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Toyota 4Runner



  • kanerkaner Posts: 6
    Why are the dealers in NJ accepting deposits on the 2003 if Buzz is wrong? They say it will be out end of this month.
  • peter78peter78 Posts: 284
    "kaner" If they are taking deposits, can you tell me what the prices are and if they have a V8? Or are they just putting money down to be the first in-line?
    About when the 2003 comes in, I have checked the Southeast inventory and quite a few 2002's are coming on March 24. That would at least suggest, no new model in early April. In fact it may still be a ways off.
    It has been my experience in life, when people are absolutely sure about something, they usually aren't. And when people give you what they know and realize it their may be variables, listen to them. "cliffy1" has given quite a few dates and then says it is wrong, Toyota has made it a later date. I don't think, Cliffy would be upset if they come in next week. So, my best guess, it is still awhile. Still if I was in the market, I would wait for the new ones and if I wanted the older model, I would buy now. If you get near the end of the model year, their are less choices of the older models.
    Bottom line, I were in the market, I would probably wait, not only is the new 4Runner coming out but quite a few other models are coming. Just my 2 cents worth.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    It's okay to criticize positions but let's steer clear of the ad hominem attacks!


  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Thanks for asking on the notorious boating incident. I am at about 95% but still get bruising and swelling in the right ankle. I also made an investment in a "wreck anchor" to prevent further calamities.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    If I were still on the floor and had a customer that refused to consider buying a 2002, I might just be tempted to "take them out of the market" by accepting a deposit on a 2003. That prevents them from buying a competing product. It prevents them from going to another store when the 2003 comes out. It locks them into me. I might even tell customers that there will be no more than a 4% price increase. If I am wrong, all I must do is refund the deposit. If the customer gets anxious when the car fails to materialize, I would make up some story about why they were delayed. Something like, "Well, Toyota just will not release them as long as we have so many 202's left. Are you sure I can't interest you in one of those?"

    Don't believe that happens?
  • zman3zman3 Posts: 857
    My God man, didn't that mishap occur during the summer? That is a mightly long road back.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Yes, but you'd be amazed how much tension you can put on 100 feet of 3/8" rope by pulling it with a 225 HP engine. When it snapped (actually the knot slipped) all the tension released on my ankle. I'm lucky to still have a foot and an undamaged boat.

    Now, I only notice it if I am on my feet all day. Its not enough to keep me from many days of fishing this year so don't feel too bad for me.
  • zman3zman3 Posts: 857
    That's good. At least you won't be in too much pain later this month (er, I mean April) when you start writing up all of the financing papers for those 2003 4Runners that are going to be flying off your lot. :)
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581 I was driving home, I started thinking about the accusation that I was somehow hiding the release date because I would profit from the 2002. This is really a funny one. We don't make a lot of money on the 2002s. We take very short deals, unless it is some odd ball variant that we don't get often. Most of them go out within a few hundred of invoice. As a finance guy, it is even worse because they have the discounted financing. This makes it very difficult for me to make money on my end.

    When the 2003 comes out, we will probably have a waiting list of customers willing to pay MSRP for several months. If this thing is as good as I suspect, we'll have a repeat of '96 when it took nearly two years for the price to drop to $2000 over invoice. We in the dealerships can't wait for the new ones to arrive. Wishful thinking will not accelerate this process though.
  • kloo17kloo17 Posts: 1
    My radio no longer works on my 97 4runner after I changed the car battery. The radio's anti-theft feature kicked in and I forgot my anti-theft code (which I set almost 6 years ago). Suggestions on how to get my radio working again?

    Thanks in advance.
  • jacksonmjacksonm Posts: 6
    My dealer tells me that there will be NO REDESIGN UNTIL 2004. I called Toyota and they confirmed this. Buzz says next month, Cliffy says August and Toyota says not at all for the next year and a half. I guess I will need to look at the GM triplets......
  • mikeintnmikeintn Posts: 39
    Hey Cliffy, sorry to hear about the ankle, but glad you are okay.

  • poppadoc1poppadoc1 Posts: 11
  • bigorange30bigorange30 Posts: 1,091
    Yes, there are several. I sold mine on but it was also listed on They will both charge you about $20. Make sure to get the "run it till it sells" option if they offer it.
  • twigglestwiggles Posts: 2
    My husband and I have been in the market for an SUV. We have a dog and are expecting. We've looked at several SUVs and really hadn't thought of the 4Runner until recently. It has more room than what we thought. I've been reading the reports/comments and agree the dash is out dated and hard to get in and out of. Anyone with kids - any problems getting the enfant carriers in and out. Also I keep reading about the 2003 - any ideas on when it will be arriving or preview. Thanks!
  • brian124brian124 Posts: 38
    Sorry to disappoint those of you who would like to see the 2003 4Runners coming out in the near future but I just took a look at the inventory list at the Virginia dealership where I bought my 2001 and they have more 2002's in stock right now than they've had in months. It would make sense to bleed the inventory down prior to the 2003's release. That is, unless they want to have a fire sale on the 2002's. Doubt it.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Traderonline is a good one, as is e-bay. I bought my '91 MR2 based on a private party add on
  • leodogsleodogs Posts: 23
    Hypothesis: I represent a significant number of potential SUV customers facing the same dilemma. I need to buy a new vehicle. I would like to purchase a 2003 4runner. I will wait if Toyota tells me it's going to be available in the forseable future. If they can't give me an approximate date I'll look elsewhere. Accepting this scenario as fairly common place, why won't Toyota announce a date? My guess is that they want to sell as many 2002s as possible and they are willing to gamble (or project) that's where they stand to make the most (at the risk of losing potential 2003 customers).What say you?
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    The "official" word from Toyota is intentionally vague. The reason is, they don't want to cause problems for the dealers who are trying to get rid of the 2002s. Think of it this way: You are a businessman and own a Toyota franchise. As part of your agreement, you take the cars that Toyota wants you to sell. You end up with a fair number of vehicles that you know will be obsolete the moment the new ones arrive. You are not too worried because you still have 6 months to bleed down your inventory. Then, Toyota announces that the new one will be out on such and such a date and will have the following improvements (insert list here). Whereas before, only a small and devoted group of people had a small amount of information about the upcoming model, now the whole world knows. What will happen to your profits? How hard will it now be to dump your existing inventory?

    One thing I will suggest you do is to go back and read the post by Rward99. The terms he uses (build out etc.) are correct. It sounds to me like he is reading the official build out schedule which includes production start on the 2003. I've seen these documents before, but never on a model that was due for this level of change. I believe it is authentic. If it is, you will see the 2003 by late summer to early fall.
  • toyotas1toyotas1 Posts: 134
    Who releases SUV's in Spring? Why would you? If it didn't come out first of the year, it will come out first of fall, that's how ALL SUV's are released. It's not a covertible! If inventories for the 4Runner are extremely high, than a redesign is at least 3-4 months away. I used to work at a Ford Dealer, and before the new Expedition, three months before, the lot held over 100 (!) units. And the lot only carried 700 cars! Bet on a September release, like most cars. The Highlander is doing well, theydon't need to rush it to market.
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