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Mazda RX 8 Engine Failure Problem



  • funbun1funbun1 Posts: 1
    Nope, no agenda. I've only known personally one RX-8 owner. She works in my office. They moved the car from one end of the drive to the other. Came back out later, the car wouldn't crank. Called the dealer, they said, " bring it in, after you flooded it out we have to change the plugs." She was charged $ 600.00 . Later they discover...........after reading these posts......that there is a segment in the owners manual about the special restarting technique of a Wankel engine after it has flooded out.
    So, yes, they are weird. She bought the car from a used dealer, so it's a given that they had no way of knowing about the flood/restart procedure.
  • Hey I have an 07 rx8 and its runing awesome haven't had any flows with it rx8 which I know u know are rotary "YOU MuST run the car hard meaning leting ur rpms go high.... my friends has had one of these cars before I did he took car of his car and has had more problems with it then me I've had zero problems u have to treat the car bad its not a casual car.....
  • aliteebsaliteebs Posts: 1
    i've got a mazda rx8 that won't start.

    i moved the car into the garage...and then 30 mins later went to go start it up again and it wasn't starting. figured maybe it needed to be jumped, but that didn't work. we had a buddy of ours come over and check it out. found out the spark plug wasn't sparking. got that fixed up..and went to try and start it again, and it still wouldn't start. our buddy tried to figure out what was up for hours. we've never had any problem with our car until now, and have had it for a year now. kind of upsetting... =/

    its been sitting for a while. and we got no clue what to do. we decided to look online for ppl who have had similar problems. anyone got a clue of what could be wrong....or give some advice of what to do? anything will be helpful
  • I'm an Rx8 owner,

    I was just surfing through the Rx8 Engine failure problems forum. And I came across your post. I'm here by having alot of problems with my rx8. I want to get some info on the lemon law attorney you've had. I have a 2005 Mazda Rx8, as I'm writing this letter. My Rx8 is at the dealership getting its 2nd engine replaced. I have 93k miles on the body and have 24k miles on the 2nd engine when it went out. Please reply back to me as soon as you can with the attorney info. I'd greatly appreciate that. Thank you
  • We had the "cannot start the car because it was moved a small distance” problem with my 2004 Mazda RX8 and it was towed into the local Mazda Dealership. Then I started having the "car will not start" problem which lead to an engine replacement. Again, I am having the "car will not start" problem and it had to be towed into the same Mazda Dealership who says my car needs a 3rd engine. By the way Mazda will not cover it and the cost is 5k. Now, I have a car sitting in my drive way that will not run for which I make monthly car payments and am require to pay auto insurance on. Has anyone had success in getting Mazda to replace the engine? Did you have to sue?
  • joyk3joyk3 Posts: 1
    Have you all seen this? Mazda extended warranty on the 04'-08' RX-8 engines:

    link title
  • Can you send me a link about the extended warranty info? Thanks.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 974
    edited July 2011
    Here it is again :shades: : Mazda RX8 Extended Warranty

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  • Hello All,

    I'm a new rx-8 owner as of 4 months ago. Bought a 2004 for my son for his first car. Wish I hadn't done that. He went to start it last week and no spark. $750 later at the dealership and the spark was back but they say the engine was blown. I've read a lot online since then regarding these engines and see they are lemons. The Mazda dealer says they'll replace the engine if I can show history of maintenance records. When I tried to contact the previous 2 owners the dealerships won't give me their names, so I have no way to do that.

    I've got a claim in with Mazda customer service and waiting to hear back. Anyone have any other advise as to other course of actions?

  • cashboyzcashboyz Posts: 2
    That sounds so familiar, I had bought a 2005 for my son and made the mistake of doing the research after the fact on the rotary engine and realized a little too late that they are junk. Keep hearing that you have to run them hard but give me a break, you should be able to start a car , move it (no matter how far or long) and still be able to start the damn car again. Its a joke, I feel that Mazda should purchase every one of these lemons back and scrap'em. I have mastered the art of starting mine after you flood the engine , If it doesnt start you have to constantly work at turning the key and try cranking without thge gas pedal for about 8 sec. and then turn off press the gas pedal down and let go then try starting again for 8 sec. Keep doing this for about 15 to 30 min and finally you will create enough build-up of fuel to startup. Just make sure to hook up some cables to another battery so you dont kill yours trying.
  • grinningrinnin Posts: 13
    Just to put it out there - despite what you will read on these forums (where people go when they have a problem) - lots of happy satisfied folks own RX-8s. I have a 2004 with 44K miles on it. I drive it all year long in a wintery climate (Boston) and frequently take short trips (1 mile each way on a cold engine) to commuter station to go to work. Never - not even once - has the car flooded or failed to start for me. It did recently get an ignition coil replaced after some rough running. 7 years later I still smile pretty much the whole time I drive the car. My wife loves it too.
  • First off the rotary is different then a piston engine. If you flood a piston engine over time the fuel will drain from the cylinders into the crank case and allow the engine to start. In an rotary the gas has no ware to drain to so it settles at the bottom of the rotary chamber until you try to start again and just re-floods the engine. If the engine is warm it allow the gas to evaporate and no flooding. That is why they tell you to warm the car up before shutting it down.

    To clear your car try pushing the gas peddle to the floor (this will shut off the fuel injectors) and crank the car for six seconds. Try this 2 or 4 times waiting in between and always press the gas to the floor or you'll just make the flooding worst. Now try starting the car normally with foot off the gas. If this does not work you have to remove the spark plugs and then do the outlined procedure again. Let the car sit a few minutes between cranks. Reinstall the spark plugs and you should start. You can also pull start the car if you have a manual. Have another car pull the RX to 20mph then dump the clutch in 2nd gear. This will start the car.

    The flooding prevents the apex seal from sealing well and causes weak compression and no starting. In 2005 Mazda installed a stronger battery and faster starter. This spun the engine fast which increased the sealing force of the apex seals which helped greatly with the flood issue. If your car is an 2004 confirm it received this update.

    If you are a little careful, you will never flood. If you car is at normal operating temperature you will never flood. If you move the car a small amount let it idle for a minute or two rev the car to 5,000rpms and turn off the engine while it is revved to 5000. I have done this for 6 year and never flooded once.
  • Hello,

    I've just run into some of the same problems that others describe about RX8 engine failure. I have a 2005 Shinka with about 47K miles, and it started having troubles starting. So I took it to the dealer, and $1000 later I had a carbon-free engine with new coils and plugs, a clean fuel system, and few other bright and shiny improvements. Ran great, idled great as I drove it away. I parked it at my house, and Monday morning it started great. Stopped at the bank a few miles down the road and it took 3 tries to start it. hmmm. Left it at the airport for a week, started fine, drove great to the house. Turned it off, and just for fun tried to start again... Nope--just cranked. 10 minutes later, still no start. After it cooled, it started and I took it back to the dealer. Now they say it needs a new engine.

    My question: they tell me that Mazda requires them to do (most of) the $1000 in fixes before they will replace the engine, and that I'm stuck with that. Is that true? Is it really a warranty repair if I have to pay for a lot of other stuff to get the replacement? Is there a way to recover this money?
  • Some Mazda's dealers are really [non-permissible content removed] when dealing with the engine replacements. A simple compression test(actually a vacuum test) would have told them that the engine was shot. Many dealers will do this right off. At 47K if the coils and plugs were never replaced it was time to have them replaced. If they already were then I would have an issue with the dealer. When the engine is replaced do not let them try and stick you for other charges, seals, bolts ect.... Some dealers have been known to do this to pad their bill. Mazda will pay them to replace the engine and all parts necessary to do that replacement.

    You could call Mzada corp. (Not the dealer) to complain and ask why they did all this work rather then check the compression. They might refund some of the money. You'll get no where with the dealers so skip him. Just be nice and professional with the rep and see what happens.
  • I'll give it a try. Thanks!
  • Does replacement engines extend to UK purchasers also? I have just bought an RX8 2004, but the engine only goes if I push start it, despite buying a new starter motor. When the car starts they is no pressure in the engine, it drives but has no power. I suspect I have a lemon engine too!!!
  • I have a 2008 RX8 with 33,000 miles on it. My car wouldn't start. I got it to the Mazda dealer, and they said there was a blockage in the catalytic converter that didn't allow all the exhaust to get out and damaged the engine. Now they are going to provide me with a re-manufactured engine with new parts. It's under warranty. My concern is how the new re-manufactured engine will work. I'm wondering whether I should do a straight trade of my RX8 for a Mazda 3 (since I have about $15,000 left on the loan). I wanted to get anyone's opinion on what I should do and if they've ever had an RX8 with a new, re-manufactured engine.
  • The re-manufactured engines are a crap shoot, some are good some are not. Personally I would not worry about it because of the extended warranty

    You have a 100K warranty with the engine so if it does fail you are covered. If you want to change it out for other reasons, that is your call.

    Good luck.
  • You better get them to replace that catalytic converter too or it won’t be long before the same thing happens again. You cat is covered by the emissions warranty 8years/80k miles.

    However, you may research putting in a replacement pipe. Racing Beat offers 2. I bought mine a while ago and it’s never given me an issue... just a few extra horses ;)
  • zrainerizraineri Posts: 1
    Their not lemons you just have to know how to treat the engine. You should have done some more research on it before dropping that kind of money into a car you know nothing about. It has a rotary engine which is a lot different then what most cars have and you have to treat it differently. I own a mazda rx-8 also and have absolutely no problems with it. Before turning off the engine you need to rev it up to roughly 3000 rpms for a few seconds and it will start up perfectly fine the next time. For future reference know what your getting before you buy and it'll save you a lot of time and money.
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