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Toyota 4Runner



  • May for the 04's? Isn't that kinda early?
  • lpaplpap Posts: 9
    I know it does seem early, hence my post. I never pay any attention to cars except when I'm buying, but I have heard that new models of some cars are coming out earlier and earlier. Still, I don't trust anything a salesman says until I can confirm it from independent sources. Two other people shopping with me that day heard the salesman volunteer the same comment : "There should be a pearl white in the '04 which comes out in May--they want to differentiate the Limited from the others which come in the natural white." I was thinking perhaps he meant a mid season color addition, nevertheless, I do want white, so I was really checking the veracity of both parts of that statement. Thanks, in advance, for any insight.
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    Unless it is a re-designed model such as the Matrix or Corolla this past year, Toyota typically has their new model year vehicles come out sometime around September. For some domestic units, they VERY occasionally come in late August. For Japan built units, sometimes they don't come in until October or later. So May for '04 models for the 4Runner seems like a VERY optomistic guess which it is this early in the year.

  • jaredmsdjaredmsd Posts: 127
    I have a question about the '03 runner. Can anyone with a tech manual (or owners manual, if it has it) tell me the speaker sizes of the stock 6-speaker cd system? And tell me the location, for instance 6 1/2's on the doors, 4x2's on the dash, etc..

  • Can someone please try out some CD-R's in their 2003 4Runners and tell us if the stock player and/or the JBL system will play CD-R ok? In this day and age when everyone has a CD burner on their computer, it's hard to believe the manufacturers would still peddle players that won't at least handle a CD-R. Sheesh.
  • pschreckpschreck Posts: 524
    The JBL unit in my '01 Sequoia handles CD-Rs with no problem. However it DOES NOT play MP3 files. Hopefully the JBL unit in the '03 4Runner is more friendly with MP3s.
  • brestlebrestle Posts: 22
    Thanks for letting me know. That is really strange! Maybe the SuperRoc is different than the Roc4. I tried the SuperRoc and it wasn't even close (the post would hit the spare and I couldn't even see the holes beginning to line up). That's when I tried an adapter for shorter hitches (hit the tire and was about 1/8th of an inch too long) and the Thule (same as the adapter).

    BTW, is that less than 1 inch from the edge of the pin hole or the middle of the pin hole?

  • Currently Toyota does not offer any head units that are MP3 compatible. However the newest units are CD-R/RW compatible.
  • lpaplpap Posts: 9
    Thanks, Ken, for the info about the new models. Does Totoya add mid season colors? Any suggestions for getting a White LTD short of getting it painted myself?
  • sovangsovang Posts: 56

    It is less than 1 inch from the edge of the pin hole to the end of the ROC 4 carrier. I am not sure how much space is left between the carrier and the spare, but I can put my fingers in between the two. Also, I don't know if this makes any difference, but my ROC 4 is about 2 years old.

  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    There are two different people with Yakima accessories and 2003 Runners. One has a fit and the other does not. My only question to each is... what tires do you have? My suspicion is that Brestel has the SR5 with 16" wheels and Sovang has 17s. That would account for one fitting and the other not.
  • leodogsleodogs Posts: 23
    We are able to play CDRs in our '03 4Runner but it will not play any MP3s. I use MusicMatch to burn my MP3s to a CDR in music CD format and I can play these with no problem in the vehicle...and they sound great!
  • sovangsovang Posts: 56

    I actually have the SR5 with 16inch wheels and Dunlop Grandtrek at20 tires.

  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Oh well... I've been wrong once or twice before. ;)
  • sovangsovang Posts: 56

    You raised an interesting question though. So which tire has the bigger diameter? The 17inch or the 16inch?

  • jbhncjbhnc Posts: 16
    I ran into the same thing with a Performance rack. Ended up getting the mount that screws into the tongue...not the best but seems to work okay.

    Anyone have the inside track on why Thule doesn't yet have feet that fit on the factory rack yet? They have said the next couple of weeks for a while. Are they doing anything special for the 4runner like custom feet, etc?


    Yakima has feet (their standard) but nothing yet from Thule.
  • brestlebrestle Posts: 22
    You hit the nail on the head (you just had the names reversed). Sounds like Sovang has the SR5 w/ the 16 inch wheels and I have the Limited with the 17 inch wheels. Doh!

    Metal shop here I come...
  • sovangsovang Posts: 56
    Anyone know where I can purchase a cross bar for my roof rack? I am trying to install both a small basket and a cargo box at the same time. I figure having three cross bars should do the trick.

  • Actually, the two tire diameters end up very nearly the same. The 16 in wheel with a P265/70R16 is 30.61 inches while the 17 inch wheel with the P265/65R17 is 30.56 inches.
    My off-road friends prefer the smaller wheels to allow more room for airing-down on sand and other interesting surfaces.
    There is little that can be done to improve the clearance on the factory receiver hitch.
    I see where the Toyota indicates on the Lexus GX470 that the factory hitch will be discontinued once they have a proper dealer option hitch available. The dealer kit installs under the bumper.
  • Earlier in the thread I reported that my dealership told me repeatedly that the NAV-equipped '03 4Runner included an in-dash six disk CD-changer. However, it did (does) not.

    It took a month of phone calls and emails, but I am happy to report that this morning, 355 Toyota in Rockville MD installed a six disk CD-changer in my 4Runner and all is well.

    The CD-changer takes up about half of the basket space in the center console. It is completely integrated into the NAV system (the single in-dash CD player still works, too) and is also integrated into the steering wheel controls. You can change both disks and tracks from the steering wheel.

    NOW I'm happy. <g> Thank you to 355 Toyota for standing behind their promises and making things right. The service department was great and even through in a complimentary carwash.

    Stay safe ...
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