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Toyota 4Runner



  • dadoftaydadoftay Posts: 136
    I don't think you'd run into any problems only going up one size like that. If you're looking for a good all around all-terrain, the Michelin Cross Terrain, Toyo Cross Country or Yokohama Geolander could be good set ups. I have to retract on the Nitto tires, my buddy only got about 22K out of his set. Not too good!
  • I just purchased one and I am very happy with it.


    But I do have a question regarding the 4x4 operation.

    When I shift from H2 to H4, both the center differential lock light and the 4 wheel drive light start flashing and they keep flashing until the 4 wheel drive system is fully engaged.

    At that point, the center differential lock light stops flashing(goes off) and the 4 Wheel drive light stays on.


    So my question is, is the center differential lock light supposed to flash during that time ? Is this normal ?


  • since the extreme cold weather conditions, I am hearing a noise coming from the area of the front windsheild and dashboard area. to date I have sprayed silicone to this area ran the defrost at hi temperature with no results. it is most obvious when traveling over bumps and dips in the road. ? any suggestions.
  • 2toyotas2toyotas Posts: 104
    It is totally normal. Until 4WD is fully engaged it is locked and you should only drive straight ahead or backwards until the system engages. Never turn while the system is not fully engaged. It takes a little longer to engage if you are on an incline or decline. If you are not driving and switch to 4WD or back to 2WD after you turn the knob put the transmission in neutral and it will engage very fast.
  • sauriasauria Posts: 12
    Sure it's not in the front of the driver's door? I have a visor sound and driver's door rattle especially on cold days.
  • kheintz1kheintz1 Posts: 213
    My '03 4Runner Limited had the same noise during its first winter (and in fact I posted a question about this), but interestingly, this noise doesn't seem present this winter. This suggests that whatever was causing the noise may tend to subside as the involved structures settle in over time(?).


    Not too long ago, someone answered my post by saying that he had a similar noise with a Rav4 during cold weather. As I recall, he believed the noise was coming from an interaction between the exterior cowling at the base of the windshield, and the glass itself. I also recall that he reportedly solved this noise problem by carefully injecting (spraying) some WD-40 between this cowling and the exterior windshield glass. Let us know how you make out.
  • gsj3gsj3 Posts: 20
    I have a 2003 sport and it is a handful at highway speeds! A little bit of wind and forget about it. And who would ever put different length and width blades on a truck? What morons! I couldn't believe that! Has your windshield cracked yet? It will, this is the weakest glass I have ever seen. I'm not that happy with this thing at all, oh you have the V6 diesel?

    Well mine sounds like one anyway, thanks Toyota, Oh what a feeling!
  • I've already had 3 rock hit repairs on the windshield since I purchased it 8/2004. I've also removed my running boards to see if it helps in crosswinds, but of course I haven't experienced a windy day since. I'm happy with my engine - no complaints. Gotta love those washed out HVAC controls in daylight.


    A few posts ago there was a conversation about engaging 4WD. Wait til you're stuck and find out you cannot engage 4WD cuz you can't get the vehicle to move to engage it. Oh, what a feeling!
  • oops...vehicle w/V6 purchased 8/2003
  • Ok you smart mechanics, try this one.

    Ref a 2003 4runner sr5 .. 55000 miles.

    A dealer has had this suv for a month and cannot find the problem.

    Symptoms are that it runs fine up to about 30/40 mph, then if you press on the gas, even slightly, the engine falters. Idles fine, will rev up as far as you like as long as it is standing still. It is performance under load that causes the problem.

    Things checked have been "bad gas", tank was drained and a fuel drier added to a new tankfull, no help. fuel pressure is apparently ok, checked under load I am told. NO ENGINE WARNING LIGHT SHOWS and hookup to the diagnostic computer shows nothing!

    I have no reason to think the service rep is not trying, he tells me he has talked to Toyotas Gurus in california and they are puzzled as well. Any suggestions would be welcome, better yet has anyone had the same problem? Feel to contact me at if you want to chat.
  • Had my first opportunity to try my new 2005 V8 on ice and snow. When braking hard, did not have the usual pulsation of ABS, but the truck stayed in a relatively straight line. Not really sure if the ABS was working or not. Is the ABS system on this truck different than systems where you feel the pulsation when ABS is activated?
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    from the brakes when the ABS engages on my 2003 4Runner. But the ABS is working.


    I just got new snow tires last week. Went to play in the snow this AM -- I live near Boston. Much more traction than the lame all seasons...
  • kheintz1kheintz1 Posts: 213
    Have they considered something like the Throttle Position Sensor?
  • If it was the TPS why will it rev up when sitting still??
  • dadoftaydadoftay Posts: 136
    Have you tried the oxygen sensor? Remeber, there are more than one on your truck. The o2 sensor reads different under a load, almost like a wet distributor cap. Try that, or make sure you're not making an arc from a loose or broken spark plug wire.
  • I'm the person that posted about the rav info and fixing the windshield noise. It seems to be caused by contact between the windscreen glass and the cowling - the rav owner fixed it by having techs install clear slippery tape over the glass where the cowling contacts it. I've been using WD-40 which has totally eliminated the noise on the left (where it first started), but has only been partially successful on the passenger side. It goes away pretty quickly now, especially when I blow the defroster on it. Renewing the silicon spray seems to help, but hasn't entirely eliminated it.


    I drive on a couple of miles of dirt road, heavily rutted and pot-holed - so it's very noticeable to me until the interior warms up and the materials expand.


    The noise I'm talking about definitely comes from the dash/windshield area. Not the door.


    Let me know if you find a better solution.
  • Wouldnt the o2 sensors show up on diagnostics??

    Appreciate the reply!

    s. johnson
  • Thanks for the reply. With your experience, I feel better about this lack of pulsating sensation. We have had a lot of snow here in Southern Ontario and with the new blizzaks it feels great. I have owned various vehicles for 48 years and this is my first Toyota product. This new V8 with a 5 spd is so smooooth. Great vehicle. Thanks again for sharing your ABS experience.
  • Thank you very much for the reply.


    By the way, I have the vibration/buzz in the brake pedal problem too. I wonder if I should try to get that fixed or just live with it since it doesn't bother me that much.
  • Unless Toyota is willing to experiment by swapping various parts, you're screwed. I also deal with electronics, & various sensors & plug-ins can fail without failing a diagnostic. I'm surprised at this point they haven't tried swapping various sensors, computers, or even cleaning the fuel injectors and replacing the fuel lines. No doubt it's going to be expensive, but that should be their problem, not yours. Try another dealer as some are better than others.
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