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Chevrolet Equinox Oil Changes



  • Getting ready for my first oil change on our 2011 Equinox with the 4 cyl. Going with Amsoil XL 5W-30 and a Mobil1 oil filter. Seems like the best combo.
  • stephcpstephcp Posts: 9
    I was wondering if you guys had found out about this oil burning issue?

    I have a 2010, purchased in Aug 09. We did not have any problems until February of this year. In less than 3000K miles ours burnt enough oil that none showed on the bottom of the dip stick. Long story short...they have NO clue what is causing this and are dealing with the engineers trying anything and everything to figure out why it is burning. After the first jaunt in the shop, changing out seals among other things, it still burnt 3/4 of a quart in 1100 miles.

    I just dropped it back off to the dealership last Tuesday. They have no idea what is going on with it, apparently neither do the engineers as it is still sitting in the exact same spot I parked it when I dropped it off a week ago.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,057

    I would like to set up a case with GM Customer Assistance. In order to set up the case I will need your complete contact information (including full name, mailing address and phone number), VIN, current mileage and involved dealership sent to me in an email. Also, please include a brief description of the problems you are experiencing.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • runoxrunox Posts: 153
    For what it is worth I've been burning synthetic since I first switched over to Mobil 1 synthetic at 6,000 mi. I've asked two dealers about it and both said it's normal. I've driven new Chevy Blazers for over 30 years and have never had one burning oil even after 125,000. Tell me it's the synthetic versus fossil and switch right back. FWIW when I did the first OC at 6,000 not an ounce of the factory oil was short. I'm at 26,000 now and any "seal" consumption should be over by now. No leaks no evidence of oil, in the anti-freeze.
  • vwalburnvwalburn Posts: 23
    I would say it is not normal. We have over 10K on our 2011 Equinox 4 cyl. ; went with Amsoil XL at 5500 miles and the oil still shows full after almost 5K.
  • I'm having the same problem. They were checking my oil at 1000 miles and saying it wasn't serious enough to investigate further. Yesterday I checked it again at 3000 miles, and like you, there wasn't a drop on the dip stick. I'm taking it back in tomorrow.

    Did they ever find out what the problem was with yours?
  • It was definitely not normal as the previous replies to my post were saying. For 8 weeks, checks every 1000 miles indicated that I was losing a quart of oil in each of those 1000 mile periods. I am a commuter so this ended up being checked about every 2 weeks. We finally got stern with them. They tore the engine down twice and replaced multiple items both times. This resulted in belts having to be replaced due to stretching from tearing down/putting the engine back together.

    They told me not go by the Engine Life Indicator, that they didn't even know why it was put on the 2010 models because it was meant for synthetic oil and these were not running synthetic. Keep in mind the oil life indicator had NOTHING to do with the fact that the first time it nearly ran dry it was under 3000K miles since the last oil change.

    It seems to be doing a little better in the oil burning dept. However I'm having the same problems as some others with it just not running smooth, the clicking noise (makes it sound like a diesel). We are biding our time since we will need a bigger vehicle if #3 comes into the picture. We still have about 50K miles on the powertrain warranty, but once we hit about 75K-80K miles it will be headed to the used car lot.
  • tibbtibb Posts: 3
    It's good and notso good to hear other people are having these issues as well. I've had my Equinox over 2 yrs now and am running at 46,000km. I love the vehicle, it's great on gas but what's up with this oil thing? I've had Mobil 1 from the start and it was burning oil, switched to regular oil (dealers recommendation) and it's still burning about a litre a month. It does not smoke or leak oil anywhere? They tell me this is normal to burn this much oil for a 4cyl. engine? Don't think so, I've had vehicles with 300,000km and haven't burnt any oil. ISSUE here admit it GM. The dealer is going to start a oil consumption log now, yippee! I'm making it all up, I'm secretly draining the oil out on myself in the night to get attention? Anyhow, it's good to know this isn't just me having this problem. Kingston, ON
  • brad5879brad5879 Posts: 12
    Bought our 2010 Equinox in mid-December 2011 and and not even 4 months and 6,000 miles later we have gone through 5 quarts of oil. Car just crossed 30,000 miles today. Yesterday the check engine light came on and the engine was tapping very loudly - louder than the normal annoying tap. After checking the oil, NONE showed on the dipstick. This is real bad. I will be taking it in for service tomorrow and will keep this thread updated. I'm sure hoping I'm not in for a long term battle with my dealer to get this fixed right.
  • runoxrunox Posts: 153
    I'm at 44,000 now and still burning 2 quarts per 6000 miles. I changed synthetic at 6,000. I've noticed it is oil wet around the engine fill. I changed the gasket on the filler cap, no change. It's not me spilling while filling, I use a spout. No drips no leaks anywhere to be found. At 42,000 I switched back to dino oil. I've had to add 1/2 quart twice now. :confuse:

    The mpg is definitely better at the front end of the change. I'll drop 2 mpg between 4000 and 6000 miles.
  • brad5879brad5879 Posts: 12
    I took it in on 4/4/12 and they did an oil change and said they'd have to run an oil consumption test. Every time I need to add a quart I have to bring it in and they'll top it off and document it. I have to do that 3 times and then they will try to figure out what's wrong.

    I really didn't expect to have to do this when I bought a car with 24,000 miles on it, but I am now understanding why someone traded this in.
  • bobbyd7bobbyd7 Posts: 1
    I have a new 2012 equinox. When should I make my first oil change. I always do it myself.The manual doesn't say when to change it. It only tells me to use Dexos approved.
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964
    Good morning bobbyd7,

    Your Equinox has a computer system that indicates when to change the engine oil and filter. This is based on a combination of factors which include engine revolutions, engine temperature, and miles driven. When it has determined that an oil change is needed based upon these factors, an alert will appear in the DIC; from this time, it is strongly recommended to make sure to change the oil within 600 miles. I want to also note that the oil life system does not track the level of oil, and so it is always wise to check this periodically. For more information on the oil life system, see page 10-12 in your manual. If you have further questions, please contact us at

    All the best,
    GM Customer Service
  • vwalburnvwalburn Posts: 23
    We have an 2011 Equinox with the 4 cyl. and I performed the first oil change at 5200 miles; the OLM had about 50% left on the meter. There is no spec for an unusually short O.C. for the first one but some people, i.e. myself, just felt better doing the first one early. I currently have Mobil1 EP and an Mobil1 oil filter in it and plan on getting it pretty close on the OLM, maybe around 10-20%. Have over 6K on it now and about 45% on the OLM. Be sure to get the special oil filter cap socket before your change, it's worth the money.
  • carmom6carmom6 Posts: 1
    Has Chevy figured out why the equinox is burning oil? I too have a 2010 and just in the past 8 to 12 months it started to burn all the oil it was given for the past two oil changes. I am a little frustrated. Do you have any advice based upon your equinox experience?

  • brad5879brad5879 Posts: 12
    Seems like there solution is just bring it back every time it needs topped off and they will document it and after 3 times they will "get to the bottom of it and figure it out"...that's what I was told. Based upon the responses all over the internet, it's at least 1,000 miles between top-off's, they will tell you it's normal.

    Pretty frustrating because it is not normal and this is just their way of not taking responsibility. If this is what happens with me I will be done with Chevy and GM forever, and that's all I've owned since I got my license and first car in 1997.

    Good luck.
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964
    Good morning carmom6,

    Are your oil changes being performed at your servicing dealership? It might not be a bad idea to ask for an oil consumption test from them so they can determine if your vehicle is consuming an abnormal amount of oil and so that they can then move forward in diagnosing any problems.

    Please let us know if we can be of any assistance!
    GM Customer Service
  • sherry28sherry28 Posts: 2
    Yes, I think they are trying to wait until the warranty expires.
  • runoxrunox Posts: 153
    Been there done that TWICE. Wouldn't even subject the Nox to the test saying it was normal.
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