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Mazda RX 8 Engine Failure Problem



  • I have a 05 rx 8 bought it used 8 months ago. Im in the Marines in N.C and travled home for the holiday on my way back to N.C car lost power and engine light started flashing.Had to get it towed 137 miles to dealer. they said plugs were melted and one completely cracked and had to change coil too...but they say its my fault? Should i argue this or just pay the 600$?
  • Why did they say it was your fault?
  • they said it was warrenty doesn't cover is a coil related to maintance? Not to mention I have only had the car since May and I do get the oil changed, every 3000 to 3300 miles!
  • I am sorry, but I would need a little more detail. Your coils are not maintenance related. Maybe warrenty, but you would have to check. Anyway, the plugs are $150.00 on a good day. Not sure about the coil. If it was me, I would press the issue on the coil. Maybe also the plugs. I wouidl just need more info.
  • rxh8rxh8 Posts: 1
    Flooding happens, the water sits on the plugs and new ones are needed. This only happens in cold weather, I was told if the engine is not warm the engine floods, so to prevent this, if you are moving the car from the driveway to the curb (or a short distance) take the car up to 5-6 rpm then shut it off, otherwise you flood and ur starter engine could go...

    1,000 bucks later im wondering why no one ever told me...
  • The last two winters, a few days after big snow blasts here in Boston, my horn would start blasting randomly. I would punch the steering wheel and the blasting stops for a while, but then it would start again. Last year, I just pulled the horn fuse to stop it. When I ask the dealer to look at it, they couldn't find anything.

    Then after another snow storm, the engine light came on and stayed. Took RX-8 to the dealer who said the diagnostics showed an air intake control error. It tested fine on the diagnostic machine, so I didn't need to replace the $500 air intake control. The dealer said it could happen again though.

    This year, the engine light went on again and the horn started blasting within days of each other, after the first big winter blast. I didn't pull the fuse and didn't visit the dealer because I figured that things would fix themselves again. After a week, both problems went away.

    So my question is, where is the most likely place for the horn and the engine check light circuits to be exposed to the winter elements? Or is a heated garage in winter time the best bet?
  • Well I'm not sure about that...would try a garage to see if that helps. The dealers only say and do what they feel. I got screwed...nothing was covered i had to pay the 500.00.....let's see if they fixed my promblem! Good Luck with urs.
  • I had the same problem and I replaced the Ignition coils. They are known for going out in these cars as soon as 30,000 miles. You can replace your self and save alot of money. All you have to do is remove the air filter housing by pushing forward with excessive force then lifting it out to acess the ignition coils. You can purchase online for about $34.00 each with shipping (4 total). I relaced mine within 15 minutes. If you would like more details look me up on here.

    I am having warm engine start problems now with my Rx-8 and am wondering if it is the starter. Does anyone have any advice out there?
  • OMG wish I had known son just had coils replaced in his Mazda RX8 at 32k miles and cost $703!
  • My son purchased a 2005 Mazda RX-8 brand new. He did all the research, learned about the rotary engine and its quirky letting it warm up regime before moving. He now has 32,000 miles on it and has had it in the shop 2 times in 12 mos at the tune of $1400! The first time, they blamed him for the carbon in the engine and replaced the battery and it barely squeaked through the compression test. The man told him he would probably end up needing a new engine because these are defective. Six months later, it started, then lights came on for the engine, and had this odor, and then would not start. Took Mazda road side assistance 2 days to come tow the crap. They told him carbon in the engine and needed new coils! Cost...over $700! People, Mazda extended the warranty on the engine which is defective and they know it! YET this engine causes other problems which are not covered and are costing people hundreds and thousands of dollars. Don't you think it is time that Mazda quit beating around the bush and giving Mazda RX8 owners the run around and recall this hunk of junk? They had the audacity to say this car is not for short distance driving. Hello? Was that disclosed on the sticker on the window? Do you know how many people would have bought these things if they were told they would need a new engine at 30,000 miles? After many calls to Mazda HQ, they also give the run around. They paid for the decarbonization by the way. Big freaking deal. In the meantime, car floods, runs rough, has no power, and probably would serve better as a boat anchor.

    I think a letter writing campaign is in order and maybe the major news station and consumer advocates should be made aware. How about it?
  • phamiphami Posts: 2
    Hi Jus wanting to ask u about changing the plugs for my rx8 2003 coz im gonna giv ita try doing it myself instead of hearing the ridiculous quotes from the mech, so can u help me by providing the website where i can purchase the plugs from & what i have to do to check when the plugs are in that my car is running fine?

    thank you very much.
  • phamiphami Posts: 2
    hi i am havin problems with my Rx8 2003 AT.
    iv left my car for over 2 months without driving it coz i hav to go overseas n it needed it plugs changed n when i came back it wouldnt start (Flooding) so iv towed it over to the nearest garage to fix n changed my plugs at 11am later i receive a call from em (3hrs later) saying they cant fix my car cos it has compression failure n advise me to see a specialist so i came there 2 c my rx8 in its position that i left it there like it hasn't been touched n got charge $55 bucks so i wasted my time n money n now decided to fixit myself by changing the plugs myself as the specialist advise that the car needs to plugs to be able to build compression.

    thank you.
  • carfreakrx8carfreakrx8 Posts: 1
    edited September 2010
    hi i just like to know if you get the problem fix, and what you did to get it fix i am have similar problem with my car i have in a new battery and new set of spark plugs the car will run and idle OK but it will only start when the engine is cold, when it start and and it warm up and u cut it off it wont start on till it cold some time it take hours to get it back up and running again plz help
  • We bought our son an rx-8 and didn't know about all the problems. He had it for about a year, then the engine wouldn't start. We took it to the dealer. By now, Mazda had extended the warranties on the engine and they put in a new one free of charge. This was in April, 2010. Yesterday, the car made horrible sounds and lost power. We had it towed into the dealer. Guess what. We're getting yet another new engine. This will be the 3rd engine on this car. Maybe this one is the charm, or better yet, maybe we need to trade it on one something more reliable! I'm thinking the latter.
  • hello there
    afta replacing the ignition coils was the car fine after n did the odor go away, this why the engine light is on???
  • Aww man... damn I need to get my first car and I've been looking for a good car that will take me to school and work, and I fell in love with the Rx-8, but from what I see, its not a very good car at all....

    can you tell me what exactly the problem is with the Rx-8 according to what you know please?

    can you also tell me how long and how much you know about the Rx-8 rotary engines please
  • i am having the same exact problem with my son RX-8 and the dealer is now getting a new engine for my sons car and i totally agreed with you. MAZDA is selling a lemon car.
  • I just bought my son an 08 RX8, are these problems occuring on this model also?
  • Not sure, I would check online to see but I think that all the RX8 have the same issues.
  • Wow!! I guess I should have done more research before buying. You would think it would be fixed by now....
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