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Toyota 4Runner



  • rward99rward99 Posts: 185
    I'll have to say that this version is definitely different than the one I saw in February. They must have decided that the external change wasn't dramatic enough and went back to the drawing board. Front and rear are very different. The front looks more like a RAV4 and the tail lights are wider than the video. Sides are about the same. Just goes to show you that you can't count on early release pictures.

    I don't know that I like it at all. I'll have to see it in person before I make up my mind.

    I'll show the pics to the other guys that saw the video and see what their opinion is.

    Someone should have gotten closer to take a picture of the interior. I'd like to see if they've done anything to that.
  • peter78peter78 Posts: 284
    The Person who took the pictures, (Paul S at the Outdoor Wire forum), said he looked inside. He said and I quote "I just want to say I looked in the windows of the green one and the guages are like the ones on the Highlander. It is more plush than our third generation. It does have an advanced 4 wheel drive system from what I heard.".

    Here is the link;f=13;t=012362;p=3

  • Not a bad looking machine, however what's with that huge angled rear pillar? Looks out of place and creates an ugly rear side window. Maybe in a dark color the angled pillar will no be as noticeable The two tone green/gray looks cheap. A heavily discounted 2002 with a TRD supercharger installed is looking very appealing around now.

    My two cents.
  • whothemanwhotheman Posts: 169
    Since 1992, that is a specially designed pillar, symbolizing speed, aggression, and sportiness. It's one of the things that make 4Runner look so special, in case you hadn't noticed it's uniquely sporty appearance before compared to an Explorer, for example.

    Love the new look! Not convinced the lower body is "plastic", at least not like the GM plastic. It is probably the hard, football-helmet plastic that the current 4Runner uses on it's Limited fender flares. Wish the wheel arches were round, not GM square. Still looks good.
  • whothemanwhotheman Posts: 169
    Is it more than Sequioa? Same as Tundra with V8?
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,661
    will make a big difference in terms of looks. The monochromatic Limited models are the most conservative, and will probably have the widest appeal. The SR5's looks will depend heavily on what other color faces the gray cladding. It could look great or terrible, depending on how the colors interact with one another.

  • tsc1991tsc1991 Posts: 1
    Good afternoon everyone. Looking for a top tier navigation system for my "Runner"- any suggestions?
  • tbcreativetbcreative Posts: 357
    Coolguyky7, I don't think there's any disputing the green one is a 4Runner. I'm questioning which model is which. If you zoom in really close on the green one in PhotoShop, it appears to have a Limited nameplate by the front fender, and the blue one has an SR5 after the 4Runner nameplate by the front fender. I thing the guys who posted these pics didn't quite get the story straight.

    I think the new rig looks awesome, and I can't wait to test drive one in September. There are a few things I like better about the 3rd gen that I will miss, like the beefy fender flares, but I think this is the best new Toyota design yet. It has all of the right elements from the Sequoia, RAV4, and Highlander, without loosing the 4Runner identity entirely.

    I'm not sure what your beef with the rear "c" pillar is, redwhiteandblue, because, as Wotheman points out, that's been an attractive trait of the 4Runner for some time, including the one you're talking about running out and getting. It doesn't look that much bigger to me, especially since the entire truck has grown out a few inches in all directions.

    And I agree with Wotheman about the cladding. Don't forget that these are low res. digital photos that lack the crisp detail necessary to distinguish detail and color. My feeling is that the lower cladding will be just like the current cladding available with the 2-tone treatment. When you zoom in closely on these pics, you see a lot more detail.
  • jf01jf01 Posts: 88
    When I was looking at the side, it seemed to me that it said "Limited 4WD" on the side versus "4Runner SR5." I waw wondering where the trim designation was, considering it's not on the back. Wouldn't it be a little redundant to put "4Runner" on the sides and the back? In regards to the cladding, in the picture w/ the green one, it looks like that cladding is shiny (looks somewhat reflective), meaning it is probably similar to what is on 4Runners now?
  • tbcreativetbcreative Posts: 357
    I looked again at it even closer, and you are right! Sorry about that. The "Limited" is really hard to make out, but that definitely says "4WD." I'm not sure what the green one says, I just hope it isn't a "Sport Edition" badge. Maybe it's just an SR5, or maybe it's a Limited 2WD. According to the guys who posted it, it's an SR5, so I guess I'll keep my pie hole shut until we learn or see more.

    I see you agree with my take on the cladding too. I don't know why anyone would think Toyota would go to the look of the Avalanche or Aztek, when none of their other vehicles do. Of course it's not going to be any different from the 2-tone on the current model.
  • tbcreativetbcreative Posts: 357
    I believe the max. towing weight for the GX 470 will be 6500 lbs, so I imagine the 4Runner will be the same with the V8. The V6 will probably be in the 5200 to 5800 lbs range.

    Oh, and sorry about spelling your user name wrong before...
  • khuynhkhuynh Posts: 28
    I am looking for a TORQUE/HP CURVE for the current 4Runner's 3.4L engine. Any scans/links/etc. are much appreciated. I was told that the old '99 4Runner brochure had one. Thanks.
  • Don't get me wrong the more I look at the truck the more I like it. It just appears (to me anyway)that the c-pillar is very wide. I don't mind the angle just what appears to be a large flat piece of sheet metal not in proportion with the rest of the 4runner.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,661
    what the displacement for the '03 V6 is? I'm under the impression that it's been bumped up to around 4.0L. Is that correct? If so, I'm wondering if it's an all-new engine? I'm not sure if the current 3.4L can be enlarged that much?

    Also, will the V6 be available with a 5-speed manual?

    Finally, my understanding is that the V8 will have the same 4WD found on the GX 470, which is the same as that found in the Land Cruiser—meaning permanent full-time 4WD, with no 2WD mode. However, the V6 will have a 2WD mode and full-time 4WD mode, like that found on the Sequoia. Am I correct here?

  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    I've heard both 3.8 and 4.0 for the V6 displacement. In any event, there will be no manual transmission. I think you have the 4WD situation correct.
  • tbcreativetbcreative Posts: 357
    The V6 is a new 4.0 litre engine, rated at 245hp and 283 lbs/ft of torque. Only a 4-speed auto is available. The V8 will have a 5-speed auto.

    I also believe you are correct about the 4x4 system.

  • tbcreativetbcreative Posts: 357
    I see what you're saying, and after comparing pictures of the current 4Runner to the '03 pics, I agree that it looks bigger than it needed to be. It reminds me of the pillar on the 2-door Chevy Blazer ZR-2, which I think looks really cool, but does block rearward vision. The new Trailblazer and Envoy have a "c" pillar half the size of the new 'Runner, but vision out the back side window isn't much better than the ZR-2. Visually it doesn't bother me too much, but I'm wondering about function.
  • jimxojimxo Posts: 423
    The Lexus GX470 is said to be 74" in width so I'm guessing the 4runner will be the same since they are off of the same platform. The Sequoia is 76" in width so it safe to say the this suv will increase in size to keep up with competition and the growing stomach's of the American family.
  • ipkissipkiss Posts: 3
    Hello everyone,

    I am considering a 02 4x4 SR5, for budget reason. Will buy in Sep if I still have my job by then. Can anybody who recently bought one (or have an idea) to share their purchase price? (against invoice - just below or above, before the incentive, before tax/title, etc.)

    i am in chicago.

    Thanks a lot!
  • ipkiss,

    I went round and round with the Chicago dealers (western burbs) for my 02. Drive up to Carmax in Kenosha. Check out

    They don't deal, but their prices are very close to invoice. They do seem to charge MSRP for extras (roof rack, running boards etc.) Got my SR5 4WD w/SR for 28K (before taxes-no rebate) through them. The local places wouldn't budge under 30K, but they may start dealing once the 03's hit the floor. You may have a hard time finding what you want as Sept nears though. Your best bet is to be ready and buy when the one you want shows up on their site.

    good luck..
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