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Toyota 4Runner



  • Aaron, I agree with Terrafirma, definitely get the 2003, there is a night and day difference from the 2002, far more than enough improvements to justify the minimal price difference and the incentives would probably negate most of that.
  • terrafirmaterrafirma Posts: 212
    I wouldn't call them improvements because it is an all-new truck. They share nothing with the 2002. They are cousins to the Lexus GX as they share platforms.

    But my feeling is that the difference is worth any additional money you would put up front. You will thank yourself later.
  • sacstate1sacstate1 Posts: 189
    I have read a few posts of people claiming the new Runner has 'this' or 'that' design flaw. What I would like to point out is that the Runner is not new. It is new to the North American market, but it is the same vehicle that has been sold in Australia and the Pacific Rim known as the Prado. A 7/8th version of the Land Cruiser. Actually, in Australia the Prado is categorized under the LC model offering. So, as much as we would like to think, the new Runner/Prado is not a new design or engineering undertaking.
  • hannerhanhannerhan Posts: 18
    I'm looking for a coil over, probably SAW or OME, but I'll have to wait and see who puts one out first. I think lift will end up being around 2.5 inches, and from what I hear, a quality lift like this doesn't hurt the hwy ride noticeably. It will be a little stiffer, but I don't mind that at all.
  • feralferal Posts: 23
    If you dont mind me asking, how much did it cost you to get your driver seat brackets made to lower the seat 2"?
  • feralferal Posts: 23
    Thank you all for your very helpful posts on how to lower the seat height. Your information is really helpful.

    In the Jan - Feb time frame i shall be FINALLY purchasing my new 4Runner so i have a some time to figure out the best and cheapest route to lower the seat height.

    Thanks again!
  • peter78peter78 Posts: 284
    I belive the design is new, the Prado specs changed when the new 4Runner came out.
  • chortonchorton Posts: 149
    The prado frame is what the new 4runner is based on. The vehicle IS a new design. But to say it is FLAWED is a bit of an overstatement. I thing a design flaw would be when somthing does not fit. or work,for that matter. The wind noise you hear when the back windows are down is somthing you can expect out of ANY vehicle,car or suv. My parents had a nissan sentra when I was a kid that did the same thing. If you want a "perfect" suv buy a lexus,acura, or somthing "highline". The 4runner is in the market to compete with explorer,cherokee,durango,trailblazer and those type. Think about how much better it is than those.
  • terrafirmaterrafirma Posts: 212
    No one is disagreeing with you except maybe the guy who inexplicably returned a brand new 4Runner with a "design flaw" that every suv, minivan and some sedans including lexus,acura, ford,lincoln, chevy all have. To me, that is a non-issue.

    Toyota did a fantastic job with the 4Runner. It is so well engineered in every way. It is not an exaggeration to say it is both one of the best on-road and one of the best off-road suv's in the market today. To me, that's the perfect suv. There simply is no other vehicle in existence today that has the capabilities of the 4Runner. I have owned a GS300 and the interior is nearly the same quality. It is amazing. Lexus quality and ride, Land Rover off-road capability. All that for around $30,000. Amazing.
  • sacstate1sacstate1 Posts: 189
    Not much, if anything, to complain of on my end! It has been AN EXCELLENT VEHICLE.
  • rentschlrentschl Posts: 69
    OK, so after all the talk I'm still not totally clear on whether someone with a pre-may, '03 V8 4Runner (with the 5,000 lb. towing capacity) can somehow upgrade to the 7,300/7,000 lb. (2wd/4wd) towing capacity by buying a new hitch.

    If it's really possible, what it the Toyota part number?

  • feralferal Posts: 23
    I dont know the part number but i asked the toyota dealer about that and he said that there is an additional part they attach to the trailer hitch that hooks onto the chassy to add the extra strength needed to tow 7200 lbs.

    Up here in canada it is a $28 accessory, which would pretty much make it free in the states with the conversion! :)
  • feralferal Posts: 23
    Anybody know what "Light Control System" does?
  • I disagree about the wind noise issue. You could never convince me that this is 'common' in all SUVs and many other vehicles. I am not talking about a little bit if 'buffeting' or what ever you might call it, but the description from the person who got a refund from Toyota was that the vehicle was 'violently shaking', as if he had a couple of flat tires or something. That is not normal and certainly sounds extreme. And if it was not 'that bad' I am sure that there is no way that the dealer would have taken the vehicle back. They certainly would have taken it for a test drive to verify the complaint.
    'Lexus quality and ride' - what???? The 4Runner is an excellent vehicle, but I would certainly not elevate it to that level, especially after reading the last 5 or 10 pages of this thread.
  • rentschlrentschl Posts: 69
    Thanks for the information. $28 CDN sounds pretty reasonable.

    My frustration is that when I asked the lady at the parts counter at the dealer about it, she insisted that if it existed, she would know about it. She didn't know about it and therefore it doesn't exist.

    So without getting a part number or contacting another dealer, I'm stuck until the factory somehow updates the dealer I wnet to.

  • terrafirmaterrafirma Posts: 212
    If you have not felt the turbulence with rear windows down then you haven't ridden in a suv. Don't try to start something by misstating facts about the 4Runner.

    It rides better than a RX300 and I prefer the firmer XREAS to the RX330 so yeah, I consider it Lexus quality. The Limited is just about the same $ as the RX330 so it SHOULD BE AND IS of similar quality. Considering the 4Runner shares a platform with the new Lexus suv tells you something about the quality of the 4Runner.

    Every review has placed the 4Runner's on road quality on par with the best car based suv's on the market. Consumer Reports (as stated in an earlier post) prefers the 4Runner's ride over the 4 wheel independent Nissan Murano.
    So based on MY experience OWNING Lexus and Nissan vehicles among others, as well as actually OWNING a 4Runner YES it has superior ride and quality.
  • coranchercorancher Posts: 232
    I don't know if it really answers the questions posed here, but I think that many vehicles can be made to exhibit these big oscillations or buffeting.

    In 1980 I had an ordinary Toyota Celica with a glass tilt-up sunroof added. The glass could be removed, but I almost never did it. At certain speeds, and with the glass removed and both windows part way down, there was this tremendous 'whop-whop-whop' sound. It was bad enough to be disorienting and would quickly induce nausea. I can't say if it made the car shake violently, but the phenomenon shook me so much I wouldn't have noticed.

    I can't say for sure, but I suspect that SUVs like the 4Runner *can* be made to exhibit this behavior worse than other vehicles. Especially with a rear window that can be left open while driving, plus a sunroof, there are lots of wild resonance possibilities with this vehicle. Not a defect at all, in my opinion, but something to be a bit careful about.
  • terrafirmaterrafirma Posts: 212
    Very sensible post.
    To be honest, since it is so prevalent in many vehicles, I find this to be a non-issue and a bit silly to be talking about.
    For me, it's like telling someone that the radio is dangerous because you can damage your hearing if you turn it all the way up.

    Rode in my co-worker's Navigator today and it does the same thing with the rear windows down.
  • rogers12rogers12 Posts: 140
    My Honda Prelude never has these types of oscillations from the wind. Honda placed two vents near the base of the rear window. (I know, not possible with the 4Runner, but a fix none the less.) Air flows in the side windows and out the back vents. Same effect with the rear door glass open on the 4Runner. If you open the rear door window (not the windows on the passenger doors, but the hatch door window), no more oscillations.
  • I'm about to order an 04 4 Runner or Sequoia. I prefer the size (cargo area) of the Sequoia, but prefer the 4wd system of the V8 Runner. My only concern with the Runner is that it seems to rock side to side quite a bit (much more than the Seq.) on curves and turns - even with the XREAS suspension. Can anyone offer any input on the Runner more top heavy than the Seq?
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