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Toyota 4Runner



  • peter78peter78 Posts: 284
    "dawgpak" very good page of reviews. I remember Car and Driver or Road and Track having a review, but now I can't find it. Anyway here is a review from the TV program MotorWeek:

    Once again good web page, keep up the good work. By the way I also like the 4Runner pictures by "kim47" of his 4Runner by the beautiful ocean and redwood trees. The wonderful backgrounds help make the 4Runner look better.

  • aufan1aufan1 Posts: 21
    Wow, I was expecting a larger difference in the two engines. I had heard $500-$1000 or more... a bit suprising. (US $)

    How did you get the numbers?
  • kim47kim47 Posts: 9
    dawgpak - let me second the "good job" comment on your new 4Runner page. I also liked your "new" 4Runner mockup. Wish it was that easy to make changes to the real thing :-)

    peter78 - yup, I figured out that if I park my 4Runner in front of gorgeous locations then I don't really mind the cladding at all :-) And with that newfound knowledge I'm going to grab the camera again and head up to the Sierra Nevada this weekend to add to my 4Runner picture collection. As a bonus, I'll be able to try out my Sport in stormy weather.

    (FYI, since it's often impossible to tell from screen names, I'm female. Maybe that explains why I like all the other nice touches beyond the improved engine/suspension: the auxiliary storage boxes, adjustable cupholders, climate control, nice moonroof, adjustable seat belts, etc.)
  • Toyota Canada website: Go to "Price Your Toyota" That will give you all of your numbers.
  • Thanks peter78 for the additional reviews. I found the reviews you mentioned and added them to my links page.

    Road and Track:

    Car and Driver:

    And Ms. Kim, I added a link to your pictures too. Can't wait to see your Sierra shots. Looks like rain tomorrow and maybe through the weekend! Boy, we need it. I'm down near San Luis Obispo.

  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 39,049
    Since you're in the area, maybe you can get a shot of the 4Runner in the men's room at the Madonna Inn - the copper in there will surely take people's eyes off the cladding!

    Steve, Host
  • If Kim ever makes it all the way down hwy 1 to SLO, we'll see if we can her 4runner into that men's bathroom.

    Maybe we should start a new discussion category for "50 ways to divert your attention from the 4Runner cladding". I think the best idea so far is to just get inside and enjoy the drive :-).
  • mjohnr99mjohnr99 Posts: 193
    For anyone new on this board, you can refer back to posts and discussions with other on the pros/cons of the TRD supercharger. After much debate and helpful feedback from others, I decided the pros outweighed the cons and decided to give it a try with the TRD trans oil cooler and boost gauge, with no other mods. Unfortunately, dealers' parts dept's would not pass on their true costs to the new car sales dept's and it was a no-go for the price they wanted. Reason I'm posting is that I just received an e-mail with a great price on the 'charger - lowest I saw on the net. I am convinced that with my limited mechanic skills from my high school days tearing apart the old Ford Torino, I could have done myself. There are installation manuals available online. You get a one-year warranty unless you convince a dealer to install at which point you get the full Toyota factory warranty. So, for interested 3rd gen owners, this may help if you want the HP of a 4th Gen [again, there are issues to consider that were discussed fully in these prior E-mails with several others]. The E-mail:

    TRD has reduced the price on the 3.4 superchargers to $1932.50 delivered
    Email if you have any questions.
    Thank you

    [name omitted]
    [dealer omitted]
    Internet Dept.
    Houston, Texas 77373
  • peter78peter78 Posts: 284
    Another Board has prices of Superchargers for $1700 and one other price was slightly more. Heh, that is $200 savings. Some people are buying these DEALS, personally I will stay away.;f=13;t=014099

    And for people that need even more power, you can have a Supercharger for the new V8 4Runner for the bargain price of $4,800, plus installation. Go for it.

  • kjack100kjack100 Posts: 133
    There was a good article on the new Lexus GX470 in December's Car and Driver. Notes of interest for 2003 4Runner enthusiasts are that the GX470 is three inches higher than the 2003 4Runner. This was added to the design supposedly to allow for enough headroom for the third row seats.
    Also, to provide 'cathedralesque headroom is part of the Lexus luxury.' Please pass the barf bag.

    One last note was that the GX470 front seats are mounted higher than he 4Runner to 'provide a commanding view of the world around...the 4Runner is sportier he (the designer) says, so its driver should sit low.'

    Nice website dawgpak.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,669
    I was standing in front of a V-8 SR5 2WD tonight, and the base price was $28,0xx. So I can't see how the base SR5 V-6 could be more money. Something wrong there. Maybe it is a higher price in Canada?

    BTW, the Pacific Blue looks great, and if you go with one of the two gray colors or the black, the cladding really doesn't look too bad. Also, the green is so dark, it kind of blends there too. Check it out in person - don't rely too much on the pictures.

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • aufan1aufan1 Posts: 21
    Is there anyway to get a limited in can the dealer switch the seats out to cloth seats. If so, would there likely be a price decrease/increase?

    Also, any hope of SR5 coming in body colored cladding like the limited?

    Thanks for the help!!!
    Keep emailing Toyota with complaints about cladding... hope for a change... soon!
  • Do the traction control systems and other electronics preclude the ability to add a rear axel locker to the 2003 4Runner ???

    Couldn't get a straight answer at the dealer, but are the differentials open diff front and rear ???

    The x-fer case lock, does it truly lock the front and rear outputs meaning the slip/torque sensing operates in the open mode ???

    Stopped by the dealer at lunch today and the salesperson wasn't the best. Kept telling me about all the great features and skirted around most of my questions.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,653
    Also of note, the Lexus 4WD system is controlled by a console-mounted shift lever, that includes a "Neutral" position, unlike the 4Runner.

    Interesting about the additional height; every picture I've seen of the GX470, the vehicle seemed much shorter than the 4Runner, even though the wheelbase is the same. The 3" of added height of GX explains that visual discrepancy.

  • Sorry for the mistake in CDN pricing. The Base SR5 V6 price quoted was not for the "base"
    model but for the SR5 V6 "Sport" model. Here are the Canadian MSRPs including PDI of
    $1260.00 and other excise taxes of $120.00

    Base SR5 V6 $40,480 CDN or $25,500 US (at .63 CDN dollar)
    SR5 V6 Sport $44,870 CDN or $28,270 US
    Base SR5 V8 $41,880 CDN or $26,385 US
    SR5 V8 Sport $46,270 CDN or $29,150 US
    Ltd V6 $49,810 CDN or $31,380 US
    Ltd V8 $51,935 CDN or $32,720 US

    Hope this clarifies things
  • I have to agree with many of the posts regarding the new 03 styling, particularly the cladding. I could likely get used to the cladding and outside appearance but I think Toyota erred on the interior. That's one ugly interior. The console looks like it was designed to look like a Circuit City boombox and far as I could tell, they've done away with the wood trim on the Limited. I'll keep my 99 4Runner and opt for something more traditional next time I buy.
  • trdsctwo,

    Such a comparison is good only if the US person wants to come here to buy his Runner here. Car are not priced as per $ ratio but at a price car makers deem fair for the country and its economic situation.

    Ex: a 40K Limited in the states would be 60K here, Toyota would not sale many at that price. So they adjusted the price for this market.

    Obviously an american resident could come here and buy one at thos rediculous price but he would not have any warranty coverage in the US.
  • The figures quoted were for information purposes only. I would never suggest that a US resident could come to
    Canada and save significant amounts of money on their vehicle purchase. I believe that this would be a violation
    of the auto pact or similar trade law and if the vehicle is brand new, the Toyota new car warranty would be void.
    The only way to import a vehicle into the US is that it be "used". I am not certain as to what the exact age or
    mileage requirements are but they certainly cannot be brand new. You are correct about the differences in pricing
    when comparing US and Canadian retails. The stickers charged in each country are more related to relative rates
    of taxation, other competitor's prices, and in general the consumer's "ability to pay".
    Thanks for your comments, and I hope that this clarifies my point of view.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 39,049
    I don't think it's illegal to import a new Canadian car into the US. Just go through the somewhat onerous paperwork hoops. I think most all new Canadian cars meet the same emissions and safety regs of the US. The lack of a factory warranty is a bit of a concern though.

    What You Need to Know About Canadian Cars in the U.S.

    Steve, Host

  • The limited model of the 4-Runner comes with standard leather interior. You could get the seats reappolstered if you wanted, but that would be additonal in cost. The better option may be to get a good set of seat covers if you want cloth on the seats you sit on. As of the current time, there is no way of getting the body colored cladding on a trim level other than the limited unless you bring your new 4-Runner to a body shop and have them paint them.

    As to the question about the rear locker being able to be interfaced by the '03 4Runner. I don't honestly know. However, it would be unlikely. The electronics of the TRAC and VSC work together with the Torsen system to limit wheel spin to any one wheel. When you lock the center differential, it does lock the output from the center differential to a fixed 50/50 front and rear. Hope this helps.
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