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Mazda RX 8 Engine Failure Problem



  • sagy364sagy364 Posts: 1
    Someone knows how much psi compression needs to start a engine for a 2004 RX-8?? I will apreciate the info..
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 974
    edited June 2012
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  • We have had our RX-8 for about 6 years now and have just started experiencing problems. We have always kept up maintenance and what not. During hot weather we cannot run our A/C or the car will die. That was our first problem, now everytime we start slowing down the car will die, we have replaced the battery with a Optimus and now the car starts right back up however the engine light stays on. It's no surprise if the car dies 2-3 times on us whenever we make a 30 mile trip. I called our Mazda dealership and found out that our car still has the engine warranty and I was told it would be $200 to run diagnositics on the car and if it was engine problems then they would waive the $200 and fix whatever is messed up. I am really leaning towards it being the engine however I hate to take it up there and have them say it's something completely different. We have hooked our diagnostics machine up to the car a few times when the engine light would come on and it has always suggested replacing the engine to fix the problems so hopefully that little machine is right!!
  • Hi again RX-8 owners,

    responding a year later to my original post regarding trying to get Mazda to replace our engine on the 2004 RX-8. I had spark problems and it wouldn't start. that cost me $750 to find out the engine was bad at the dealership, then $1000 to get the engine replaced. I will say that Mazda does realize they have issues with this year of engine and did replace it. They originally said I had to show that oil changes had been maintained for the first 40,000 miles but I had no way of doing that. After complaining to them they said they would replace it but I had to pay $1000.

    so we replaced it, then the gas tank wouldn't fill correctly at the gas station. the gas pump wouldn't lock and stay on so you had to hold the handle on while filling it and it would click off avery few seconds. getting a full tank took 20 minutes minimum.

    after that the engine light came back on and stayed on most of the time. i traded it in to a dealer at a $4,000 loss from what I paid which includes the cash I put into it.

    i would not buy a rotary engine again and would warn others to seriously research them prior to buying one. Mazda did replace it because they realize they have issues but it's not worth the hassle and cash. i think mazda makes decent cars, just not this year and engine. so beware. that's my story. i read a few posts on here where others are having good luck with them, so good for them. i hope they continue to have good luck, all i can do is report my unfortunate luck and warn others to do their homework.
  • clrx8r3clrx8r3 Posts: 1
    Hello all,

    I wanted to see if anyone experiences/ have experienced the same problem as I have. I have a 2009 rx8 r3 package.

    Every time i get on the highway and i go about 70-80 at around 4000 rpm in 6th gear my check engine light goes on.

    If i go faster or slower there is no light.

    Is there anyone that can shed some light on this issue. Is it electrical or do I have a leak somewhere??
  • Hello, you seem to know a lot about these kinds of cars. I actually am getting into a 2004 Rx8. What are some things i need to know about. The dos and donts with rotary engines.
  • trex8trex8 Posts: 2
    Did you get a compression check of the rotors? That's what can shed light on the seals.
    Otherwise, use the recommended oil... Stay on top of all maintenance. Seriously, if you have even a slight mechanical ability , you can change plugs, wires, coils yourself... Buy them online for 1/2 dealer price... Took me 2 hours first time... Takes me 30min now.... It's important to replace every 30k miles.
    Check out great group of support there!!
    Good luck! My 2095 has120k!
  • rotaryproblemsrotaryproblems Posts: 1
    edited January 2013
    1st motor replacement: 20K miles

    We just had the third motor and cat installed after 60,000 miles under the 100K/8yr extension.
    Symptoms included: Very sluggish during take off, car occasionally dying at stop signs or backing up

    The car was flooded, would not start and needed to be towed. The service department started the motor and ran the diagnostics for compression under the service bulletin (~$350). If the car was drivable and we had driven the car to the service department we would have been charged that fee. They found that the compression was low and eligible for another motor replacement at the cost of Mazda. They also found that the cat had excessive carbon build up.

    Out of pocket expenses: $520
    ~$120 to start motor
    ~$400 for new coils
    ~$20 for a new belt (one of the ribs was broken)

    The cost for motor replacement and cat including labor: ~$7000 (covered by Mazda).

    Service center also recommending replacing coils at cost of owner.

    Issue per the service department: Driving the car like a honda will cause excessive build up in the cat and plug the cat causing the spark plugs to foul and apex seals to fail (aka motor failing).

    Recommendation from service department: Refrain from driving in automatic and drive using the paddle shifters whenever possible or at all times. They also recommended to drive between 3-5000 RPM, the harder you drive it the better it will treat you. On the freeway I can cruise at 75 at about 4000 rpm in third gear. They also suggested not to shut off motor before the car is fully warm, if you do rev engine for 10 seconds at 5000 RPMs.

    Mazda should have installed a transmission with a gear ratio that does not lug the motor.

    Right now the car drives like brand new. Although, I am concerned when the engine will fail (again) and it will likely be out of warranty. For this reason, we may end up selling the car and buying a new one without the rotary problems, or may just drive it until it fails again and sell it at a reduced cost.

    Has anyone filed a lawsuit with Mazda? What was the outcome?
  • 19cobra9419cobra94 Posts: 1
    Ok, so I'm an ASE certified technician..but however have never had any serious complaints on one to have a lot of knowledge about this engine so I wanted to see if anyone can shed light to my's a 2005 model, only at De acceleration that the engine makes a noise like a baseball card in bicycle spokes,, but goes away upon acceleration....I'm just getting into the diagnostics and thought about trying this for my first time to see what somebody else may have experienced like this...thanks
  • If you own an RX8, please read this message.

    From time to time I've experienced many of the issues discussed here. I've had the car stall on a hill. I've had difficult starting. I have stalled at traffic lights. I've experienced rough idling. And a lack of acceleration. These things didn't happen often and occurred over a period of months. I thought it first it was bad gas. I use premium.

    To make a long story short, after having read comments in the RX8 club forum, I went to the dealership and had a compression test. My car went out of warranty on April 24 less than one month ago. The dealership wants me to pay $5500 for a new engine. I've contacted Mazda corporate and they're adamant that they will do nothing for me. They won't even prorate the repair. I tried to explain that I'm 97 months into the engine and for the lack of four weeks out of eight years they're punishing me.

    I'm on a crusade to see that every RX eight owner whose car is in warranty knows how important it is to get the compression test done while it's still in warranty and get a new engine. If you know of any other places where I can post this message to reach Mazda owners before they wind up like me, please let me know.

  • janine777janine777 Posts: 1
    My first clue of impending engine failure was at about 23,000 miles when I turned on the air conditioner and hot air started pouring out of the vents. A mechanic at my local dealer mentioned that was an early warning sign of a misfire issue, which when I challenged it with the service manager, they denied.

    One day, after about 45,000 trouble free miles, my check-engine light came on. After a diagnostic, my mechanic suggested I take it to a dealer, that there was a misfire warranty issue and there might be a recall. My local dealer start to back-pedal (the ones that had first insisted I had no motor issue at 23,000 miles) so I took it to a different dealer further away. They replaced my engine promptly after running some specific required tests. They made me replace the motor mounts and clutch at my own expense, which was pricey, but the car has been fine ever since.

    One thing that happened recently was the driver's side visor cracked in two while I was driving, and was dangling dangerously in front of my face by some wires. I had no choice but to pull it free. This took out much of the security system and dashboard readings. I was alarmed at the number of reports of the same thing, and it appeared to be a safety issue, however Mazda was not recalling cars to replace these. The replacement visor was over $300. and had to be special ordered, so I ordered an identical visor from an after-market competitor for $66 and free shipping.

    The RX8 is clearly not the car the RX7 was. I had two of those, and loved them. I'm hoping this is the last of my problems.
  • tomb10tomb10 Posts: 4
    has anyone gotten over 100000 miles on their rx8 engine without any problems.My 2004 has 53000 miles on it with no engine problem except for an emissions leak problem.Thanks
  • trex8trex8 Posts: 2
    Yes. I have 118,000 and no problems! I drive the he%?* out of her every day.
    I've maintained her by the manual. I seriously red line her every day and I do rev her to 5000 RPM then pull the key. I've never done the carbon build up clean out procedure with the Mazda product or Seafoam but Im curious and may do it soon.
    check out there's a thread there specifically for 100,000 milers. One even claims 170,000. That's what I'm shooting for!
  • jacquedjacqued Posts: 1
    Same problem here..under 70, 000 miles on my 05 RX8...Dealer was useless....Mazda rejected my claim for help... I love the body of the car and the pretty interior..wonder if I could put a Honda engine in it, lolol..Sure wish I read all of this before I bought my car...People think I am nuts when I tell them, my car needs to rest for a good while before I can restart it...Cannot run errands with this car..Dealer did the carbon clean out with no results to show...Oh well...
  • raptor75raptor75 Posts: 7
    I think you have some bad information, why do you have to let your RX rest for a good while? The flooding issue is not related to the car resting. It is related to a cold engine. If you start the car and move it a few feet then shut it down you might flood it, either let it warm up a bit or rev it to 5000rpm and kill the engine while at 5000rpm. This will blow any un-burnt gas out of the engine and prevent a flooded engine. Letting your car sit will accomplish absolutely nothing.
  • Yes, revving the engine after a short trip works fine. My prob was a dealer diagnosed need for a replacement engine AFTER being 2 mos out of warranty on a known issue that Mazda does not talk about. A $6,000 problem.
  • howmanhowman Posts: 2
    Per rev to 5000. I don't. I rev to just over 3000 at warm shut down. My RX-8 had only one no start incident. But that was because I went on vacation for a week when the RX-8 battery was already low.

    I'm the original owner of a 2005 RX-8 AT that has 147,500 on the original engine. I've changed the oil at 5000 to 6000 mostly. I had a compression check at 97,000 and the Mazda tech typed into the results, "Fantastic compression, doesn't get any better than this." But the numbers were low by the chart when I checked.

    My RX-8 easily gets 21 MPG combined if I drive conversatively. I top off the tank every single day and never let the tank get below half empty. I drive 80MPH regularly, but I never drag race getting on the highway. Perfer to use 3rd with the paddle shifting nice and smooth. RX-8s are pathetic highway racers anyway, but on/off ramps can be taken at highway speeds lots of times if no one is in front of you.

    Only one set of coils and plugs have been change out at 120,000. I did the change out myself with a few wrench monkey friends. Researched and bought the parts myself for $250 total. Quite an easy job once you get the damn air filter box out of the way.

    My daily 80 mile round trip commute from Clinton MA to Boston allows a high rev or two, but never to the red line. I paddle shift alot, and cautiously downshift at low RPMS all the time to keep from lugging the engines. I don't, however, worry about doing 40MPH in 3rd and even 4th because if I use 2nd heat will build up. Heat is the number enemy of the rotary I feel. Carbon buildup can be handled by occasional revving.

    Now idle issues have been bugging me in the recent hot weather. Runnning AC on high all the times seems to be teaching the ECU to keep idle up. But I may be getting into that low compression range. I've got $4000 saved for a new engine just in case.
  • raptor75raptor75 Posts: 7
    Ouch, Mazda is a real pain to deal with on there engine replacements. A lot depends on the dealers service department and unfortunately on an industry bases Mazda's customer service is rated very poor. The fact that Mazda had extended the warranty to begin with makes them even less likely to work with you.

    The only words of advise I can give now is have your compression checked if your running towards the end of your warranty. I plan to have mine checked in the fall despite having no signs of an engine issue. This is a little late to help you though.
  • howmanhowman Posts: 2
    Just rolled,through 148,000 yesterday on my 2005 RX-8 AT.

    Had a bit trouble in the last month, though.

    Hard starting, was completely fixed with a battery replacement. Only the second battery.

    Then rough idle, and inability to run AC in the 90 degree heat wave without keeping my foot on the gas, was driving me nuts. I fell back to my old philosophy, replace the cheapest reasonable thing possible. Iridium spark plug, though not cheap, was still the most likely thing since the current plugs had 36,000 on them. And BINGO, idle held on and AC didn't lug after replacing the plugs. Took three days, to truly get the extra carbon blown out of the engine, with revs to 5700 RPM, once or twice each drive cycle.

    There's a rattle in the exhaust at idle, that sometimes turns to a cough. Maybe needs a new Cat or a muffler. The rattle is loud right out of the pipe, so I'm thinking muffler. Do Cats even rattle?

    I've go some Sears points to spend on a new set of Continental Extreme Contact DWS tires. Love these tires. They've got 40,000 and still have the DW wear marks. The midline of the tires is down to the ware bars though, because I kept the tire pressure at 32lb. I'm going to keep tire pressure at 28lb. from now on, to he'll with MPG. Although MPG, does not seem to suffer to much with the tires at 28lb.
  • kfishy76kfishy76 Posts: 1
    edited August 2013
    I have 176,000 miles and my Apex seals on rotor two just broke and trashed my engine. I never have changed plugs or coils but I believe that if I did it would still be running great to this day. It was starting to stall and die. Hard starts and the ac would blow hot sometimes.

    So keep up on the routine maintenance and drive it like you stole it once in a while. Figure spending $300 every 30-40k miles for coils and plugs from eBay but it's a good investment. It's gonna be $5500 for new engine. Hope this helps. ;)
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