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Toyota 4Runner



  • Could anyone describe the way it works? I know it's just a warning light, but is it possible to set the tire pressure which you (the driver) consider normal, and then get the warning only if your pre-set parameters have been violated?

    4Runner is designed to be taken off-road, where it makes sense to deflate the tires for greater traction. I would imagine a steadily lit tire pressure warning light would drive some people crazy...
  • Use weatherstripping at the base of the license plate. It keeps the plate off the paint. Eventually of course its going to fall off, but check it each time you wash your vehicle & you'll be covered. I'd suggest sizes 5/16, 3/8, or 7/16. I've been using it on my '99 Accord with no problems, & of course my 4Runner.
  • rogers12rogers12 Posts: 140
    Easily spaced from the body with small round rubber bumpers with adhesive on the back (Radio Shack). Clean the body and stick two behind the plate on the body. No big deal.
  • I was disappointed in the design as well.
    For mounting, I took two thick (1/8") rubber grommets, and used them like washers between the car and the plate. Then I used weather stripping for the bottom edge of the plate, as mentioned earlier. Now there is no metal to metal contact.
  • jagsdadjagsdad Posts: 56

    Hey what a coincidence! I got the call yesterday that my 4Runner is on the lot. I'm going in to pick it up this morning. I'll let you know how it goes.

    I'm not sure excactly but I think I placed my order the last week in June. So it took about 3 1/2 months. I'll provide exact details on my next post.

    I placed my build order at South Bay Toyota, in Gardena, CA ($500 over invoice). I too got the run around from a bunch of Dealers. Most just don't want to do a build order, or maybe they really don't know how. I was suprised how many dealers let me walk away. Carson even played games with me. They told me on the phone they could do a build order. I went down, told them what I wanted, and made a credit card deposit. Then they started to "look" for my vehicle in the regional inventory, and, when they could not find what I wanted, said it might take a couple weeks. I let them know I was there to place a build order, not to wait for them to look for something in the inventory. The general manager then told me they cannot do a build order "because they come from Japan." I left frustrated, and called back the next week to get my deposit back--left a message. I then got a return call from the fleet/internet salesperson, who had been on vacation. She told me sure they would do a build order and she seemed to know what she was talking about. So I went with her and she has apparantley come through as promised with my order. She had said it would take anywhere from 3 to 5 months.

    Another So. Cal. dealer that does build orders is Carson Toyota in Carson, CA. They also want $500 over invoice. Prior posts on this site gave Carson a big thumbs up for build orders.

  • May I ask: did you order the Limited or the Sport? I remembered that you wanted a NAV system, XREAS and rear/side air bags, right? Did you get all of that? Thanks for your experience!
    I'm in So. Cal too.
  • kheintz1kheintz1 Posts: 213

    "Indirect System...
    use the vehicle's antilock braking system's wheel speed sensors to compare the rotational speed of one tire vs. the others. If one tire is low on pressure, it will roll at a different number of revolutions per mile than the other three tires, and alert the vehicle's onboard computer..."
  • jagsdadjagsdad Posts: 56
    Sooooo Sweet!

    I put my order in 7/1/3 and drove it home today. I got exactly what I wanted: 04 V8 Ltd, 2WD, with NAV, X-REAS, Sunroof, Airbags, Daytime Running lights. Galactic Grey Mica with the tan leather, not the stone, which usually comes with grey paint. I also did not want and did not get the spoiler. I did not pay for the floormats or cargo net, but they put them in the truck and I did not complain.

    I paid $200 for toyota guard (paint and interior). Is this a sucker move, waste of money, anybody? Don't be shy.

    I also paid $750 for 4 years of scheduled maintinance. I also go to the dealer for my maintinace, so this seemed like a good deal.

    I declined on the extended warranty (additional 36 mo), which they offered down to $650.

    The experience was good, fairly quick. One thing I would do different though is to consider these service options in more depth prior to picking the vehicle up. I'm comfortable with my decisions, but I do wish I had more information, and input from this board, prior to making those decisions.

  • taken 3 additional years of warranty for $650. As service and parts get more expensive, 650 bucks to cover you bumper to bumper for 6 years seems like a sweet deal. Maybe you can still get it?
  • Toyo Guard- sucker move :)

    You can always buy Genuine Toyota extended warranties online for alot cheaper as long as you are within the factory new-truck warranty period-plenty of time to decide.

    The spoiler actually does a really good job of keeping the tailgate clean. I would recommend the spoiler- it is one of the few that is actually functional.

    If you take your car to the dealer anyway, the service sounds good.

    Enjoy your ride and welcome to the club!

    Oh btw, GREAT color combo you picked! Nice!
  • jagsdadjagsdad Posts: 56
    Thanks for the input bcmalibu and terrafirma. My mistake for not getting input earlier.

    My son (5yrs)saw the truck and said, "Sweeeeet!"

    I'm starting to think the toyota guard was a sucker move. I paid for it but am supposed to bring the truck back in couple weeks to have it done because there is a wait--so many suckers. I might see if I can get out of that.

    As far as the $650 for another 36 months bumber to bumbercoverage, this my thinking: I already have 36 btb coverage for the first 36 mo/36k miles, and powertrain coverage for the first 60 mo/ 60 k miles. So the $650 pays for a bet that I will spend over $650 on repairs during months 37 thru 60 that are not powertrain related, or any repairs during month 61 thru 72. Another way to put it, the $650 buys an increase from powertrain coverage to BtB coverage during years 4 an 5 months, plus from no coverage to BtB coverage during year 6. And you are shelling out the $650 three years prior to any of these possible expenses.

    That might be a fair bet. I think it is a close call. One repair could bust the bet easily. You also get some peace of mind. But I my experience with my bullet-proof Sienna, and my confidence in the quality of the 4Runner bring me to passing on the additional coverage. I can see how other reasonable mind would differ though.

    And now it's time to go for a drive.....Ohhh yeaaaa.....
  • amheckamheck Posts: 37
    On the new truck. I should be finding out from my dealer this Thursday as to how the search is coming. I'm looking for basically the same configured truck, minus the NAV. Pretty much decided on the Garmin 2610 for around $800 that you can take from car to car.

    I think the Toyoguard for $200 is not a bad deal. Remember, it also gives you some roadside asistance (running out of gas, locked keys in truck, etc) so at invoice, it might be a coin flip. I opted not to get it just for the fact that it had the paint sealant. I want to start on a Zaino Bro's program and didn't want anything on the paint ahead of time.

    Also, IMO, the $650 for the warranty isnt too bad. You're right - some of that is peace of mind. On my last truck lease, I paid extra for 15K miles per year. I knew I would never drive that (I think it worked out to just shy of 13.5K per year) but I didn't want to have to worry once I hit the mark and knew I was paying .10 a mile after that. I just wanted to drive and forget about it. I think I'd take the $650 if it's offered to me at the time of purchase, although if anyone knows where to buy these cheaper on te internet, I'd appreciate the advice.

    Have fun in the new truck!

  • Bought the Garmin 2610 for my 4Runner. Awesome unit. Went to Lowes and picked up a 3" female threaded PVC pipe and cap. Screwed the cap into the pipe and glued the GPS mount to the square pipe cap extension. The pipe (about 3 inches high) fits perfectly and snugly into the passenger cup holder on the console and puts the unit at a perfect position for viewing. Plug the speaker/power adapter into the power outlet in the console and route the wire to the GPS. Looks like it was factory installed and can be removed and used in another vehicle any time you want. i painted the PVC pipe black and you do not even notice it.
  • Do you have a picture or you PVC Garmin 2610 setup? Maybe from a couple different angles?

  • alfster1alfster1 Posts: 273
    That is pretty ingenious. I originally thought of going aftermarket for a NAV system for my 03 4Runner, but then broke down and got the factory unit.
  • Will try to get a pic for you. It really came out great. You will like the GPS. Very functional..
  • I had the same idea when I purchased my 4R. Skip the $2000 NAV option and go for a Garmin unit. I purchased the Street Pilot III back in June and love it. My main reason for this, is so that I could take it on trips on the Ducati!

    It performed flawlessly on my annual ride down to Laguna Seca for the World Superbike races in July. It is indispensable for finding alternate routes in unfamiliar cities, which is exactly what happened when we arrived in Monterey. There was an accident, which totally messed up the final hours of our ride. That is where the SP III came in. I asked it to calculate the "shortest" route instead of the "fastest" route, and it quickly directed us out of the backup, on to surface roads, around the backup.
    I am sure this is a common feature on most GPS, I guess what I am saying is that I spend alot of time on the bike, and wanted a unit that I could transfer to other vehicles.

    Erisarep, YES post the pics of your mount. I am very interested. I love "HomeDepot solutions"!
  • kheintz1kheintz1 Posts: 213
    Since I drive ~350miles/wk. as part of my job (not to mention all the other driving I do), I purchased the Toyota Platinum extended warranty for my new 4Runner, for an additional $925.00. It offers pretty comprehensive coverage for 6 yrs/100,000 miles, and it offers a number of other nice perks as well.

    Forget about ToyoGuard-- think "Zaino" instead.
  • jcliffrojcliffro Posts: 108
    For anyone doing a search for 2003 2WD Limiteds, Lakeside Toyota in Metairie (New Orleans suburb) has several with side air bags and air curtains for sale and would assume one could get a good deal on them because there are a lot of 2004s out back. I did not see any 2004 Sport or SR-5s with the side airbags, unfortunately. I think they had one silver, one pacific blue and 2 galatic gray 2003 2WD Limiteds and I think all 4 had the side air bags and at least one had the JBL 6-changer CD.
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    I never heard that side airbags are any rare item on Limiteds. People were having great difficulty finding the side airbags on the SR5s though.
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