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Chevrolet Equinox Oil Changes



  • Caron,

    I would like to open a case with GM as well. My 2010 Chevrolet Equinox VIN (2CNALDEW7A6215671) has been consuming oil at about a rate of a quart about every 600-700 miles. By the time I got to my first oil change after purchasing it (just happened to check), there was no oil registering on the dipstick. Even with a synthetic, the car exhibits the same behavior. I recently had to have the timing chain replaced because it broken and caused the vehicle to run hot. Further, it was giving it this clunking sound that everyone keeps referencing, making it sound like an old Model T. Once they replaced the timing chain, it sounds like a completely different vehicle. I was told that I could pay for an "oil consumption test" but I have been around and working on cars my entire life, and if there is not a leak or evaporation occurring, most of the engine oil you put in there will be still be there 3000K miles down the road. I have seen a number of forum members talking about GM having to replace the engine because of this defect - if that is the case, I want to get that process started before I am outside of my warranty. This is a pretty pathetic state of affairs when an American company that WE the American citizens bailed out, is willing to allow a defective product to remain on the market and not make it right. Please let me know how to proceed with opening a case.

    All the best,

    Paul Brager
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 705
    edited December 2013
    Once the fuel pump dumps raw fuel into the engine oil and thins out the oil, the timing chain assembly goes first, and damage is done to the main bearings, cylinder walls and rings. More oil is dumped on the cylinder walls from the damaged main bearings, and "cylinder blow by increases," and the PCV system then pulls out wet oil fumes, and directs them to the engine intake. ------ This is where your engine oil is going! It does not take a "Rocket Scientist" to figure this out! ---- I am sure that GM and the dealer network understands this most basic concept. ----- Now for the BIG QUESTIONS! ----- Does GM and the dealer network want to correct the situation the right way? ---- These vehicles need new engines, or at least GM factory remanufactured engines, ----- if it is possible to re-mufacatured the 2.4 aluminum engine. My guess is that no body cares about the Equinox Customer! Now the Equinox customer has to "PAY" for a "OIL CONSUMPTION TEST!" What is wrong with this picture. The Equinox is a poor quality vehicle, and the customer has to pay for the service to correct the problems! ---- This story belongs in a child's fairytale book! The problem is simple. The engine has been damaged by a poorly designed / defective high pressure fuel pump. Correct the fuel pump problem and REPLACE THE ENGINE at no cost to the customer. ---- YES, it is that simple! ----- But this will never happen, because what we are seeing is a "big waiting game." -------- Equinox owners need their vehicles for "work" and "pleasure," and they cannot continue to operate them in their present condition, so they will trade them in, take the low trade financial hit, and purchase a new vehicle. ---- Then dealers, (because they have purchased the vehicles at a very very low price), --- can put an engine into the vehicle, and sell in on their used vehicle lot. ---- The manufacturer gets to sell a new vehicle, and the dealer gets a used vehicle to sell. ---- The only one who is hurt is the customer! ---- The only place the the Equinox owner can trade the vehicle is at a Chevrolet dealership because everyone knows about the problems, and other name plate vehicle dealers DO NOT WANT to take a four cylinder Equinox in trade. ---- The manufacturer "might" offer some incentive to purchase another new GM vehicle but this "coupon value" will be washed away in the deal by the "low trade in value" of the Equinox. ---- Don't you just love the American Car business? ------ Dwayne.
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