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Toyota 4Runner



  • neumie2000neumie2000 Posts: 133
    That's exactly the information I was looking for. Thanks!
  • kysersose4kysersose4 Posts: 25
    I went to a local Toyota dealership yesterday and inquired about the 2006 model. The guy there basically knew nothing about the 2005, so I wasn't surprised that he had no information on the upcoming model other than it would come out in September (he thinks). Has anyone else tried going to the dealership for information? I had a friend go to a Suburu dealership and get information about a next year's model of one of the cars...just wondering if I'm cursed wanting information AND a Toyota.
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    I don't expect that the '06 models will be ariving until late August or September. Toyota is notoriously stingy about information on upcoming models. That being said, from what I've heard, there should not be any major changes to the upcoming model. It is still in the middle of the current generation and after the upgrade to the V8 engine from last year, they should not be making any drastic changes. So expect a new color or two available possibly, but other than that and a $200-$300 price increase, not much.

  • I am looking into buying a navagation system. I am thinking on getting the portable ones since I have the 6-CD changer in dashboard. I would like to know if anybody have an idea of a brand is best and what specs should i be looking for.
  • kheintz1kheintz1 Posts: 213
    Garmin is probably the best known brand, but you might want to do some Googling in order to learn about other brands.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,968
    Check out Navigation / GPS Systems too.

    Steve, Host
  • kysersose4kysersose4 Posts: 25
    OK, talked to another dealer today. He said that he heard NO changes whatsoever. Not even small changes to the interior. He also said that Toyota only does option packages, no individual picking and choosing (i.e. if you don't want the spoiler, your only choice is the SR-5 or having it removed). True, Untrue, Sort of true?
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    No changes that I'm aware of, possibly another color, and deleting one, but that's about it. As for options, he's somewhat true. He should have what's called a pipeline schedule showing how Toyota is building vehicles in your region. It will show how many of each model they're building and how they're building them. Factory equipment, for all intents and purposes, is not cusomizable. PPO (post production options) such as floor mats, etc. are choosable if you catch the truck prior to being built/shipped. So in your example, correct if you don't want the spoiler, go with the SR-5 or go to a body shop and have it removed and the holes filled and painted.

    Hope this helps clarify.

    Toyota Ken
  • rosiesdadrosiesdad Posts: 2
    Yes the towing package on the limited had an oil cooler. Open the hood on one and it will be very easy to see. If that dealer can't answer your questions. You need to find another dealer that knows his product.
  • rosiesdadrosiesdad Posts: 2
    My opinion on my new 4Runner Limited V8 is that it is the sweetest vehicle I have ever owned. And I have been through a lot of vehicles in search of the best. I had a Acura MDX, Silverado, Avalanche and a Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD. The Jeep was a lemon. Quite common from what I hear. Chrysler actually bought it back. The rest could not hold a candle to the 4Runner. The 10 speaker stereo is wonderful. There is nothing bad I could say about this vehicle. I think I finally found the best ! I even got lucky with the dealership and found a salesman that wasn't a low life. You can't go wrong with this vehicle. Gas milage so far is 18 1/2 mixed driving with the V8 on regular. But this is a fast engine and typically you will want to blow people off at a light now and then. So it has the potential to use a lot of gas with a lead foot. But now and then for me the smile is worth the lower MPG. I am sure I have found the perfect fit for me.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,661
    4Runner compare with the current Explorer, in terms of physical dimensions...front and rear seat room, especially cargo room behind the second row of seats (I do not care about 3rd row seating), width, length, etc...are the Runner seats supportive and comfortable for long drives (4-6 hours)? they come with adjustable lumbar supports, for driver or driver and some models have the lumbar support (say, limited) but not the others (Sport, SR5)...and any other thoughts that Runner owners (especially those who owned an American product prior to Runner) may care to offer...thank you...

    Also, which models is the X-reas offered, since anything that makes an SUV corner better then a Caddy Fleetwood is worth considering...

    Lastly, to the Runner owners...did you consider a 2005 Pathfinder, and why did you buy the Runner???...again, thanks...
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    As for dimensions vs. the Explorer...
    length 4-Runner 189in, Explorer 189.5
    width 4-runner 73.8in, explorer 72.1
    height 4-runner 68.5, explorer 71.4
    wheelbase 4-runner 109.8, explorer 113.8
    Ground clearance 9.1 vs 8.5

    x-reas suspension available on Sport and Limited models only, and does have a significant impact on squat, dive, and roll.

    As for cargo room behind the rear seats and front and rear leg room, I would recommend that you actually look at both and take a tape measure with you. Each company measures these things differently and the measurements can be very decieving. On top of the volume of storage space isn't necessarily what's helpful. It's the layout of the cargo area, how flat is it, how square is it, how tall is it, how easy is it to get to and lift things into it.

    Hope this helps.

    Toyota Ken
  • glb5glb5 Posts: 39
    I own an 04 4Runner V8 SR5 with 15000 miles. The truck is one of the best rigs I have ever owned with the exception of it having the most ungodly uncomfortable
    driver seats. The seat in all last generation 4runners all have an adjustable lumbar support, even though it actually hits your back way too high, not in the lumbar area at all. I'm 6 foot 1 inch tall and weight 170 lbs(not big at all) and the seat in way too narrow in the area where your but sits. This you will not notice unfortunately un till you have spent about an hour behind the wheel. This is in reply to those who will say If the seat didn't fit why did you buy the vehicle. I'm now in the process of trying to locate a seat from an 05 Tacoma as they seam to fit me really well( they are actually quite a bit wider where your but sits in the seat. If I can locate one of these it will save me the money of trading this vehicle off as I really like all other aspects of this truck
  • kheintz1kheintz1 Posts: 213
    I'm 5' 10" tall, 200 lbs., and FWIW, I find the seat of my '03 4Runner Limited to be very comfortable, even on very long trips. That said, those who may be expecting the cushy, boggy, mushy seat of an older Cadillac Deville, may be disappointed in the 4Runner's furniture. Then again, the newer 4Runners are among the most agile, responsive, and fun-to-drive SUVs around, so its firmer seats are perhaps more suited to such a machine than ones more akin to an overstuffed easy chair.

    On the other hand, I will say that in my opinion, Japanese automotive manufacturer's still don't seem to understand that American drivers tend to be larger and more fleshy than our Japanese brethren. We Americans still often prefer seats that are wider, softer, and more supportive. Indeed, I think the 4Runner's cabin width and length could stand to be a bit larger, since this would allow for bigger and better seats, among other virtues.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    I just traded an '02 Explorer XLT(41,000 miles w/V6, leather, six-cd changer, etc) over the weekend for a '05 4Runner Sport Edition. That X-Reas Sport suspension is really something. The wife and I wanted a medium-duty tow vehicle and she did not in anyway want an Expedition. I was really skeptical of the live-axle setup on the 4Runner, verses the independent suspension setup of the Explorer we drove for two and a half years. The way Toyota has the chassis tuned-you can hardly tell you have a solid axle back there. We will probably end up towing a little less than 6,000 pounds with it.

    This is one of the best driving vehicles we have ever owned. And the V8 is GREAT!
  • neumie2000neumie2000 Posts: 133
    I traded a 2004 Ford Explorer for a 2005 V8 4Runner. The Explorer was a nice vehicle. It has more cargo capacity than the 4Runner, although the two level cargo system in my 4Runner makes up for some of that difference. Back seat room is about the same, but I would give a slight edge again to the Explorer. The big difference between the two vehicles, in terms of driver comfort, is the seating position. The Explorer's seat is more like a traditional truck or suv seat, meaning your feet will be hanging down from the seat. The 4Runner's seat is lower, closer to the floor of the vehicle, and your feet will be nearly straight out like in a car. It is really personal preference as to which is more comfortable, but the 4Runner is very comfortable to me on long trips. I have taken several of 4-6 hours and have never complained of any comfort issues. I have the SR5 model, and the lumbar support was standard.

    However, the Explorer just cannot compete when it comes to interior fit and finish, engine performance, and refined characteristics. The Explorer's engine is thrashy, and runs out of steem when loaded. The 4Runner (although a V8), is effortless and never runs out of power. The interior of the 4Runner is far superior, and reliability is a huge issue for me. The transmission of the 4Runner is in a different class than the Explorer, with shifts being nearly un-noticeable.

    Finally, the price. The 4Runner is more expensive, hands down. I think they are worth every penny. Because of the rebates, the Explorers are losing value very quickly. You will pay more for the 4Runner up front, but hang on to the vehicle for 5 years and just look at the difference in resale....not to mention vehicle upkeep. Drive both, and decide for yourself, but I think that the 4Runner is just a better vehicle.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    "However, the Explorer just cannot compete when it comes to interior fit and finish, engine performance, and refined characteristics. The Explorer's engine is thrashy, and runs out of steam when loaded. The 4Runner (although a V8), is effortless and never runs out of power. The interior of the 4Runner is far superior, and reliability is a huge issue for me. The transmission of the 4Runner is in a different class than the Explorer, with shifts being nearly un-noticeable."

    I couldn't agree more. I can't believe how more refined the 4Runner is over the Explorer. The powertrain of the 4Runner is one smooth system. And to top it off, if the onboard computer is correct, I am getting the same mpg as with the V6 Explorer! Happy Motoring! :shades:
  • kheintz1kheintz1 Posts: 213
    In 11/01 I bought a new, '02, V8, 4WD Explorer XLT. (This was shortly after 9/11, and I decided to buy an "American" SUV in a patriotic effort to help stimulate our economy.) Everything went well until shortly after the 36,000 mile mark (hmmm..?), after which the transmission developed problems. (Fortunately, I was wise enough to have purchased Ford's 100,000 mile extended warranty.)

    Following my 36,000 mile honeymoon with my new Explorer, it went on to spend most of the summer of 2003 in a Ford "Blue Oval" (supposedly "top notch") service shop. They would keep the vehicle for several weeks at a time, while claiming they were diligently checking and rebuilding this and that. On numerous occasions, the dealer used the old trick of claiming that the lengthy delays in completing repairs were never their fault, but were instead due to Ford allegedly sending them some wrong parts, or that they were waiting on certain parts to arrive, blah, blah, blah. The dealer never admitted any errors on their part, when in fact I think they just flat out lied to me throughout that summer.

    Each time the vehicle was shopped during this ordeal, I had a very hard time reaching one of their supposedly "Blue Oval" service managers by phone, and when I did, I got the run-around. I even got the run-around from the Ford dealer's General Manager. And, when I'd finally get a call to come pick up my vehicle, each time I drove it home, it was no better, so back it would go to the shop where it would just sit for another several weeks, without the problem ever being fixed.

    Meanwhile, I found much evidence that the hood of my Explorer was being used as a makeshift coffee table for the shop crew, and it also obviously served as a convenient leaning post for smoke breaks, etc. I would also find the previously immaculate interior of my Explorer to be filthy with greasy footprints, fingerprints, etc. Moreover, on one occasion I discovered that the previously immaculate exterior of my vehicle was peppered with roofing tar from work being done on the roof of the shop...

    Before long, I tried contacting Ford's 1-800 "Customer Care" hotline for help, but after my lengthy initial conversation with them, they failed to keep their promises to follow up with me by phone, and in fact I never heard from Ford "Customer Care" again, despite my numerous attempts to re-contact them.

    Finally, in 9/03, I'd had quite enough of Ford, where quality is "Job None". I got rid of my miserable lemon Explorer (along with the transferable extended warranty), took a financial loss in the process (live and learn....), and bought a new '03, V8, AWD 4Runner Limited with X-REAS, DVD-Nav., Michelin Cross Terrains, etc..

    In brief, my 4Runner has been the absolute finest and most reliable vehicle I've ever owned. Moreover, my Toyota dealer's level of service has thus far been superbly competent, attentive, and above all, highly professional and trustworthy.
  • beercoll1beercoll1 Posts: 88
    It's good to see some things never change. I, too, had a similar experience with my Ford car, however, it was about 15 years ago. From that point in time, I have purchased 4 4-runners and have been happy with all of them. I usually drive them into 6-figures without any issues. I only turn them in to take advantage of the upgrades Toyota has made, like airbags, XREAS, etc. Until Toyota and their dealers treat me like Ford treated me back in the late '80s and early '90s, I will keep going back to them.
  • fido67fido67 Posts: 1
    Hello Elle,

    I thought I was crazy too and i ask my wife to drive the truck and she felt it too. I drove to Houston last friday after been in the dealer for two times. Yes, because a vibration that starts right at 62mph, and man, it was a pain. I took the truck back to the dealer saturday and had the service manager drive with me again so he could feel what you and I feel.
    They have change the tires twice to Michelin from Dunlop. They said that this a common complain and I shouldn't have any problem after that; jajajaja ;-) . No way.
    Dealer says that they seem to have a problem with the balancing machine and they called the manufacturer for recalibration. After three days in the dealer we got the truck back today. However, vibration is still present.
    The dealer's customer service manager gave the Toyota customer service phone number to my wife and suggested to call them and file a formal complain.
    There is a law that protect consumer from defective automobiles; it's the Lemon law. Read it and I will email you again with the number my wife got at the dealer.

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