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Toyota 4Runner



  • navguynavguy Posts: 61
    06MY & 07MY 4Runner with factory navigation includes a 4-disc CD changer that can play MP3 or WMA encoded CDRs. Plus you can initiate a call via an approved Bluetooth cell phone from the steering wheel! Even if you cell phone is in your purse or gym bag you can receive or dial a call with both hands on the steering wheel!
  • m3fanaticm3fanatic Posts: 1
    gotta love the NAV :)
  • Can anyone tell me the "Downshift Lockout Speeds" (speed above which the transmission will not downshift into the particular gear) for 1st and 2nd gear in the 2006 4Runner?

    This is not the same as the maximum speed in gear. It is always lower, but different Transmissions set different limits. Does anyone know the values for the 2006 4Runner?

  • 2006 Limited 4WD V8

    I'm wondering why the owners manual recommends keeping the spare tire only on the right side of the vehicle with each rotation? I'm used to the "full" 5 tire rotation with all previous vehicles.

  • kjack100kjack100 Posts: 133
    I wouldn't use the spare at all in a tire rotation. I'd only swap out the fronts with the backs, keeping them on the same side. You're going to need four new tires at some point anyway.
  • I own a 2003 V8 limited 4runner. My first problem was getting front rotors. When my parts place asked what wheels I had I told him I have 17" wheels. He proceeded to give me rotors that were 13.25" diameter. The ones I have are 12.6". Supposedly these are for a 4runner with 16" wheels. We finally figured that out, but has anybody had the same problem? Second, my truck has only 46,000 miles on it but has seemed to have ruined the drivers side front wheel bearing. Seems a little premature. The factory warranty is finished, is there any chance in hell to get them to warranty this. To be honest, its a shame for a 41,000 dollar truck to have this problem. I do tow a boat, but I have only done it 3 times. It has a combined weight of about 4700 pounds. Thanks
  • dzubadzuba Posts: 159
    Looking at an 06 ($2500.00) under invoice - Limited loaded. I have heard the V6 is a dog..............true?

    I'd rather the V6 with the price of gas, but need some advice/help?

    No - I will never tow with this ride.
    Comments on the V6 vs. the V8 - I do a lot of highway driving!!
  • I have heard the V8 and V6 get similar mileage.

    I have the V8. In strictly city driving, suburban hills, NYC traffic, averaging about 30 MPH I get about 17MPG on regular gas. On a recent long highway trip I got 20.8 MPG averaging about 58 MPH. Both numbers are according to the trip computer which is about 5% optimistic. The V8 also has great passing power.
  • I have the V6. It's no dog.
  • I have the V6 and it has plenty of power. I continue to be impressed with the acceleration. On my last fill up I got 22.5 mpg (actual, not computer) in mixed driving. I end up getting less mpg with 100% highway because I set the cruise at 80 so mileage isn't as great at those speeds. Usually around 20 - 21 mpg on the highway at that speed.
  • Well I understand in 2008 the 4Runner is getting a redesign so it will be interesting to see if they will put a hybrid in the 4Runner, which I heard was a rumor (I also would like to see it a little bigger but I guess that remains to be seen). I have a 2004 v8 which gets about 18.1 mpg but I would trade it in a heartbeat for a 4Runner with a hybrid :)
  • Do you have 4WD or 2WD? I recently bought a new 2006 4 WD and wanted 16" wheels. The standard 4Runner 16" wheels won't fit due to interference with the calipers so I finally got some wheels that come on a Tacoma. This may give you a clue to the problem.
  • I've finally decided on the 4runner sr5. I want the option package with the airbags, but it comes standard with the spoiler. I really think they are ugly and take away from the lines of the model. Does anyone know if they can remove these without damaging the car?
  • I've never seen a 4Runner here in California or anywhere else without a spoiler. I've never seen a Sport or Limited model without a sunroof. You'll get used to it. The thing I've found annoying is the running boards, so I removed them. Enjoy your 4Runner, and don't let the spoiler detract from your buying one.
  • Actually mine came without it, although mine was an SR5 so maybe that explains it. Then now that i want one, its $400 to put one on, so i decided to leave it as it is. Maybe when they bring out the new redesigned '08 Sequoia, i'll be sure to get one with a spoiler...:)
  • I feel like a dweeb asking this, but my 98 4Runner's dash lights suddenly don't work and I can't figure it out. I can't find a fuse for the lights, and I have not determined that the dimmer switch is bad. The other lights (ie, high beam, turn signal, etc.) still work, but no back lighting on the dash. Consequently, driving at night is a bummer as I can't see the speedo and such. Does anyone know what to do? :confuse:
  • I agree about the look of the spoiler. I've never liked it either. Luckily, the 2006 standard option packages sold here in Colorado do not have a spoiler on the SR5 models. I was able to get my new Salsa Red SR5 with a nice option package (sunroof, CD changer, side airbags, etc.) without a spoiler. I've been very happy with it.

    You could always buy yours in Colorado!
  • Interesting that you say that since I'm planning on moving to Colorado within the next year. Was hoping to buy the car sooner, though.
  • does any body know how to remove the headlights on a 2004 4runner? I tried doing so myself but it appears that there is screw on the bottom that i can get too. I'm not sure if I'd have to remove the bumber as well. thanks
  • seraanseraan Posts: 5
    I just bought a 2004 SR5 with 13k on it. It will go out of warranty at the end of this year. I would like to buy a platinum extended warranty. Anybody can tell me where can I get a good price on it? Thanks!
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