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Toyota 4Runner



  • suvowner1suvowner1 Posts: 33
    what kind of headlight bulb/bulbs does the 03 4runner use ????
  • hiluxsurfhiluxsurf Posts: 34
    Rorr & Khaug,

       Thanks for your insight on towing. I would think that the auto transporter/trailer from u-haul has brakes. Thanks again -mike
  • bryancosbryancos Posts: 282
    2003help: Go to Autozone (cheapest place I found) and check out the Sylvania Silver Star bulbs. They run about $20 ea so it'd cost you about $80 to replace both the low and high beams (The 2003 4Runner uses 9006 / 9005 bulbs) They're rated at a 4000K (kelvin)color temperature (intensity) which is higher than the PIAA Superwhites (3800K) that cost about $70/pair and slightly less than the PIAA Extreme Whites (4150K) that typically run $80+/pair... For reference, typical halogen bulbs are 3200K and Sunlight is at 5400K. I've used the PIAAs in my old Envoy and they are definitely overpriced/overrated. Save your money.

    I've been very happy w/ the silver stars and have them installed in both my 4Runner and the gf's Malibu... For more info on silver star bulbs see:

    There's also a link to a review at on the sylvania site: - asp
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    No problem.....though to tell you the truth, I've forgotten what I said. I hope it was something profound....8^)
  • 4runtexas4runtexas Posts: 31
    went out to the car this morning, and started her up, i almost screamed! the noise from the squeeking engine came back, and it was worse than ever, for the first 2-3 days after i got it back from the dealer,who claimed it was "permanantly fixed" and didnt hear a thing, and then after about 5 days, i heard a very slight noise, and i payed little attention. this morning, it was back to the same engine noise that drove me crazy, and made me take it to the dealer.

    i have no idea what theyre going to do (i gave them a call about an hour ago, they were on lunch, should be giving me a call soon), one thing i know for sure, i will not keep a car i payed 30,000 for that is not in working order! wether they replace my vehicle, which is what im pretty sure they may have to do, since their "fix" didn't work, or they wait and trade mine in for an '04, i have no idea, but we'll see

    any body have any idea as to what i am gaurenteed as a customer? is it too much to ask that i want a vehicle that doesnt squeek like the dickens lol?
  • tim_hooligantim_hooligan Posts: 143
    Are to keep paying your payments and watch the dealership snicker when you pull into the service department.

    Honestly, your only hope is lemon law, and unless you can prove that it is a HUGE defect that endangers your safety or function of your car, you either take the loss and trade or keep it and turn up the stereo. It all depends on the state you live in.

    Honestly, a squeak isn't anything but an annoyance so the best you can hope for is getting in touch with your Toyota dealer's customer service rep and telling him/her what the problem is. From there they will work with the technicians to fix your issue.

    Trust me, I have an A4 that is constantly making noises or breaking...and you either live with it or hope it blows up.
  • bcmalibu99lsbcmalibu99ls Posts: 625
    Unless it's indeed a lemon, and your state has a law which protects lemon buyers, you are royally screwed. For the first three years, your dealer will have his pockets fattened by the manufacturer, who pays for warranty repairs, and then it will be you. Yes, even Toyota makes lemons. All it takes is for some dude on the assembly line to sneeze when welding, and voila, you get a lemon.
  • 4runtexas4runtexas Posts: 31
    spoke to my dealer this afternoon, they told me they would begin a process to get me in a new vehicle, (could take up to 40 days) the only reason for this is that when i picked up the vehicle from the shop the second time, i signed a receipt along with the manager and service manager at my dealer stating my vehicle was FIXED.
    and since we were gaurenteed our vehicle would never squeek again, the manager at my dealer told me to bring in a problem/request sheet which will go straight to the GM of toyota motors. they told me they would begin that process ofplacing me inside a new vehicle becuase of the contract.
    (in my opinion, its becuase i have a signature from them, and proof they lied, so i think theyd rather lose money and give me a new car than have their butts taken to court :) thank goodness for that contract!
  • pat84pat84 Posts: 817
    I am sorry to hear about your problems.
     Was the "it's fixed" contract your idea or the dealers service departments idea ?
    I think "lied" is not truly accurate. They must have believed it was fixed or they would not have signed the contract. You have the use of your noisy 4runner for 40 days. You may end up with an 04. I suggest that if you have the 6 ask them if you can please have the new one in the V-8.
    Offer to pay the difference.
  • tim_hooligantim_hooligan Posts: 143
    Yes, I'd imagine with their "guarantee" in writing and signed with it specifically stating which defect will be repaired upon return, they'd lose much less just putting you into a new 4Runner than fighting it in court and paying for arbitration.

    I have been searching for an SR5 V8 4x4 with AP package and few JBL...and it's been a bugger trying to find one! All the V8's seem to be LOADED around here. (DC)
    I've looked at the biggies (Koons, 355, ...) but they don't really have what I'm looking for. Can we expect more shipments in the near future? How about the 04's? Aren't those coming in Sept/Oct?
  • rockyballrockyball Posts: 22
    What did they do to try to fix problem? A friend of mine had same noise and after many returns to the dealer and after notifying Toyota that she was going to pursue GA lemon law, they came up with a "final fix" using shims behind the pulleys. She has had the car back for about a week and no noise.
  • beer47beer47 Posts: 185
    Try They have a place in MD.
  • 4runtexas4runtexas Posts: 31
    the dealer in my area was very very helpful, before i even mentioned wanting a new vehicle they stated they would be speaking with "the big boys" at toyota about our contract and a new vehicle, i was very happy with them, the thing is im not trying to get anything free, i simply want a 4runner that doesnt squeek!

    perhaps they may throw in a couple small options, but i told them specifically, " i wont accept a new vehicle with less options than my previous one"...(moonroof, foglights, running boards, double decker, sport edition seats, roof rack, alloy wheels) i would be willing to pay for 4x4 or V8...i should be speaking with my dealer today when i drop off the request for my new vehicle
  • 2003help2003help Posts: 23
    Hey bryancos thanks for the tip.
    AutoZone is the place 19.95.
    The clean light from the bulb is nice.
    There is also a rebate of 10.00 from Sylvania when you buy 2. One per household. So my neighbor bought a set.
    Saved 20 bucks on the 80 invested.
    Offer expires 6/30/03 though.
    Nothing like saving 25% in the auto game.
  • 4skinner4skinner Posts: 8
    I have Hella H4 replacement headlight bulbs installed on my 98. You can find for as low as $7 each. They also come in wattages ranging from 55L/60H, up to 100/110. I run 80W Low beams/110W Highbeams. These throw as good a beam as any non LED set up and are great for driving.
  • gsj3gsj3 Posts: 20
    Has anyone with the V6 had extremely loud clicking coming from the engine, possibly the injectors? Also, when I put motor under load, accelerate from a standing start for example, I hear what sounds like an exhaust manifold leak, or even valve train noise. With the windows open, this is very loud and annoying. Car has 200 miles on it and I don't remember it making this sound during test drive. I have had a tech listen to it and they say there is nothing that can be done at this time...great. Anybody? I guess I need to listen to another V6 on the lot and see. If anyone had this problem fixed, PLEASE respond, thanks!
  • bmw323isbmw323is Posts: 410
    My 2003 V6 4Runner also makes a ticking/clicking noise under acceleration. I can only hear it with the windows open. If I drive by something that reflects the sound it is very noticeable. I've been told that the variable valve timing engines tend to produce ticking noises. The engine works fine, pulls hard and is excellent in every other way - it just sounds like a 20 year-old 4 cylinder. Someday, I want to get a friend drive my 4Runner and I'll drive next to it in a parking lot and see if it really sounds that bad from the outside. I've tried to listen to other new 4Runner's and they didn't seem to sound bad as they are driving by.

    Perhaps your noise is different. In mine, it isn't bad enough to really even ask the dealer. Different engines sound different to different people.
  • ddw5ddw5 Posts: 23
    Had the same problems with my v6 sport. The belt squeak was fixed by replacing the auto-belt tensioner. It hasn't come back 2 months later. I had/have the ticking noise. Was initially convinced it was the exhaust manifold and took it in for that. Am convinced it is the injectors firing and I really don't notice it anymore. That aside, I am more pleased with the truck every day.
  • 2003help2003help Posts: 23
    So much fun owning this '03 4X4 V-6 4Runner.
    About four weeks ago it was the squeaky belt,auto tentioner deal. Dealer changed belt, sound went away for a week , then it came back. Went to different dealer told me nothing could be done at this time, but the all mighty Toyota is aware of the problem. Drove it for another week and the squeaky belt, auto tentioner deal just went away Don't know why it's just gone But I now have a rear passenger side body flex creaking noise. It's noticable at slow speed backing in and out of the driveway. Can anyone help with that?
    This week while driving on the freeway with my moon roof open I noticed when the truck reached 55mph the Moonroof motor would get an impulse of slight motor engagement, as if it was going to close. I also noticed as I reduce my speed to 45 mph It would do it again. And this happens every time at these speeds. It's like it engages at 55 and disengages at 45. Any help on this electronic beauty?
    Because as of Monday it's "Hi Ho, Hi Ho off to the Service Department go". Only 1500 mile in 5 Weeks and this will be trip #5 to Warranty Service.
  • iceman50iceman50 Posts: 20

    This is normal for the moonroof as the wind deflector is speed sensitive. It is not the moonroof closing, it is the wind deflector moving. At about 55MPH you will see that it retracts slightly, and as you lower your speed, it rises.

    Also, I have had no problems with my 4Runner, no squeaks, no smells, no issues; although I do have the V8. Gas mileage has continued to increase from 15 mpg originally, to almost 19 mpg currently at 7000 miles.
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