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Toyota 4Runner



  • I finally was able to test drive one of these trucks and it was awesome!! I really loved it. I test drive a 2002 Limited with every option in the world. I was a little surprise of the small cable, but had good cargo area. The truck wasn't very wide and a little cramp but I didn't have problem with the headroom at all. Getting in and out was a chore, but I can get use to it. The Limited was the only one on the lot, the salesman said that they sold out of every one but that one.
    He said it would take about a month to order one, and that I could get leather without buying a Limited. I told him that I see him after the Milwaukee Auto Show in February.
    Have the tight cockpit been any problem with you owners of the 4Runner?
    BTW, the salesman told me that we should start seeing info about the 2003 in March and that expected release date of the 2003 was Nov. or Dec. of 2002. He also said that the truck would be a V-8 and that it would be wider but he wasn't sure about longer.
  • A friend of mine who sells Toyotas was just told by a Toyota Rep that the 2003 totally redesigned 4 Runner will be out in the spring of 2002.
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,776
    That's a decent price for your area. Best I've seen is invoice in SoCal, not worth the trip if you ask me.

    There is definitely an additional advertising fee charged in your region, the dealer is acting in good faith.
  • I hope your right for two reasons: One is that I would love to see the change sooner before later, and I hope that bring the price of the 2002s down that much sooner!
  • I certainly hope Toyota doesn't screw up the look of the new 4Runner because the current generation looks really sharp, in my opinion, its the sharpest looking SUV I've ever seen. From different sources, I have found that the new 4Runner may have a front end that resembles the new Rav4 and Highlander SUV's. If it turns out to be this way, the aggressive factor of the 4Runner will certainly disappear. A few reasons why I have not purchased a Runner yet is because I am waiting so anxiously to see what type of engine this new one is going to get and if the inside will have more room, as far as width goes. Many people say that the current generation engine is underpowered at 183HP. I do know for a fact, that most SUV's of this size do have much more HP than 183. I'll tell you this though, it seems that Toyota quality can't be beaten as far as dependability and reliability goes. If Toyota would just fix a few things on the 4Runner,(IE)things mentioned earlier it would definitely be one of the best SUV's out there to date. Lets all wait and see what the 2003 model has to offer, I wish it would hurry up!
  • I totally agree with you Jeffjeff, the aggressive look is why I keep going back to the 4 Runner. There is better proforming SUV out there, but there isn't many that look better then the 4 Runner. I'm also worried that they will change the look of the 4 Runner. I have a 97 Rav-4 and I was very upset when Toyota changed the look of the Rav-4. The new Rav-4 look like so many other mini SUV out there now, and now I'm worried that the new 4 Runner will look like all the rest out there. Personally I can't wait until Summer to see it, but I really don't want a SUV that's larger then the 4 Runner is now.
  • rljslick

    True, true, I agree with you as well. I really don't need an SUV that is much better than the current Runner either. I'm just a single guy that wants a cool nice sized truck that's all. With the V8 probably comes more gas consumption and with the increased size probably comes harder maneuverability in tight areas. When the 2003 makes it's debut, it's going to be a quick decision for me, either wait a few months and see how it performs or buy a 2002, the last styling for that generation and probably the "best looking"! Isn't that sad, I don't even know what the new one will look like, but I already have this feeling Toyota is going to mess up. It seems like they always mess up a good thing.
  • LOL!!! Yes, Toyota really blow the Rav-4 that's for sure. I have the same feeling also about not liking the new 4 Runner. The worst thing they could do is change the body style to much, like they did with the Rav-4. I planning to get a 2002 Sport 4 Runner sometime after the first of the year. I can't wait, driving my wife nuts!
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,657
    from the DC Auto Show, and was talking to a Toyota rep. He confirmed that there's a new 4Runner coming next fall, and it will have the 4.7L V8 as an option. He also said it will be roomier than the current 4Runner.

    So it sounds to me that this new Lexus GX 470 (to be shown at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show), the Land Cruiser Prado/Colorado, and the new 4Runner will all come from this new platform.

  • That's interesting, did he say how much roomier the 4Runner will be? I heard that it will have a third row seat. Sound like a very large SUV. Can't wait to see it!!!
  • akgakg Posts: 85
    After many months of anticipation and reserve about whether to buy a 2001 or 2002, or to wait for the 2003, I made my decision to buy a new 2001. Got a better than great deal, got assistance from Cliffy the Great(I haven't forgotten the sweatshirt...running behind with Christmas and all...)and here's what I figured. I would rather buy the last year of a successful body style, 6+ years of working out the kinks, then buy the first year of a new one.

    I think it's prudent to reason that if you get an amazing deal now on a 2002, keep it for a couple years, or until the new body style has a few destined 'bugs' worked out. You can always sell the old one without lots of $$$$ lost and upgrade to the newer model, which by the way won't be near the deal you can get now!

    I've never seen a first year model of anything that the manufacturer hasn't had to modify right off the bat....End of sermon
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,657
    rljslick- No word on the size, other than it will be roomier...

    akg- Normally I would agree with you, but we're talking about Toyota here, not Chrysler... ;)

  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Glad you're still happy with your purchase. I'm glad I was able to help.
  • well, good for you akg! You made a decision and stuck by it! Bad thing about my situation is that I can't find anymore 2001s around SE Wisconsin. My wife and I drove all over and really didn't find much so I'm going to have to order one, and I don't think you can order a 2001 any more so I'm going to order a 2002. BTW, the 2002 will be the last year of this body style, at less I think it is. I'm holding to my conviction and waiting until the Milwaukee Auto Show in February. Boy, sure going to wait that long!!!
  • What causes the rear ends of the 90-95 4runners to sag? And does anyone know what could be done to fix it?
  • I am brand new to this msg board and am looking for some advice/direction/information on purchasing my first suv. I would be looking for a vehicle probably 6, 8 or perhaps 10 years old. I have been considering the 4runner (early 90's) but am unfamiliar with which particular years might be best (or what the differences are between the years). An acquaintence of mine has an 89 4runner with only 60,000 miles (100,000 km) and would like to sell it but I'm wondering if it might be just a few years too old (although the mileage is good). It is also a v4 (don't know if I should hold out for a v6). These are all questions I am looking for feedback on from experience people 'in the know'. Perhaps I should be considering a different vehicle altogether - maybe a pathfinder. Any comments that might help me zero in on a decision? Thanks.
  • akgakg Posts: 85
    Don't worry about not finding the 2001, you know that the incentives on the 2002 are going to be massive. Also, I don't care how awesome a product Toyota puts out.....there are always modifications to be made after a new vehicle's preview.

    And I still maintain that the $$$$ to be saved on the last year of an excellent 6 year run will be worth it when you want to upgrade that style in a couple years. I got my 2001 for $26,700 pretty heavily equipt(about $5000 of the MSRP), and in two years it might be worth the same amount, or not far from it.
  • spfoteyspfotey Posts: 130
    does anybody know??

    i am looking for an SUV that provides me with the 6th and 7th seat. The Sequoia is too large and the MDX just feels like it was built by a computer. I have an ML320 but want something else this time around...
  • I am getting ready to trade in my 2001 Subaru Forester for a 2002 4-Runner with 4WD. The reason I am trading is the chemical smell in the Forester caused by the cosmoline (spelling?) that they spray on the undercarriage before shipping the car over from Japan. Since this car is also made in Japan, I was just wondering if it also has a chemical smell since I assume they spray something on the undercarriage as well. I kept waiting for the smell in the Forester to go away, but after a year and 22,000 miles, I give up. And I sure would hate to buy another car with the same nose-burning horrible smell - which also gives anyone in the car a headache. Please let me know if you've noticed any smells in your 4-Runner. Thanks!
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Cosmoline can't be what you are smelling. Cosmoline is a grease that is applied to the exhaust system and some engine components for shipping, but it burns off after 40 to 200 miles. It is impossible that you would still be smelling it after 22K miles.

    What is more likely is that the dealership applied an undercoating to the car and placed it too close to the muffler or exhaust pipe. Undercoating is a heavy black substance that looks like tar.

    Toyotas do come with some undercoating in the wheel wells, but it is a different type. It is more like a hard plastic and is not placed anywhere where it can burn.

    FYI, cosmoline is the same stuff that the military used in WWII to ship M1 rifles to the troops.
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