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Saturn Aura New Owner Reports



  • andygrvandygrv Posts: 8
    It has been over 4 days and the XR is still at the shop.

    The dealer can't figure out why the engine keeps is miss firing.

    I will keep you guys posted.
  • Hi, andygrv,

    You mentioned that "The engine has a slight knock when it idles" in your previous post. Does it mean when the car is stopped by hitting the break, your leg can feel some shaking on the break?

  • tracyvtracyv Posts: 3
    I have had the same issue with the steering noise. When turning hard to the right or left a loud whining noise comes from the engine compartment. Dealer also told me this is normal for this model. Did not seem to hear it on the test drive? Great I'm looking at 4yrs of dealing with GM about this. Also rear speaker cracks when listening to talk radio. Should have bought Toyota... GM is still GM :mad:
  • bob919344bob919344 Posts: 29
    I worked for Toyota and take a good look at the reviews from professional companties about the product lately.

    Reviews for Toyota product have gone down in the past couple years for the first time. This is due to mass production of their cars. Its the same old saying " Quality suffers when Quantity is first " . Thats whats happening with Toyota in the past couple years. They are only looking for Huge Volume in sales NOT quality as they once did. As many other manufacturers are doing too now. Great for them, not good for the customer who gets one of their bad cars.

    good luck....there is no Eutopia in a car made today, not even a Bentley or Rolls... They all have problems even when spending over $200,000 .

    We the public suffer for the huge numbers they are looking for Not the companties making the profits
  • carolb925carolb925 Posts: 3
    I'll never buy another one! My 2007 Aura XR has an idle stumbling problem. The dealer can't fix it and I'm stuck with a car that's miserable to drive. That's what I get for expecting something great from Saturn.
  • I have been working on cars for over 40 years and one thing I have learned is that no one dealer, mechanic, parts counter guy, or engineer can fix every problem every time.
    If the dealer you are taking the car to can't find the problem, it is not Saturns fault, it is not the cars fault, it is the mechanics fault. Take your car to another dealer or a reputable mechanic and have them run a diagnostic on it.
    You always have the lemon law to fall back on. If the problem can not be fixed in three attempts (may very depending on the state you live in), contact your regional GM office (number should be in your owners manual) and complain.

    In California, many new car owners have been give a new car because a problem could not be fixed in three or four attempts.
    Sorry to hear about the problem, but I hope this helps you get satisfaction.
  • carolb925carolb925 Posts: 3
    I didn't post enough of the details....

    The above link describes the Aura's idling issues and these were posted well before I bought my car. I'm sorry now that I didn't read up on it.
  • bob919344bob919344 Posts: 29
    THATS WHAT ITS FOR............


    most mfg try and avoid this by either replacing the car or buying you out of it to avoid going to court !

    check your state laws...sometimes you can
    do it yourself and not even get a lwayer
  • I'm so sorry you're having serious problems with your 2007 Aura XR. I've had mine now for about six months, I'd say and I'm so pleased with it. I'm sure (if nothing goes wrong) that after this 36-month lease, I'll get another one.
    What I don't understand is why doesn't your salesman go to bat for ya and get ya another car? My salesman and the owner of the place would never allow this to happen. something's definitely wrong with the manager of the place because SATURN, I've found stands by their cars 100 plus percent.
    I've never gotten more compliments on a new vehicle in my life and its a perfect running car!
  • carolb925carolb925 Posts: 3
    I hope nothing goes wrong for you and some of the messages make me think that perhaps this is something that can be fixed and I will get to keep my Aura and enjoy driving it one day soon.
    I get a lot of compliments on the appearance of the car. That all stops when we drive it.
  • emanresu2emanresu2 Posts: 1
    Its hard to guage the severity of the stumbling issue you are experiencing. If it is enough to visible shake the car and the tach jumps significantly, than there may be something wrong, but if it is an occasional stumble you can feel through the wheel or the floorboards if you pay attention, then you will be told that this is normal. These days practically every car exhibits this stumble at idle - manufacturers program the cars to run as lean as possible without stalling. They do this by continuously leaning the mixture until it starts to stall, then the computer gives it some extra gas and starts the cycle over again. Some manufacturers have longer cycles than others and some, expecially luxury cars mask it better than others, but they all do this. Fixes for this issue would be first to check your gas, is oxygenated or is there ethanol in it? Try buying different or better brand gas from somewhere else for a couple of tanks. This may extend the cycle and reduce occurances of the stumble. If that doesn't work you can ask the service writer at your dealer if they can increase the idle speed. I don't know if how this works on the Aura but is a simple change on some cars. This may cost you a couple of mpgs in city driving but will make the car idle smoothly.
  • sgrmbasgrmba Posts: 1
    I experienced that same behavior in a Toyota Avalon - whining or humming when turning the steering wheel. I have bought 13 cars over the years and this behavior has occurred in various makes. My Avalon also had a problem with the engine 'gelling'. If it got too bad, the only solution was to replace the engine. My advice - never assume that Toyota always makes the best quality cars. I have received more recall notices over the years for my foreign cars than my domestic.
  • sakesake Posts: 11
    I purchased my Aura XR in October of 2006. It is black onyx with the black leather and chrome interior. It has all the upgrades (not that there were that many) including the billet grill, which brings me to my first question...There is a horrible high pitch whining that comes from the grill when it is windy or at speeds over about 50 mph. The grill was replaced once already (because the dealership thought that their sister dealership might have installed it wrong), but the new one makes just as much noise. Saturn says that they are still going to fix it (I am actually taking it in today), but I wanted to know if anyone else who has this grill has been having the same issue?

    Also, I have not had the steering issue that has been mentioned by a few other people, but it does seem to have a rough idle when stopped. My biggest mechanical complaint is that the transmission is very “clunky” – as my husband puts it. I thought that it was just because the car was new and needed to be broken in, but it has 11,000 miles on it now and still does it. I am going to mention it to the dealership today. Any thoughts?

    Lastly, I was wondering what kind of MPG people are getting in the XR? I know that it is rated 20/28, but I drive almost all freeway everyday and I am lucky to see 23 mpg.
  • texvettetexvette Posts: 12
    I purchased a new XR and my wife took delivery. I have noticd the the polycarboniate front and rear caps on the car are nto the same shade of sivler nor do they exhibit the deep pearl look as the sheet metal. I am insisting that they correct this issue, as they are all to be the sme color... this is currentlyint he hands of Saturn factory mgt.

    Other than this small anomoly, I am delighted with the car. I do not have enough miles to asses fuel economy.

    I will provide more feedback on my paint issue as this progress through Saturn.
  • I have not seen the billet grills in the official options list yet. I have seen two aftermarket companies manufacturing these grills and like the look of 12 bars over the stock chrome and black plastic grill.
    Your noise issues makes me wonder if it is a manufacturing problem or a effect of that type grill on this body style.
    I would really like to know who the manufacturer of your grill is.
    Hope you get the problem solved.
  • auraownerauraowner Posts: 7
    I took delivery of an XR about a month ago and have put 1100 miles on it. I'm averaging 17.4 MPG. Since 1983 I've owned nothing but Accords. I love this car. Love the power, styling inside and out and the extreme value. Great buying experience. My wife drives a company 2006 Maxima and she prefers the Aura. Have only seen three Auras since I purchased and I live in car mecca Southern California.
  • texvettetexvette Posts: 12
    Interesting data on the gas mileage..... assuming this is on 10% or less ethanol, I would find 17.4 MPG very unacceptable.... I have only run 2 tanks through mime (XR) so far, and am getting a 23+, on my dialy commute... only about 8 miles of 25 mile commute on freeways... otherwise back roads of New Hampshire.
  • auraownerauraowner Posts: 7
    I would find 17.4 MPG very unacceptable....

    I'm not happy about it. I have 26 mile one way commute with approximately 5 miles of stop and go driving on I-15 in Escondido ten times a week. That's what's killing my mileage, not to mention getting a little too frisky with the go pedal to feel the exhilaration of 252 hp under the hood.
  • texvettetexvette Posts: 12
    We have similar distances to commute.... but I only have a short distance on I-93 in southern NH.... BUT.... shipping all those horse in a frenzy will create quite an appetite!.... although fun....
  • bob919344bob919344 Posts: 29
    Almost 18mpg with stop and go driving with a heavy foot on the pedal with a 252hp engine is seriously NOT bad at all.. Take a look at all the other comarisons out there. Also remember, NO Way will you get what the sticker gets on ANY car. Actually this year every car will have the MPG re-calculated for a more accurate mpg comparison.

    If you get aprox 18mpg in stop and start driving and aprox 25-27 on highway with a 252hp V6 , trust me....Thats good !! For ultimate highway driving mog use the CRUISE!!
    you will get the best mpg always using cruise anytime..

    For the Money you cant beat this car !!!!! no way
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