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Chevy S10 - GMC S15 and Sonoma Starting problems



  • i need to no wat is going on with my truck it would start but now nothinh all its doin is clicking but it has a good starter and all that but its doing nothing at all
  • had the same problem ,you have a leaking injector ,replace the spider [all injectors] will fix the problem.
  • i have a 99 s10, it has 180k on it, motor has been replaced, the problem is, when i turn the key it takes 5 to 10 seconds to starts sometimes longer, when it does start it has a rough sputter to it and this has been going on for a while now, sometimes when i turn the key nothing, so i have to push start it, when it starts i can shut it of and start it, that whole series of the push start faded away, but today it took about 15 seconds to start with a long sputter and a loud statick kind of sound. the batterie is good tested today, iv changed the park plugs alt. and starter are new, fuel pump is good replaced it 1 year ago, fuel filter has been changed also with the one under the hood on the fuel rail, iv tooken it to mchanics and they gave it back no charge cause they couldnt figure it out, my check engine light whole system doesnt work, since the motor has been replaced, iv been going to school every day so i dont have a very steady job not much income so some right advice will, help, if ur from engle wood or sarasota fl and can help for low cost, or maybe trade for services i do land scaping and will trade services, the truck will start good sometimes when it is cold out side but when its hott its a hard start, and giving it gas does not help.
  • jstilwelljstilwell Posts: 3
    edited March 2012
    I've read and read on the blog your hosting. my 03 S-10 (new to me) was acting like it was running out of gas while running down the highway.I would start back up as soon as you pulled off the died on wife 6 times on short trip. went out next morning would not start at all. will start on carb cleaner but only run if I keep spraying short burst.I haven't check fuel pressure yet,becaus all the responds.The 03 doesent have the open fuse on the firewall to try the jumper wire he said worked for him.Has any one found the right answer yet.Going to borrow fuel pressure gauge now.Has new fuel filter new fuel pump one year ago.and ground to frame is good
  • tomygtomyg Posts: 13
    You might want to ck your fuel injectors.If you have an 6 cylinder vortec,it could be one unit underneath the intake manifold.If you have a 4 cylinder they could be 4 seperate units.Good luck.
  • OK everyone! I went and rented a fuel pressure gauge. 0 pounds. pump was still cycling checked connections for full power all good. Direct connected fuel pump to battery, and it sounded good. Submerged in bucket of water,and reconected to battery, water pumping out top of pump(plastic housing) not fuel line.I dont know if that is all my problems, but I think I would bet that it is. I ordered a new pump,so as soon as I get it in I will repost this, and I hope it might help some of you. Till then good luck.
  • problem solved
  • bnbilenbnbilen Posts: 1
    Hey guys, I'm a girl so forgive me if I sound dumb. I own a 1994 GMC Sonoma. It's the V6 4.3L TBI Automatic. I am having problems getting it started. Occasionally it starts just fine, but other times it will crank over, but will not fire. The fuel pump primes every time, no exceptions. I have brand new air filter, fuel filter, new plugs, new wires, new ignition switch, new oil, new oil pressure switch, new oil sending unit, and some other new things. I don't know what else could be wrong with it. Someone told me it's got to be in the ignition itself, such as something along the lines of the coils.

    I'm also having a bit of electrical problems. The switch for my turn signals/lights will not move back and forth to turn my brights on and off, and the the light for the brights, as well as both of the arrows stay lit up on the dash while I have my lights on at night. Someone help me, I love my truck, she's a good girl.... but I need to fix her before she goes bad totally. :( HELP!
  • green0886green0886 Posts: 12
    Try a squirt of starter fluid NOT MUCH and see if it starts if so may be an injector problem. As for the dimmer turn signal switch it needs replacing not an easy job you'll have to pull the steering wheel switch is about $50.
  • hoodlatchhoodlatch Mid-westPosts: 255
    I agree with Mr Green's suggestion with the starter fluid. Looks like you've put a lot of time and money into it. I guess you inspected the cap and rotor. The carbon electrode in the cap sometimes wear out or come loose and fall out. The turn signal/ dimmer switch on the earlier s10 have always been a sore spot.
  • reaper261reaper261 Posts: 2
    Hey everyone I have an 88's10 with 4.3 it had a blown head gasket. I got the heads machined put new gaskets & seals all around. I also replaced throttlebody do to bad injecters and replaced old cracked intake manifold. New plugs & wires and new battery. Everything is put back together now but the truck just won't turn over. Any suggestions?
  • reaper261reaper261 Posts: 2
    Hey everyone I have an 88's10 with 4.3 it had a blown head gasket. I got the heads machined put new gaskets & seals all around. I also replaced throttlebody do to bad injecters and replaced old cracked intake manifold. New plugs & wires and new battery. Everything is put back together now but the truck just won't turn over. Any suggestions? Forgot to add it still needs to be timed but can't do that till I get it going.
  • hoodlatchhoodlatch Mid-westPosts: 255
    When you say it won't turn over do you mean it is locked up or it won't start?
  • foggys10foggys10 Posts: 4
    Ok, after reading thru all these post, None helped solve my starting problems. BUT I did find out why my 98 S10 wouldnt start... Apparently when you drive a 5 speed, and have big feet, sometimes you can "grab" wires with the top of your foot, effectively pushing and pulling wires that are near your clutch and brake pedals... After removing the under dash panel, i adjusted some wires, got back into the seat and it started right up first try...

    So I hope that this might help someone who is having problems with their Manual tranny starting.

    My symptoms were:
    Key in ignition (Beeps and Fuel pump engaging)
    Press Clutch then turn ignition
    Dash/Radio/Lights all went dead (ALL power lost)
    Release Clutch and Ignition, ALL power came back to previous items.

    Push sit back as far as it will go (Im a big guy)
    Remove under dash panel (2 short screws for Modular hookup, and 2 long screws holding the panel in place)
    Lay inside the best you can, need both hands free.
    Look around and look for wires that are hanging or near the clutch/brake pedals.
    If any wires, secure them away from pedals with electrical tape/zip ties/etc.... (Up is always the best policy here)

    Once you have done that, try to start your S10! It should start if you got all the proper wires moved and secured.

    After you have it fixed, simply put everything back the way you pulled it apart!

    Tools needed:
    7mm socket w/ ratchet (7mm Nutdriver will do also)
    Electrical Tape/Zip ties/etc...
    And 30 minutes of your time.

    I really hope this helps someone out! I missed a day of work because this stupid S10 :mad:
  • hey guys my truck is giving me fits ! its a 4.
    3 litre 5 speed. ive had ignition module ckecked out and it is fine . then yesterday i changed the ignition switch which didnt help at all . i put the key in and step on the clutch turn to start and fuel pump picks up and all lights come on but it wont do anything else . the starter relay kicks in also. i used to be able to switch it on and off rel fast over and over and it would finally start. now it wont at all . any help would be GREATLY appreciatted ! thank you
  • Sounds like a bad starter. Either have it tested by removing or if you take every caution and know where not put your hands, like within the fan shroud, you can have somebody try to start the truck, hold the key in the start position an TAP on the starter with a 1 or 2 pound hammer, gently, just to vibrate the starter... PLEASE MAKE SURE THE TRUCK IN IN NEUTRAL, and BLOCKED AND SECURED so it does not roll over you... IT sounds like you have had the problem for quite some time.... If you are NOT mechanical, then take the starter off and have it tested at a local shop or parts store... By symptoms, you have a BAD starter... Good luck!!!
  • thank you rock88 i will try that now and let u know how it goes. i was hoping thats what it was ... im tired of chasing electrical problems !!
  • rock you are the man!!!!!!!!!! thanks buddy ! if u close i'd buy you a giant beer ... or coke ! started right up after a little persuading . goin to get a new starter now . thank you very much
  • anyone have any nifty shortcuts on gettin the starter out without disassembling the whole front of my truck? lol wow! i think they built the whole truck around it !! thanks. o yeh its a 5 speed standard
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