you do not need to wait to change to synthetic. New engines do not have the long break-in period like the old ones. I change it out when the car tells me to (about every 4,000 miles).
  • runoxrunox Posts: 152
    Why wait? Unless the next couple of services are free.
  • rmkuschermkusche Posts: 2
    Want to do oil change myself. Need to get a couple of answers:

    1. The drain plug is on the back side of what I think is the oil pan, apparently directly beneath the engine. True or false?

    2. If so, what size is the bolt. A 13mm box end fits perfectly.

    If I'm right, I tried using the box end but it's on pretty tight. Suggestions on getting it off for someone who has to crawl underneath, no ramps.

  • I'm in the exact same boat(SUV?).

    Rear bottom of oil pan, size 13mm fit. I tried a driver with socket and the socket flowered open without shaking the bolt loose.
  • rmkuschermkusche Posts: 2
    I used a 1/2 in drive six point 13mm socket and it came loose easier than expected. Since it is "backwards" being on the rear, are you sure you're turning in the right direction?
  • runoxrunox Posts: 152
    Just did my 2nd oil change and noticed I burned a quart of oil. The original oil was dino grade and at the first change a full 5 quarts drained out. Then I switched to synthetic. Last checked at 3000K, the oil level was full. From 3000 to 6000 I dropped a quart of synthetic.

    Is it common for synthetic to burn off? There are no leaks including the oil pan bolt.
  • I've got a 2010 Equinox also, and it seemed to burn Synthetic oil also. This last oil change, I put regular oil, and it burned a quart in 1500 miles. This scares me.
  • rocketentrocketent Posts: 60
    Ok, guess it's time to check the oil. Sheesh, shouldn't have to think about this on a new car. Is being a quart low something the computer or Onstar alerts you to? Probably not, just asking if you guys had an alert.
    Anyone else experiencing this oil loss?
    I'll check within the next couple of days and report back.
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,186
    What does the owners manual say about acceptable oil usage on this vehicle?
  • rocketentrocketent Posts: 60
    edited July 2010
    The owners manual says that SAE 5W-30 is the best, unless you live where it gets below -20F, then use SAE 5W-30 synthetic or SAE 0W-30 engine oil.

    I just checked my level and it's clean and full, but I just changed my oil 600 miles ago, so my reading is not very telling.

    I called my service rep and he said my Nox came from the factory with 5W-30 and that's what he recommends, so that's what they replaced my oil with.

    He said a synthetic might be beneficial for a high horsepower engine such as the vette.

    He also said they have not had a single complaint about oil burn. He said that anytime you change from one kind of oil to another, you will initially see some oil loss while the rings get sealed (not his exact words, my interpretation).

    I see this as a non issue, but maybe I'll change my mind in 10,000 miles. I think there may be an explanation as to why the two owners here are seeing "burn" and I don't think it's a vehicle wide problem.

    I've had my Nox for almost a year and have had zero problems, except for the shift "bump" that the tranny flash fixed last year.
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,186
    Sorry, what I meant in asking is the owners manual usually says something to the effect that using a quart of oil every xxxx miles is ok. Is there something of that nature in there?
  • laserbluelaserblue Posts: 313
    If your Equinox is new it's totally normal that it burns oil in the beginning. When I bought my 2005 new I had to add ½ a quart and it only had 800 miles. Just add oil if it goes down and everything will become normal (your oil level will remain the same) after about 3,000 miles. That's what mine did and sold it with 40,000 miles and never did the oil level go down after it had gotten his 800 miles.
    I guess it's part of the "break-in" period.
  • rocketentrocketent Posts: 60
    I thought I might have misinterpreted your meaning, but no, there's nothing about normal oil burn in the manual (that I could find). I changed my oil for the first time at about 3200 and it was full before the change.

    I pretty much babied the engine until the 20 mile ride to get my first change. During that ride I floored it up to about 100, revving as high as I could for the first time, under ECO, then decelerated and repeated until I got to the dealer. For no other reason than I thought it would be a good time to get the revs up for the first time and maybe shake off any break in material.
    Felt good ;-) This little motor has a nice sound when it revs higher; I like it.
  • ragtop262ragtop262 Posts: 58
    I have a 2010 Equinox 4 cyl with about 22,000 miles. I use Mobil 1 and change at 6000 mile intervals (oil life monitor still shows over 40% life remaining at that point). Hasn't burned a drop of oil yet.

    I have seen a few complaints on other forums about excessive oil usage in the 4 cyl Equinox. Sometimes that just happens. For example, we've had 3 Chrysler minivans with nearly identical 3.8L engines. Two of them never burned a drop of oil. The third would burn a quart every 1500 mi, almost from the start - but Chrysler said that was not considered excessive. We got rid of that van with about 70,000 miles on it and never had any engine problems.
  • Okay, for about a week or so I have noticed a "thunk" sound when I go over a slight bump and when I turn. Coming from the rear of my Equinox. Any ideas what this could be? Also, took my Equinox in for an oil change today (the first) and was told that there is "damage" at the right rear of the oil pan that looks like it is crimped. I am told that this is causing a leak and that it probably occured during assembly. Wait..........I am not leaking oil. When the service guy check it, it wasn't low. They say I have to go in and have this fixed, supposedly under warranty. I am leary, it doesn't seem to make sense. I have had a bad experience since the day I ordered this car. Anyone have a clue what this is about?
  • eagle95eagle95 Posts: 1
    Here's some vaulable info and advice on changing oil on your 2010 Equinox. First of all, locate the filter which is actually on top of the engine right behind the dipstick. It has a black top that requires a hex metric socket approx. 1 ". Don't know the exact size but it's a pain to remove without a socket and swivel extension. The drain plug is on the passenger side under the engine and faces the rear of the car. It is horizontal the the ground. This is important because there is another plug facing downward that is smaller, but this is the transmission drain. ( ask me how I know) The drain plug takes a 15mm socket or wrench.
    Once you have removed the filter cap the filter comes out with it. It merely snaps into the bottom of the cap.
  • runoxrunox Posts: 152
    Have you ever compared the oil monitor reading to your mileage? I'm beginning to suspect the oil monitor isn't measuring deteriorating oil viscosity, it's guided by the odometer. I do a little comparison every 1000 miles. You would think the percentage decrease per 1000 miles would be lower when the oil is newer and gradually increase over time, having higher percentage drops as miles grow. Not true, mine drops 10% every 1000 miles almost to the mile, no matter how miles the oil has been heating up.

    After 1000 I'm at 90%. At 6000 miles into the oil change, the monitor is reading 40%.
  • commuter10commuter10 Posts: 26
    edited September 2010
    The oil life monitor does not monitor the oil directly, nor is it guided solely by the odometer. Instead, the computer keeps track of a number of environmental conditions and uses a computer program to predict the effect of these conditions on your oil. As a result cars that do a lot of easy highway driving can have the oil monitor let the oil go many more miles than cars that only do city. I get about 4,500 miles in mixed driving from my 2006 Equinox.

    "The GM Oil Life System is a computer based software algorithm that determines when to change oil based on engine operating conditions. There is no actual oil condition sensor. Rather, the computer continuously monitors engine-operating conditions to determine when to change oil. To learn more about the Oil Life Monitoring System, please visit the GM Environmental Commitment page. " - eep=faq
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