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Toyota 4Runner



  • stankiusstankius Posts: 17
    Tbird45, Ioma,

    I engaged the center diff when I approached the uphill, I didn't want to chance it with a 1 day old truck. My impression is that when the center diff is locked all 4 wheels spin at the same speed and power, so if two wheel are hung up or in the air the other two are getting equal power. The only reason I can see that you would have a hard time in that situation is by having a lack of power to the two free wheels. In the same scenario with TRACS on the power would be shifted to the wheels with traction but it may not be as responsive, like you said. Putting the transfer case in 4L and the transmission in 1st gear should solve the torque and upshifting problem though. I'll have to give that off-road section a try with the TRACS on and see how it goes.

    I almost had an accident because of the TRACS kicking when I pulling out into a traffic making a left. I gave a good amount of gas, and it wasn't really even close to spinning out, but the VSC kicked in, reduced the power, and it was almost as though it stalled in the road for a second, as the oncoming car almost t-boned me. I really wish I could turn it off and not have to deal with a feature put in place for soccer moms.

    My two cents,

  • stankiusstankius Posts: 17
    Rat [non-permissible content removed],

    The alarm was a major sticking point for me. The truck they had on the lot lacked one and they wanted to install an after market one for 800$. So after I was about to walk they found one right off the boat in Baltimore and charged me 150$ for the invoice price of the alarm, which doesn't have the motion sensor of the one your describing, but does the job.

  • hiluxsurfhiluxsurf Posts: 34
    I heard horror stories about aftermarket alarms setting the "engine check light" off. Sorry to say this but you I would have gotten the alarm with the deal for a lesser amount. My recommendation is shop with other Toyota parts/service stations for a lesser price. V5 inv 155.00 Retail 249.00 // V3 Inv 275.00 Retail 439.00 Also, check if you really need the "deluxe"(V3), I think the reason why it's more expensive is it's for vehicles without factory security or remote keyless entry. If your Runner already has the remote keyless entry feature, you don't need the deluxe. The regular RS3200(V5) is exactly the same as the deluxe in features. I have the the V5 (RS3200)option with my 2001 4Runner. Works great.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    You are mixing the terms "VSC" and "traction control" when describing the situation of pulling into traffic. I wrote a detailed description of the Active Trac system and posted it here at Edmunds. The topic name is "How Toyota 4WD systems work."

    Good review by the way on the off road use of the Runner. Next time, try it without locking the center differential. I'll bet it does better than you are guessing at keeping power where it is needed.
  • akgakg Posts: 85
    Just checking in to see if there was an update on the 2002 restyle. Any pictures yet? Any info on what it will be? When, where, etc.....Curious curls want to know!
  • tbird45tbird45 Posts: 5
    Joe, Try it with the TRACS on, I think you will be impressed. When you lock the center diff. it sends equal power to the front and rear diffs. They are still "open" diffs though and if one wheel looses traction, all the power goes to that wheel. So if you get opposite front and rear wheels loosing traction, you wont move. The TRACS works like a good limited slip and will keep you moving by sending power to the wheel that has traction. I also kept it in low range and 1st gear going down hill, but when climbing left it in 2nd or 3rd so it would start in first but up shift as my speed increased. The time I locked the center diff, I was in deep mud and trying to start from a dead stop the TRACS couldn't find any wheel with traction, so just sat there.

    I also have had experience with the VSC (Vehicle Skid Control). We had a late spring blizzard here and when driving in deep snow (12 to 14 inches) and no visibility, I had my hand out of the window trying to knock the ice off of the wind shield wipers and started drifting off the road. The VSC detected the skid before I did and started chirping and blinking and I'm not sure which wheel it braked or which one it applied power to, but it corrected it. It did this 3 more time before I got to work and always corrected the skid and got me straightened out.
    I agree that I wish there was a way to turn off the TRACS when in 2 wheel drive. I think you can in the Sequoia. I have also started out on some gravel to get onto a major road and if you start spinning the tires, it kicks in and breaks the spinning wheels and slows you down.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Why not just leave the system in 4WD mode all of the time then? You paid for the full-time system, might as well make use of it at all times (it's safer too!). Have a look at this:

    Vans, SUVs, and Aftermarket & Accessories message boards
  • jq3jq3 Posts: 52
    My wife and I currently own a '97 4-Runner SR-5. We like the "Runner" but, we both despise the ride. It transmits EVERY rode imperfection into the cabin, the ride is waaay too harsh. So we have begun to contemplate buying another SUV, but we really want to stay with Toyota and my wife doesn't like the Highlander and the Sequoia is too big. So we're trying to hold out for the new 4-Runner, but Toyota is keeping the 2002's under tight seal and we both are getting anxious. We have been considering a '98 Land Cruiser, but my wife is kind of hesitant because of its size. She works downtown and would have to parallel park on a daily basis.

    Personally, I say go for the '98 Land Cruiser over the '02 4-Runner...what do you all think????
  • tclubtclub Posts: 22
    Mark, I'd hold out. The LC downtown is a lot of vehicle. I think Toyota's trying to push all those 2001 off the lots. The new Runner has got to come in with over 210 hp and it'll have a much better ride I'd bet. I'm waitin Toyota out myself (smile). I hope soon.
  • leomortleomort Posts: 451
    any opinions/avice, positive or negative comments on this particular model?

  • peter78peter78 Posts: 284
    I recently changed my oil on a 2001 model 4Runner. I bought a Toyota filter (#08922-02011). I noticed the filter in the truck was a little tight and needed a special wrench. I matched up the filter with a "Type B" oil wrench and started to change the oil. But the wrench did not fit the existing oil filter. I had to use the brute force method and a screw driver and hammer. It would of been easier if there wasn't a canvas side attachment by the engine. Can the canvas attachment come undone? It turns out the 1st filter is a different filter made in Japan and replacement filters are made in the US and use a different wrench. Bottom line; if you change your own oil you may want Toyota to change the first filter and oil, or have 2 different size oil wrenches.
  • mikeg444mikeg444 Posts: 17
    I am considering purchasing a 96-98 4 Runner and wondering what sort of real life gas mileage people get.
  • johndoe6johndoe6 Posts: 12
    I have a '98 Runner SR5 v6 and I get about 15 in town and 20 on the highway. It has an automatic transmission. I really like it!
  • alotawattsalotawatts Posts: 44
    FYI I used a self adjusting /metal strap type wrench and had very little trouble pulling my 2001 original factory filter.
  • hiluxsurfhiluxsurf Posts: 34
    I agree with Peter78. My first oil change on my 2001 Runner, I had to do the same thing, screw driver and a hammer. I should have bought a matching filter wrench from Toyota before I did that first one(I recommend this if you're still up to the challenge of the first one). I had the aligator type wrench which has teeth and tightens as you turn but to no avail. The filter actually just caved in 'cause it was so tight. I know next time. =)
  • llslicellslice Posts: 15
    I love my 01 4Runner,but one thing bothers me.It shifts a little harsh from a dead stop from 1st to 2nd if I baby it(3rd to 4th is smooth),but shifts seamlessly when I accelerate a little more aggresively.Also on occasion it feels as if someone bumped into me from behind when breaking semi hard to a dead stop,and then take my foot off the brake.As if the tranny never fully shifted down into 1st,and once the truck starts rolling it down shifted.It's got 5k miles right now and about to bring it in to the dealer to have a look.I own a 88 Celica w/140k hard city miles and am not used this by a Toyota.Anyone else have similiar quirks or suggestions?
  • jf01jf01 Posts: 88
    Besides the jerky early shifting, another quirk that I have with the transmission is a "hesitation." Sometimes after decelerating, then accelerating again, my 4Runner seems to "hesitate" and not want to accelerate, but then does it. It's not jerky, it's smooth, but it's still noticeable. It seems like it starts accelerating, slips off gear, then accelerates again. Anyone with a similar problem?
  • harry0harry0 Posts: 42
    I have the same hesitation problem with my 2001 4Runner. Sometimes when I accelerate from a red light or a stop sign it happens. It feels like the throttle response is off by 1/4 sec or so. It feels like the car wants to think about going then jumps. I find myself "feathering" the gas pedal when I start going. It doesn't happen all the time though. (10 to 20 percent of the time)
    My car is going in for a oil change in a couple of weeks. I'll ask the service dept what they think it might be then.
  • cevans2cevans2 Posts: 23
    I just picked up a 98 4runner SR5 w/ running boards, roof rack, and moonroof and 32K miles. So far, love it. The dealer wanted 25K, I got out the door for $23,666 and 6.4% finance for 60mos. , including bumper 2 bumper warranty - 3years 67K. Does that sound like a good deal? Any info would be much appreciated. Keep in mind that is in NY where sales tax is 8.5%
  • johndoe6johndoe6 Posts: 12
    Was the '98 a 4X4? If so then not a bad deal. You will like the truck regardless if it is a good deal or not. I like my '98 a lot!
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