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Saturn Aura Real World MPG



  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    I am considering a XR and love everything about it except the disturbing reports on low gas mileage. You should NOT have to wait 10K miles to brake in the engine to get decent mileage. This def could be a "deal breaker" for me.... :sick:
  • I notice that the posts regarding real world fuel economy show great variation and this is likely an indication of driver behavior and not variation in the Aura vehicles.

    I recommend you rely on the EPA labels to get a relative (not absolute) sense of fuel economy. The EPA test cycle removes the variation in driver behavior and is a measure of the vehicle.

    Personally, I think the Aura is a fun car and I find myself driving it hard -- and there are consequences with respect to fuel economy. With Aura you can achieve good gas mileage by driving conservatively, but you can also have fun when so desired.
  • I agree with you; my driving style is pretty conservative, and I've consistently achieved the "old" EPA numbers with my previous/current cars. So my gut feeling is that I should achieve better mileage than the "new" figures they've come out with.

    To try to get a handle on what I'm apt to achieve based on the new numbers, I took my current average MPG and then adjusted the ratio of city/highway driving of the new numbers to deliver that number, and then use that combination to compare cars under the new system. Basically before on the old numbers my mileage equated to something like 80% city/20% highway, but using the new numbers now it's basically 50/50. Even though most of my driving is around town, much of that is on the Interstate that bisects our city, so technically I probably do more highway driving than I think I do, so 50/50 is more realistic.
  • I think if you want as car that gives great gas mileage you give up quick acceleration and the fun it provides. If you want performance and great economy you look for a very small car with a 4 banger and a 5 speed. If you want performance and a 4 door sedan, you have to give up great gas mileage.
    I swapped a V-10 3/4 ton truck (10MPG) for a Saturn Aura because I didn't need the big truck and wanted a high performance 4 door sedan. My budget was $25000 with trade in so that eliminated a lot of German and Japanese Performance sedans.
    I got everything I wanted in the Aura XR and if I only average 25 MPG, the way I drive, I couldn't be happier.
    I hope you get a car that you enjoy and makes your heart pump and your face smile from ear to ear like my Saturn does for me.
    Good Luck
    Phaeton Driver
  • drwilscdrwilsc Posts: 140
    If you're in the markat for a 250+ horsepower midsize sedan, this level of fuel economy is par for the course. If you want 35 mpg, perhaps you should consider a Civic or something. I agree with the other Aura owners that the XR and its 6.2 sec 0-60 times (according to Car and Driver) are worth paying for a little extra gas.
  • Back on 9/26 you said you were considering the XR but thought the fact that waiting for a drive train to break-in for 10+ K miles might be a deal maker. I was wondering if you have made your purchase and what you bought?
    Also, I am guessing you aren't old enough to remember when we had to drive a car and various speeds and not to fast for the first few thousand miles then drive them on the highway and go fast for a few minutes. This was (one type) of recommended break-in procedure. If you just drove normally your engine would either never see it's potential or it would burn oil forever.
    Todays engines/materials don't require the same techniques, but if you follow the old ways the power train will work better and last longer.
    I am old school when it comes to break-in and may have something to do with my XR getting better than average MPG's and better than average acceleration (0-60 in 6.0 and 60-100 in 7.6). One trip I got 26.8 MPG for 2300 miles and another gave over 30 MPG for 350 miles.
    I have over 13000 miles now and the XR is better than ever.

    Phaeton Driver
  • mickeyrommickeyrom Posts: 936
    It's never going to be a Scion or other gas sipping econobox

    Hey friend...I have a 2007 KIA Optima, and get at least 33MPG Hwy.(A high of 40.7)Hardly an econobox.Loaded with ALL available options and of course...a 4 cyl engine.It's plenty strong enough to suit me.I believe it's rated at 165 HP which is more than my 1952 Lincoln V8 was.
    BTW we went to a dealer yesterday to look for an Aura Hybrid...of course they didnt have one,but I did look at a top of the line Aura and the leather seats and the dash were all very nice.Unfortunately it only comes with a V6 and with the $92 per barrel oil...very impractical. :sick:
  • Yea! Oil at $92 a barrel sucks, but I figure it will go over $100 before my grand kids get out of grammar school. I live in a area where gas prices are always 30-40 cents/gal more than the rest of the country so I am used to it being expensive. Right now it is $3.09/gal for 87 octane at the cheap stations. Fortunately we only burn about 4-5 gal/week so I opt for a performance car rather than one that get 40 mpg and takes a week to get to 80 mph. It's not that I have money to burn, it's just that we don't have to drive very far most of the time. We do take a trip now and then but I get about 28MPG on the trips so that's not bad.
  • I am so excited about the MPG I am getting now. OVER 30 :shades:
    My 2007 Aura XR 3.6 is doing just what I thought (and hoped) it would.
    A couple of months ago I changed the oil and added a quart of Dura Lub.
    I have done this in several other cars and it always improved my MPG and made the engine run very smooth. Well the 3.6 now idles and revs silky smooth. Idle is now about 800 RPM. I guess the computer only gives the engine enough gas to keep it running, and that is less now so lower RPM is the result.
    I just took a trip to Northern California. Total miles 910. 870 of it on I-5and I-10.
    I cruised at or close to 80 MPH whenever possible. The trip computer said I averaged 68 MPH for the 910 miles.
    It used 30.08 gal of 87 octane for the 910 miles. I think this equate to 30.25 MPG.
    The formula is keep tire pressure close to 40 PSI, the tires are rated MAX @ 44 PSI so this is quite safe. Add an engine oil additive like Dura Lub, Slik 50, or any other additive with PTFE. Now I don't have any ties to any company that produces this stuff, I just have had a lot of success using it. An alternative with similar results would be a synthetic oil like Mobile 1. Difference is you buy the additive ones every 50K miles, the oil every 3000 miles.

    Now my XR is every thing I wanted and I can no longer whine about the MPG.
    Take that you Accord lovers :)
  • That is pretty outstanding for a V6 at 80MPH.
  • It used 30.08 gal of 87 octane for the 910 miles. I think this equate to 30.25 MPG.
    The formula is keep tire pressure close to 40 PSI, the tires are rated MAX 44 PSI so this is quite safe. Add an engine oil additive like Dura Lub, Slik 50, or any other additive with PTFE

    Wow, 30 MPG! I am getting 27 mpg in my XR going 25 miles one way to work and back. Do you really think that the additives are making the difference or the tire pressure? Also, why do you suppose the manufacturer recommends 30 psi and no additives?


  • Wow, 30 MPG! I am getting 27 mpg in my XR going 25 miles one way to work and back. Do you really think that the additives are making the difference or the tire pressure? Also, why do you suppose the manufacturer recommends 30 psi and no additives?

    My on-board computer said I got 27.8MPG for the trip, so you can't believe it, monitor the gas and miles and do the math for accurate MPG. I drove for MPG so I was easy on the go peddle, resisted the urges to pass everyone, and used the cruise control as mush as possible. When going uphill I used the manual mode and dropped to 5th and slowed my speed to mid to low 70's.

    I have used these PTFE additives for a long long time (about 1980) and every time it has proven to me to give more H-P, better MPG and longer engine life. The only car I ran Mobile 1 in was a turbocharged sport coupe and that was because of the hi-temp oil cokeing problems turbo's have.

    The Tires say max PSI is 44 so for best traction and mileage/wear you want to run them at about 85-90% cold of that Maximum.
    Several things happen when you do this.
    1. The tires run cooler so tire pressure stays closer to the cold setting. Blowouts occurs most often to under inflated tires because the hi temp form scrubbing more tread on the pavement causes the air inside to expand much more.
    2. The tires stay flatter on the ground when cornering and provide a more secure ride on those fast mountain roads. I used to race auto-cross and I found that running 50 PSI gave me the best traction in the corners. The runs were too short to cause tire failures at these hi pressures, but a long trip could cause tire failure.
    3. The ride gets hard, not as comfortable, when pressures are higher than the car manufacturer recommends. In the case of the Aura, I think one of two reasons for the 30 PSI recommendation is a nice soft ride and the second is the pressure is actually the recommendation for the 16 inch 65 series tires. When you go to a lower profile you need to increase the pressure or risk damaging the rims and tires when you hit those nasty bumps and cracks on the interstate.

    I am extremely happy with the ride and handling I get with my tires at 38-40 PSI. And there doesn't seem to be any wear on them at all with over 14000 miles.

    Hope this helps
  • Thanks for all the information.

    One more question:
    Do you get a Tire Pressure Monitor warning when your tire pressure is that high?
  • One more question:
    Do you get a Tire Pressure Monitor warning when your tire pressure is that high?

    No. The tire monitor doesn't warn of high pressure, just low, Mine has done this twice, both time the tire was about 25 psi due to a nail.
    I do get a report email telling me my tires are not inflated to the recommended 30 psi.

    I am not concerned about any excessive tire wear or unusual handling because of tires being inflated to 38-40 psi, especially for freeway driving. Just the opposite is true.

    Check it out for one tank of gas on your daily commute. Can't hurt to verify what I am saying.
  • Over the last 3 weeks I have driven 1150 miles. Last three tank fulls came to 40.2 gal.
    My trip computer said I got 26.7 MPG
    My calculations show it was more like 28.6MPG :shades:
    There was about 850 miles of freeway driving (50 - 80 MPH), the rest was city driving, short trips of 2-5 miles at 0- 40 MPH.

    I am totally stoked at this mileage in a 250 HP sedan. :)
    If one of those 4 bangers that gets 34 highway MPG could get 30 MPG combined would have saved about 2.5 gallons on the same 1150 miles, or $8.

    The savings of $7 per 1000 miles? That's $350 for 50K miles saved by the 4 bangers.
    Big deal :surprise:
  • Last trip of over 1200 miles mixed 800 highway and 400 city I averaged 26.8 in my 2007 Aura XR. Best leg was 29.9mpg (one 4400 foot hill with a 7-10% climb at 75mph).

    Not I-4 mpg but very good for a 3.6/252hp V6 I think.

    Anyone interested in some really good mileage? check pout this new car from BMW. I took this pix at a Palm Springs parking lot, notice the plate is from Canada :shades:
    imageSee more Car Pictures at">
  • I am on my third oil change which I got a few months ago at just under 9000 miles.
    I now have over 17000 miles and the DIC says I have 40% of my oil life remaining. At this rate I will be over 12000 miles on this oil change. The only thing I have done to the oil was replace one quart of oil with one quart of Slick 50.

    Anyone else experiencing this kind of oil life according to the DIC in their Aura?

    Anyone using Mobile 1 and if so are they getting unusually long oil life according to the DIC oil life meter?
  • Arent you putting your engine warranty at risk?
  • No, not at all.
    To maintain the warranty I need to change the oil when the DIC indicates I am within 10% of the oil life.
    I have just been reading of other GM owners that are getting very high mileage between oil changes according to the on board oil life computer.
  • That sounds car doesnt have that feature despite having every toy you can imagine. Should you have an engine problem...I wonder how they would know if you changed the oil as you're supposed to. Mine has 3 months or 6 depending on usage. The mileage is 3K or 7.5. I have decided to do the Mobil 1 thing and go with 6 months or 6K miles depending which comes first. My car does very little in city driving.
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