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Toyota 4Runner



  • My 1995 4Runner is smoking at start-up. After the engine warms up the smoke goes away.

    The Toyota mechanic is telling me that its the valve guide seals and to replace them it will be around $500. I can get it done cheaper through a local mechanic who has a pretty reputation for about $150 less.

    Anybody have an opinion on whether or not I should stick with the Toyota mechanic or local guy?

    Also anyone have experience with my problem. Both are telling me as long as it doesn't get any worse and I don't burn more than 1 quart between changes I shouldn't worry about it.
  • I want to install an in-dash CD player in my '99 4Runner, but I'm having trouble trying to remove the big trim panel in the middle of the dash that surrounds the stereo, climate controls, etc. It's not held in by screws, and it won't budge very far when I try to pull it off. Does anyone know of a good way to get this stupid thing off without breaking it?
  • jf01jf01 Posts: 88
    pstrong (or anyone else interested),

    I'm not an industry expert, and I don't sell Toyotas, but I'm guessing the 2002 (mid-2002 redesign) 4Runner will not have a V-8 and will not be much bigger than it is now. I doubt it will have third-row seats or many of the features of the big SUVs (Land Cruiser, Sequoia). Toyota is trying its best not to have very many conflicts within its SUV line, so features on one would most likely not be found on another. I don't know what changes will come style-wise, but these changes won't come until maybe mid-2002. I read somewhere that the 2002 4Runner might be based on a new Tacoma platform, so if you can find pictures of that, it might help. Also remember that 4Runners are very truck-like. There are some days that I wish I had a more car-like ride (i.e. the Highlander), and other days I'm glad that I have this truck. Think about that as well as what you need your SUV for before you make any decisions and plop down that $$$.
    All those ramblings are opinion and the speculations come from what I've read in magazines and websites. If anyone can support or dispute any of this, please post a message so I can get my facts right.
  • I recently installed an in dash DC player (2k SR5). Yes it is a bit tricky to remove the clips without damage, then there are wires connecting to controls etc behind the trim. I installed mine in about an hour. You actually have to remove the plastic piece connected to the center console between the seats, then remove the plastic piece for the sifter (they kind of lock into each other).
    I have install instructions from Crutch field, if you want a copy, send me your address to
  • I bought a V6 SR5 4RUNNER 2000 last year. I voted for Toyota over any other brand of SUVS. The country where I came from, Colombia has plenty of mountains and roughed terrains. I remember the most popular SUV or Jeep on those times was the Toyota Land Cruiser, it was a very nice car. that was about 1970 to 1980 and still those vehicules are running.

    Based on that experience, by February 2000 I decided to buy my 2000 4RUNNER. The three months of research on the WEB also help me to decide for my SUV, I was looking not just for a pretty, but a very reliable, well built SUV. I know it is a little expensive, $28,000 (not limited), but is worth it.

    Since the time I bought it, I haven't had any problem at all. I live in Miami and have taken two trips to Tampa, one to Key West, Jacksonville, Tallahhasse and Georgia. My next trip will be to the Appalachians, New Jersey and New York and Niagara Falls, and I know tha my 4RUNNER will never let me down.

    The response on the engine is very quick and strong even when loaded with 5 passangers plus cargo, and the ride is ver, very smooth.
    I could write pages and pages about my 4RUNNER... forever....
    My e-mail:
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Interesting thing came over the fax today. It seems Toyota is dropping the price of the Runners. This is an extremely unusual thing to happen. They are sending us all new window stickers to reflect a $1000 price drop on the SR5 and $1500 on the Limited. Actually, I don't think the base price is dropping but they are making several things standard where they used to be options in the GI package.

    Its going to be a few day before I have complete details but I thought I'd let you all in on it.
  • scnamescname Posts: 296
    Does this mean the invoice price also drops?

    Is there anything stopping a dealer showing customers the old stickers? I can imagine some dealer pockets the $1000 .
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Sometime in the next week or so, people from Toyota will be showing up with new sticker and physically removing the old ones and putting the new ones in. And yes, the invoice will reflect the new amount. We get this as a credit on our parts account which makes for an accounting nightmare. I'll be very lucky if I am paid correctly on any of these vehicles for the next couple of months.
  • jf01jf01 Posts: 88
    Has anyone had any problems with the hood "fluttering" while driving? I saw a product at and was wondering if such a product works and if anyone has tried it or anything like it. The shake is not really a problem, it's just a little disconcerting. Also, has anyone disabled their Daytime Running Lights? All I've done to try is remove the DRL fuse, but they still came on (I replaced it after the DRLs came back on). I'm reluctant and virtually against messing with the wiring of the headlight system myself. Also, are they in some way connected with the ABS, because they come together according to the brochure.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    No, the DRL is not connected to the ABS. It just the way that Toyota decided to bundle them together. Why not just leave the DRLs on? They're not that bad (we've had it here in Canada since 1989; required by law) and help others to see you from a distance either from the front, or behind via the rearview mirrors.

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  • tclubtclub Posts: 22
    Since we have some readers that have both, have folks that bought the Limited felt it was worth the extra money? Would you do it again? If you load it, the Limited starts to cost like a RX300.

    Any feedback to help me decide? thanks
  • jf01jf01 Posts: 88
    I actually wanted to disable my DRLs because I have aftermarket bulbs in my headlights right now. So far, after 5 months, my bulbs are still working. However, I'm expecting them to burn out in less than 6 months. Although aftermarket bulbs do not last as long as stock bulbs, they last an even shorter time when the DRLs are always on.
    I too was considering a RX and a 4Runner, I think the 4Runner is more rugged and more capable off-road. Mostly though, it was the bubble-look of the RX that made me prefer the 4Runner. Now however, 4Runners are going down in price (see Cliffy1's recent posts), so it might actually be less expensive to get a loaded 4Runner Limited than a RX300. Think about what you will be using your vehicle for also. From what I've heard, the Lexus buying and service experiences are great.
  • I am interested in buying a 2001 SR5 with lots of options and of course want to get the best price possible. While researching pricing & options I have found several conflicts between Edmunds Web-site & Toyota's. I would think that Toyota's would be the best one to go by, but was just wondering if anyone else has noticed these discrepancies. I also checked MSN's Carpoint and their prices match Edmunds. Also the Build Your Own section of Toyota's Web-site uses different Codes.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    I haven't investigated this yet, but I'll bet it has to do with the recent price drop. Toyota didn't make a big deal about this and it may be that Edmunds. has not caught up yet. Yesterday, we removed every window sticker from our Runners and replaced them with updated ones with a different list of standard equipment and prices. The price of the SR5 dropped $1000 and the Limited went down $1500.
  • Well I have been researching the 4Runners for about a week now so I think my research started before the price drop was announced. I will check it again, but it was not just on the base unit but some of the options too.

    Another question for you Cliffy; I want an SR5 with leather power seats and in dash 6 disc CD player. I went to a local dealer today and he told me the SR5 leather seats are manual not power and the Premium 3 in 1 stereo w/6 disc in dash CD is only available on the Limited. I am willing to pay for it, so it seems silly that I can't get those options on the SR5.

    I wish you were located in Texas, I would buy my SR5 from you!
  • Please show me how to do it, the light cover looks like
    a push-pop type but I'm affraid to use a screw driver
    on the wrong edge.
  • I am thinking of buying a 4runner for my wife. It is a 97 limited. It has 37,000 miles and is very clean. I am unable to get past service records on it. I know Toyota's are typically good vehicles, but I wanted some opinions from some owners. Any thoughts and comment would be welcomed.
  • A dealer just told me that invoice on SR5's has been reduced only $800, even though MSRP has been reduced $1000. Cliffy, is this correct? Or am I being fed a line?
  • If you think a 4Runner is worth the cash, think again. That beast is WAY too expensive!! The Toyota website places a 4Runner Limited at 37k!?!?!? YOu could get an MDX for 38 with:
    More power
    More room
    Sophisticated AWD
    Better build quality
    Touring package

    If you are on Toyota's, skip the 4Runner and buy a Highlander. Sure it is probably not as capable SUV, but who actually uses one to the full extent of their capabilities. And it has more of everything the 4Runner doesn't have...
  • While I think Toyotas are a bit pricey, I would not gage their true price from the Toyota web site. It clearly states these are msrp. We all know 4 runners can be had for a lot cheaper than that.
    You can`t compare a Highlander to a 4Runner. They are very different... Highlander is car based.. 4 Runner is truck based. If your going off road the 4 Runner is by far the better choice.
    I don`t think you can even compare the MDX to the 4 Runner....if you truely are going to use it off road.
    I like the MDX... I like the 4 Runner and the comes down to your needs. The MDX is probably the better choice for highway and light to medium off roading...but the price is going to be a heck of a lot more than a limited 4 Runner and if your going to be rough with your automobile I would always trust the Toyota when the road ends and the adventure begins.
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