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Saturn Aura New Owner Reports



  • dinofdinof Posts: 106
    Your car appears to have been assembled properly. I can see
    that you have no gaps or separations. They must have taken extra care when assemblying the early models. Your parts even
    look different from the pictures of the areas I sent you on my car.

    Quality Control must have gone straight downhill beginning in
    January 2007, when my car was built.

    Thanks for the pics.
  • dinofdinof Posts: 106
    Question.....Did you say METAL rocker panels ?? My under
    door exterior rocker panels are all plastic and held in place with 5 clips to the main body. Did I misunderstand you or do you
    actually have Metal Rocker Panels ???
  • My Error, it is plastic. Must have been on some bad asprin. I just checked and they are plastic. The under door rubber piece, on the actual door, are very well attached too.
  • dinofdinof Posts: 106
    Thanks for double checking. I guess your car was built on a
    good day at the factory.
  • dinofdinof Posts: 106
    I just posted a few pictures of my 2007 Saturn AuraXR defects on ">link titlemy CarSpace page. These defects - separating under door
    plastic rocker panels - are appearing on both sides of my car,
    which was purchased in April 2007 and presently has only 4700
    miles on the odometer. Please take a look and then examine
    your Aura for the same problem. Saturn is refusing to repair
    this problem under warranty.
  • I have a 2007 Aura XR with only 5200 mi on it leased in April this year....

    Since seeing all the posts about this problem, i looked at both sides of my door rocker panels and i can see the SAME PROBLEM starting on my seems to be separating from the car. Obviously a engineering error and hard to beloieve they wont try and FIX the problem.. If you wanna know the only way they will start a correction of this will be for ALL OF US who is having this problem puts a review of the car on EDMONDS CAR under reviews that customers thinking of buying the car see BEFORE they buy it.. If GM sees the posts on EDMONDS they dont like negative reviews about product !!

    I Love the car otherwise....( heat on feet sems not to be the best ) but i do really like the car for the price !!!!

    Lets all post some reviews on these sites and also copy GM on your review to their web site for Saturn Customer Service !!!!

    good luck...............................

    remember.....its NOT a safety problem, thats why its not a recall !!!! if causes no safety problem Only looks , thats why there is no quick reply back from anyone from GM .....UNLESS they see everyone having this problem and complaining about it and effecting sales of the car
  • dinofdinof Posts: 106
    You are right ! Maybe a class action lawsuit against Saturn or GM will get some action. I am assumming however that since the problem is appearing on virtually every car, Arbitration will not
    solve the problem, because the Arbitrator does not have the power to order a recall . Everyone with the problem will have to have it repaired at their own expense. So much for being a
    member of the "Saturn Family " . GM increases the period of
    their warranty to compete with Korean and Japanese car makers,
    but then will not honor the warranty. They may as well warranty
    their vehicles for " LIFE " ; they aren't going to stand behind it.
  • I looked at your pictures. Look at mine. The problem looks to me, from the illuminated from behind picture, is the body panels are miss dented, not the plastic rocker panel.
    So I see why they don't want to fix it, that would require some body work, pounding out the dents, repainting etc. It would also require that they correct the manufacturing cause of the dents, which could cost millions.
    Looks to me that they made the plastic rocker panels to cover up manufacturing defects to the body/sill panels.
    Funny my early model has only one small recess under the tire pressure sticker.

    If it were up to me I would redesign the plastic rocker panels to come up over the lower step which would cover up all sorts of defects down under.

    Good Luck
  • dinofdinof Posts: 106
    Hi..also meant to tell you how lucky you are to have only LEASED that vehicle. Those of us who purchased the vehicle will have an extremely difficult time reselling or getting any true
    value on a trade, because this problem will become more and more associated with the Saturn Aura in years to come. They
    are apparently using the same assembly techniques on the
    2008 also. I now see another advantage to leasing !!
  • dinofdinof Posts: 106
    Yes, I see what you mean and you are right..........recutting
    the plastic rocker panels to fit the contours of the body would
    probably eliminate the problem. However, I think what's breaking the panels loose is the fact that the lower rubber gasket on the door is constantly striking the flimsy, plastic panel and sooner
    or later causes it to break loose. There goes the resale value of
    these cars !!
  • There goes the resale value of these cars !!

    I'm not sure I would go that far...... it is a defect, but if you hadn't mentioned it in this forum, I don't think I would have ever noticed it. Just my opinion.
  • hackdhackd Posts: 65
    I was considering the 2008 Aura and have to be honest that this scares me as a potential buyer. There is no guarantee this issue may not cause other used car buyers to shy away in the future. Why would I take the chance? I am wondering how a Saturn salesperson would reply to my concerns on this issue. I doubt they would give me a separate guarantee on this defect not occuring on a new car. It kind of sucks as in terms of a V6 with leather you can beat their ride and price with the supplier incentive. Any 2008 owners who can confirm this issue happening on their car?
  • I was in the auto business after retireing from 30 yrs.... The FIX is quite simple for this and i am surprised that GM wont do this for the problem of the separation ??

    *** All they need to do is simply develope a color matched rubber flexible cauk type product....if they run a color matched beed of flexible cauk that would match the car color and rocker panel color, it would BOTH hide the opening and also being flexible it would expand with the cold and heat !!!!!!! *****


    but will they think of this ????
  • dinofdinof Posts: 106
    No one noticed any problem with the Cruise Control sensors
    on Ford vehicles either.........until they spontaneously erupted
    in numerous fires.
    Your probably one will pay any attention to these
    rocker panel defects until they start falling off. (After the
    warranty period, I'm sure !! ) Maybe my analogy is a bit
    strong.............but someone has to look for and report these
    defects..........the car company surely won't !!!
  • dinofdinof Posts: 106
    I suggested an even simpler fix. Cover the area where the rocker
    panel meets the steel body with a piece of black rubber door gasket cemented to both the panel and the body. No need to develop any thing new or even repaint and the fix would probably cost less than $5.00. You wouldn't even need a recall - affected cars could be repaired as they came in for routine service. Saturn refused this suggestion made to them in October 2007.
  • dinofdinof Posts: 106
    I can give you the location, owner and VIN number of 2008
    autos that have the same problem. Just ask via your e-mail.
  • hackdhackd Posts: 65
    That is not needed. I thought everyone would be interested that when I brought this defect concern up to the Saturn dealer they claimed it was caused by reckless driving....I found this pretty pathetic. I basically advised them that they needed to put in wirting that there warranty would cover this defect. In an indirect way they basically told me no and wished me luck on my new car search. I have basically crossed this car off the list at this point.
  • dinofdinof Posts: 106
    Thanks for your informative comments. I guess the person that
    drives the car onto the showroom floor drives very recklessly;
    because it can be seen on new 2008 cars that have not yet been
    on the road !!! The Saturn Area Manager that was supposed to
    be handling my case also attempted to infer in a letter to me that
    abuse of the car could be considered a cause.
  • Can you provide update on how your arbitration has gone. I could not find an updated post, or I missed it. Thank You.
  • dinofdinof Posts: 106
    My Arbitration is still in progress. However; I will not be able to
    discuss the outcome of the Arbitration according to the rules
    of the BBB ! Neither Party can disclose the outcome.
    Sounds kind of silly I know...........but I guess if the company
    decides to fix my car, I can not tell every Aura owner to go and
    get theirs fixed ! Probably set up like this to prevent recalls.
    Each owner will have to complain on their own.
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