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Dodge Dakota Interior Issues



  • washed the truck today and noticed water on the passenger side coming from up under the dash area around the heater , it is fresh clear water, the windshield was replaced about 3 years ago with no problems so not sure where this leak is coming from, any suggestions as to were to look ?
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    It's possible that the cowl drains have become clogged. A vehicle that old, and especially one that may have sat under a tree or been in a very dusty environment, will likely had some material in the cowl that's clogged the drains.

    Of course, replacement glass has a bad reputation for causing leaks. Many installers seem to be afraid to use enough sealant. When my Dakota had the rear window replaced, it leaked. And it leaked again after they had removed it a second time.

  • Dusty well I'm going to have to day it would be the Cowl drains as I have never had a problem with the Windshield since they did the replacement ever, so how or where do I find the drains, I'm afraid of the answer I think.
  • I've been trying for YEARS to find this same cup holder, It seems impossible. Have you found it yet? :cry:
  • aq3aq3 Posts: 2
    Will a bench seat from a 2nd gen 1998 Dak fit a first gen 1996? Do the mounting nuts provided in the floor of the 1996 Dak in the same locations as the seat bracket on the 1998 seat?
  • I have a 2003 Dakota, club cab, 4.7 liter. My passenger side carpet was soaked with water, took it out, have isolated that it is a leak from the AC compressor. I can't figure out where the drain line is though. I assume it is plugged and I need to find it to unplug it. Any help?
  • prv888prv888 Posts: 1
    I have the same stuck seat problem with my 2004 Dakota except my handle is not broken. I removed the seat to look underneath to find the cause. I see two cables that move slightly when the handle is lifted but the back of the seat does not move.
  • Greetings. I recently bought a 2008 Dodge Dakota SXT. Was cleaning out the truck went to vac the front and noticed that the drivers side floor felt wet. Took the trim off and lifted the carpet. The jute is soaked, only on the drivers side. Starts at the tranny hump. Anybody have issues like this and if so what have you done to fix the problem?
  • mfreimfrei Posts: 3
    I have a 99 Dakota Sport. The handle for the center seat console came off. I have the handle and a spring, but can't figure out how they go back together. Anyone know where I can find a diagram? Thanks
  • rclemonsrclemons Posts: 2
    I have a '94 Dakota ex cab with the 60/40 front seat. I would like to put bucket seats in place of the 60/40 seat. Does anyone know what years will work?

  • The passenger side floor mats are suddenly soaking wet. Doesn't smell as if coolant were leaking as if the heater core was leaking and - its been hot, hot, HOT so the heater hasn't been on except to try and dry the carpets.

    My son says its most likely the AC condensor water exit path is blocked and the water is coming in the truck. Opinions and suggestions?
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