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Chevy S10 - GMC S15 and Sonoma Starting problems

my 93 s-10 will not start after i drive it and it warms up...first time starting is fine, only when motor is warm it will not start...i can get it to start if i spray starting fluid in the throttle body though...any help is greatly appreciated..


  • My 00 Sonoma will not start when the tank goes to 1/2. I can drive it, but it will not start up. When I fill it up it only takes about 10 gal, letting me know that the sender is ok.

    I havent changed the fuel filter at all in 81K mi.

    The truck is a flex fuel E85 model, but only run regular gasoline.
    Where should I start? Could low fuel PSI cause this problem?
  • joec10joec10 Posts: 5
    My S-10 died again on another rainy day and would not restart..I changed distributor cap,plug wires,rotor cap,distributor module.It started, but I had a high pitch whine(sounded like a vacuum leak)..the truck ran for 3-4 minutes with the whining sound than it died again and I am back to square on..Any ideas of where to look next?????? truck is 6cyl, 4.3 runs great up till now..
  • s1089s1089 Posts: 3
    hmmm sounds like a possible vacume leak...eathier that or you could some how be suckin in water from somewhere...i have never had that problem and my truck has like 240xxx miles
  • hoodlatchhoodlatch Mid-westPosts: 255
    I had a vacumme leak on my V6 one time that I found by accident. There was a hard rubber boot in front of the air valve body that was cracked on the bottom. It had a 1/4 in. vacuume line coming off of it. After I fixed that, it ran great.
    Good luck,
  • joec10joec10 Posts: 5
    I will go over all the vacuum lines once the weather warms up--I have a 2001 s-10 but I garaged it during winter and drove the 93. I will keep that tip in mind--thanks for the information..
  • joec10joec10 Posts: 5
    After changing the distibutor module, I still wasn't getting spark to my coil..I had to replace the pick-up coil in the distributor and the truck is back on the road again..
  • My struggle has been endless and I might curse Chevy forever if I don't figure this out...Please Help!!!....After my 2000 2.2L gets hot it will not start. Also, my check engine light is on and I believe that the last mechanic said that a history code reads that the truck was running lean. The performance is poor even when running (sputtering). A trusted mechanic could not find anything wrong. He simply said that it seems the engine is demanding too many amps to start. So I bought a higher cranking amp battery, but it didn't help. I have replaced the coil packs, wires, plugs, starter as well.
    Recently, it has stopped starting completely. It clicks continuously when I turn the key but doesnt even try cranking anymore.
    My God, if anyone can spare this poor arseface from my anguish I would be forever grateful.
  • Interesting ....

    Ok here is an off the wall thought.

    Will it Start when the tank is Below 1/2 full ??? I'm wondering if the pick up tube in the tank has a very tiny hole in it... once the fuel gets below the line it starts to suck air. If running it may just send some small amount of air into the gas system. If the engine/fuel pump stops - the fuel eventuall leaks our of the suction hole and when re- started, the pump can not suck fuel (Lost it's prime)...

    Let us know what the solution is when you find it ...
  • I have a 2002 S10 2.2L and when the temp drops below 15 or so it takes up to 5-10 mins to get it to start. As soon as the Service Engine light comes on while cranking is when it will fire. Soon as the engine warms up it will start fine. If you pull it into a garage or if the temp outside rises it will start fine. I have had the fuel filter, ignition control module and fuel pump changed so far. Also used gas line anti-freeze for the last few tanks. Any help would be great
  • can i put a 1987 tranny in a 1994 Sonoma (both sonomas) like otk now quickly pls b4 i cannot anymore. thnaks
  • hoodlatchhoodlatch Mid-westPosts: 255
    Sounds like a symptom of a bad coil.
  • My 1998 s10 has the same problems and it driving me crazy, if you ever figure out what it is please post, it or i will post it if i figure it out thanks!
  • is it a 4.3L (vin-W) I am have a little prob starting and when my 1993 s10 blazer gets warm it is even harder to get started and will not idle good at all.
  • Ihave a 99 Chevy s-10 and it has gone thru 2 starters and an interplanetary gear, so basically 3 starters in a years time. I've gone to a chevy dealer as well as a trusted family mechanic and neither have a clue.
    When it's warm and dry out it runs pretty decent typically, when it's wet out, I can't get it to start hardly at all. And below 0 it refuses to do much of anything. ..It used to run great in weather up to -30. I've replaced the fuel pump, battery and fuel injector.
    Some days it starts beautifully and some days it won't budge till I give it a bit of gas, but then I risk flooding hte engine. I'm at a complete loss. I'd trade it in, but I don't have the money for a monthly car payment.
    I'm about to have them check the distributor cap and give it a tune up..but wanted to see if there was anything else I should have them look into.
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 869
    Let see, distributor cap, must be 4.3, that's a start. How many miles, would only be guessing.
    With this much information I would replace the spark plug wires, plugs, rotor, dist cap, a good tune up.
  • hoodlatchhoodlatch Mid-westPosts: 255
    It's little wonder it goes through so many starters and starter bendix with all the cranking it has to do. I'm wondering if it has something to do with the ignition switch. Have you checked the input voltage to the coil?
  • 0patience0patience Posts: 1,542
    0 degrees and -30, I have to assume you are referring to celsius.

    When you say you are going through starters, what is going on them? Are you having a starting problem because the vehicle won't start?

    How many miles and when was the last time it had a tune up?
    Is the check engine light on?
    Has anyone checked the fuel pressure? More than likely, you will find a problem with the fuel pressure regulator.
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