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Buying a Used Sienna



  • we just traded our 2002 sennia van 123K miles (bullet proof machine) for a used 2008 with 48K miles.

    It was a rental so I guess I will find out the problems of trading for a rental machine.
    However we are on a fixed income, so for $11800 difference we got a vehicle that is 6 years newer with improved features, different body style and lower mileage by 75K.

    They had to have dr vinyl remove the red wine or blood stain out of the carpet under the back seat, now its at the body shop getting a few scratches repaired on the back bumper.

    But mama likes it and has been pleased with the repair work so far. We are not sticklers for a perfect looking machine, just as long as I get the quality and reliabiltiy of the Toyota van.

    Of course mama's first words were "does it have michelin harmony tires", well of course not being a rental, so next it goes to the Michelin store for a set of new tires and then to our local repair shop for a rear bumper hitch install.

    Guess by then she will be set to go.

    my son has a top of line 07 limited, so she wanted one that looked as much like his a we could afford.

    Wish us luck with it as it drives and other than these two items looks great.
    Toyota Service manager said getting a rental that has higher mileage, means it was on longer distance drives which is less stressful than a lot of short drives.
    Of course thats what I would have said too, just to sell it.
  • delthekingdeltheking Posts: 1,152
    Dont worry,You got an absolutely screaming deal..just 11800 difference and your 02 Sienna for the 08 Sienna.That`s an incredible deal..You did great on this one..What dealer was this at?? Even for a rental that`s a good price you got..
    Enjoy the 08 Sienna..Lightyears ahead of the 02 Sienna..125 k plus and more trouble free miles !! :P
  • we traded for the 08 model in Murray, KY small Toyota dealership.

    I had reviewed autotrader and for compairson deals on vans with up to 45K miles in a driving distance of up to 250 miles from our home.

    This van was within 6 miles of our home, had the 4 captains seats, but it had 48K miles so I said let's go look and give it a shot.

    I have a very nice looking van for trade, we low balled them and kept working back and forth until we settled at the $11800 figure.

    So it worked out. They had another buyer looking at it while we were making our deal.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    We love our 8 passenger model, no regrets at all.

    It is very useable and adult-sized. Even the smaller, middle seat is a full 20" wide. Measure your office chair, I bet it's smaller, and people spend 8 hours a day in those.

    Access to the 3rd row is good because the outboard seats fold down and then tumble forward. Plenty of space back in the 3rd row. We've taken road trips for several hours with 2 whole families in ours (7-8 people).

    Those prices are all close, may as well go for the one with the 27k miles, which is exactly what my van has on it now. Sorry, it's not for sale! ;)
  • Thanks everyone for the feedback.
    I think we are leaning towards the 08 LE with 27,000 miles for $21K.
    They are giving me a great deal on my trade.

    A couple questions I have

    Should I buy the extended warranty?
    Do the 2008 seem to have any ongoing issues? I thought I saw something eariler but cannot recall
  • delthekingdeltheking Posts: 1,152
    I would always advise --to buy the extended warranty. It is just a tremendous peace of mind..Not that something will go wrong--but rather that dealer diagnostic and labor hourly rates are getting way too expensive.. A single visit can cover up the extended warr. :shades:

    Always buy the Toyota manufacturer ext warr,,not a 3rd party aftermarket warr. A dealer can sell you either of these and typically there is higher profit in the aftermarket warr and so they will tend to push these.

    You can buy a Toyota 7yr/100k miles extended warr--this is as close to the original bumper to bumper warr- for less than $1200 and it i s a very very wise investment as cars nowadays are very computerized and complex..You can search Toyota forums online on Google that have dealers selling these and also the Edmunds Toyota forums for info on the Toyota Ext warr..

    Enjoy the Sienna !!
  • merjoliemerjolie Posts: 3
    We are considering buying an used Toyota Sienna. It's a 2005 LE 8 pass, 81K miles, passenger side power sliding door, 1-owner. Owner is asking $10,500. Is this a good price?
  • maxwell10maxwell10 Posts: 29
    sounds ok to me
    we just bought a 08 model LE 7 pass with 2 auto doors 48K miles we paid $16, 500

    I did install new tires on it.

    check nada listing for the vehicle retail, trade in and sell values.
    these are nice vehicles and hold there value.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I think so. Bad press seems to have lowered values a bit, so you win.
  • ingridringridr Posts: 20
    Hi All,

    Now that my 99 Forester has 190K miles on it, I am looking to replace it. I show dogs so have been researching vans in anticipation of this for awhile and the Odyssey and Sienna are my top choices. I drive about 17K miles a year and most of it is highway traveling to dog shows. Don't need fancy. Just need a safe, reliable vehicle with plenty of cargo room ;)

    I want to spend between 12-14K and live in MT. I know this is not going to buy me anything close to new but I have the 14K in cash so that might go a little further than if I had to finance.

    In my area (area in MT being under 240 miles ) there are the following vans listed at dealerships:

    2004 Odyssey LX (basic model) with 52K miles - $13K
    2006 Sienna LE with 85K miles - $15K
    2007 Sienna LE with 43K miles - $17K
    2005 Sienna XLE with 72K miles - $18K

    Obviously all the Sienna's are over the 14K but I figure I have at least a shot to get the 2006 in my price range. My questions are these:

    1) This will be the first non-Subaru that I will be buying and I am used to having a vehicle that I does not have significant repair issues until you get close to the 200K range. How much life do these Sienna's have? If I bought one with 85K - how much more miles should I expect to get out of it before I run into more than routine servicing?

    2) Are these prices rock bottom for these vehicles in your opinion or do I have some haggle room?

    3) Barring any major issues that knock them out of the running, how would you rank them in order of looking at?

    4) Or should I just suck it up and buy a one way ticket to a major city like Denver and hope to find something there?

    Sorry for the book - just trying to cover my bases and pick all your brains :) Thanks for any and all help that you all can give me!
  • jprocjproc Posts: 133
    I have a 2000 XLE with 145k on the clock.I have owned it since new and have followed the maintenance schedule religiously.It still runs very well and has never had a major problem.

    However buying a car with 85k miles on it when you don't know how well the car has been maintained strikes me as iffy.Obviously you would want a good mechanic to look it over before you buy.

    the used car section at edmunds will give you an idea of the prices.

    Good luck
  • ingridringridr Posts: 20
    Thanks for the insight. I am lucky in that a friend of mine is a long time mechanic who owns his own business and will look over anything that I am interested in. I will definately keep what you say in mind.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Get the 07 because it has a timing chain.

    All the others have a belt that needs changing with the miles.
  • gsenthilgsenthil Posts: 154
    Am in the market for a used Sienna. Due to the depreciation I am looking at Limited since they seem to have depreciated to reasonable values and should be good for resale too

    2006 Sienna Ltd 95k miles single owner well maintained $15,000
    2008 Sienna Ltd 135k miles Dealership owned/used as shuttle in LA $17,500

    Which one should I go for? Both are fully loaded are exactly the same color etc. I intend to sell it in 6-12 mo. What is a better value AND easier to sell? The 2008 looks better with the newer engine etc but the 2006 has the same features and should be easier to sell with lower non tainted mileage.

    I have a Lexus RX300 with 180k troublefree miles so I dont have doubts with high mileage cars but others may not feel the same way when I am trying to sell it back.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The 06 has a timing belt, so it if has not been change it's due right about now.

    The 08 has a timing chain. The high miles probably mean they're mostly highway.

    What scares me away from the 08 is the shuttle service. Thousands of people who didn't car getting in and out constantly...I dunno. Check the doors for smooth operation, and inspect the interior to see how beat up it got (did the shuttle passengers carry lots of luggage?).
  • yatesjoyatesjo Posts: 186
    My take on the shuttle is opposite Ateixeira's. Shuttle service van got all it's miles in town- not highway- and those are stressful miles especially on brakes, suspension and steering components. On the other hand, a shuttle van was at steady state running condition most of the time, and (one should hope) routinely serviced so the engine should be relatively strong. The clientele would generally be cleaner, but for essential purposes it is a retired taxi.

    Take a look at the maintenance history on the 2006. The timing belt really should have been changed at the 90k service and if not, question how well the maintanance has been kept up with. Assuming all the maintanance really has been kept up, at $2500 less I would be strongly inclined to the 2006 because the mileage is a lot lower so there is less risk of costly repairs and the only advantage the 2008 really has is some improvements in the engine power/efficiency.
  • gsenthilgsenthil Posts: 154
    I finally found a 2008 Sienna Limited 42k miles with Nav/DVD/HID for 21k + TTL. Is this a good deal? Also, CarFax report has no mention of any oil change etc being done - should I be worried about sludge?

    This is not certified but from a Toyota dealership where it was traded in
  • jprocjproc Posts: 133
    I thought carfaxes showed ownership and accidents not maintenance history.If in fact the oil hasn't been changed in over 40k miles of course you should be worried about sludge.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    That was probably a $38k van new. So 3 years old, miles only a little high for its age, the price sounds find to me.
  • We just had a second child and I'm thinking about getting a minivan to give the whole family a bit more comfort on the go. I'm now leaning toward Sienna, however I need advices on whether or not I should get one with AWD.

    We live in SF Bay Area and the only reason for us to have AWD is that we go to Tahoe for skiing several times a year (we don't do a lot of skiing though). To be honest I don't mind putting on and taking off chains, but I want maximum safety for my family. I did have the experience that my sedan (with snow chain on) skid out of control and that scared all of us to death. Since Sienna is a lot more heavier than my Accord, I'd imagine we'd have more trouble driving in snow without AWD.

    So my question is, do I absolutely need a AWD in this case. How much AWD will help in giving me more traction and making us trouble-free in snow? Is there a more reliable way than snow chain that can gives us better traction when we need it (mostly only a couple of times a year).

    Your advices are appreciated!
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