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Mazda RX 8 Engine Failure Problem



  • its funny you say that jacqued because my rx8 does the exact same thing. it is so embarrassing not being able to start my rx8. i have to give it at least 10 or 15 mins rest sometimes if it doesn't start first time.

    People also think i'm crazy for not getting rid of my rx8 but its such a sexy car and i cant resell it unless the problem is fixed and in which case id want to keep it anyway. what a nightmare this has turned out to be!!!!!

    Can anyone imagine what its like to have just pumped gas in, hop in the car to start it and it wont go meanwhile cars are queuing up behind me.

    Its doing this much more frequently now and has become such a huge hassle. i've only had the car not even 6 months and the dealership dont want to know about it, they said to me lucky i have mechanical mechanical insurance wont cover me for new starter motor as its an "upgrade" because 2003 model have the old starter motor etc so dont fire up as quick often leading them to flood etc. does anyone know if there has been recalls for 2003 model rx8?
  • The rattle is most likely a bad CAT, RX-8s have issues with the CATs.

    It seems the most prevalent way these fail is from bad coils. The stock coils are under powered for this engine and usually fail/under-perform at around 30K. When this happens the fuel is not completely burned and enters the CAT. The CAT gets too hot and weakens or melts the CAT's core resulting in a failed CAT and often rattling. I upgrade my coils to a BHR coil set and will see how they work, so fair so good. Much better then the stock and far stronger spark.
  • There was a service bulletin back in 05/06, at that time Mazda was replacing the Starters and upgrading the battery for free (I had mine done then). At this time they are no longer doing it.
  • I have a 2010 RX8; love this car...very sexy. Issue: I took it to the dealer because it keeps poping out of 4th gear; deler says this is a common issue but the insurance won't cover the cost (1100.00) because I am 2000 over the recommenred transmission fluid change date......really? I wonder what the word "recommened really means then?" anyway; This has been an issue for a while but I thought I was just not putting it into gear all the way until it started doing it more frequently. This was primarily happening on the streets; not so much on the freeway as that's where I drive it the most.

    I was wondering of anyone else has had this issue? and if so; were you able to resolve it without a huge fight?
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