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Jeep Wrangler



  • spyrodragonspyrodragon Posts: 147
    Alee all I have to say is I still love that last pic of the jeep on the rock you were amazing girl!

    Wanted to welcome all the newbies or whatever you wanna be called BIG JEEP WAVE to all you guys... and gal. Would love to see some pics (yes, even of the Grand Cherokee!)

    I'm going to the prom... unfortunatly not with my girlfriend Alee (don't ask) but with one of my friends... gonna be funny. We're taking my jeep so I'm going to bring a step stool so she can get in and out of my jeep with her dress on, since it's been lifted and all ya know. I'll have to take pics of this! LOL

    Any one complaining about the gas milage... try 11 MPG!!! HA! Got yall all beat :)

    About the warped rotors... yes it happens because over torqing the lugs, it also happens from allowing the brakes to heat up the be cooled off quickly... this happened to me from a downhill decent into a creek crossing... warped one of my rotors and had to be replace.

    Happy Jeepin'
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Congrats on the Jeep order! (For the rest of you guys that might not know, twinkles posted in Meet the Members)

    My Thelma Jane is white too, but I have the black top.

    Your purchase at invoice is as good as anyone is getting and better than most.

    Welcome to the group!

    I assume from your username that you are a female of the species?


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • tntbeautytntbeauty Posts: 22
    Love the yellow Jeep... (yellow being my favorite color)... and jaw dropping pictures! That is positively amazing... is that normal terrain for a Wrangler? I think Baby has too long of a body to handle something that arduous. Or maybe not... Wow... scared... but itching to try it.

    I do have pictures of Baby, being a proud Mama... but no scanner. Will ponder that request from Spyrodragon. (Was very nice of him to include the GC interloper in the invitation. **wink**)

    And a Question: In the past week I've had two conflicting pieces of advice relative to my 4WD:

    Source A, a Brand Specialist where I work (other manufacturer), says I should run my Jeep in full 4WD, once a month, for at least 10 miles. He did say that if I cannot get into mud, that a straight patch of freeway would be fine.

    Source B, Daddy, says that is insane; that Source A is providing that info based on the old locking hubs system... and that my 4WD stays lubed (sounds kinda kinky to me) all the time, so no need for the monthly run.

    To date Baby has seen minimal 4WD action. A little bit in Olympia getting to my grandparents house that is up a "trail" (and I am being generous). Mostly I use Part Time in snotty weather... feels like a reluctant cat being picked up off of carpet when I hit a slickery spot. Rarely even use that though as I tote around 300#'s of gravel behind the rear seat in the winter... the extra weight providing enough gription that I rarely mess with the 4WD shift.

    So New Friends: Obviously I am anxious to go play, but relative to vehicle maintenance: Bull or real about Baby needing a monthly 4WD run?

  • twylietwylie Posts: 619
    FWIW...I think the suggestion to run the 4wd occasionally is a good one. Lubed or not, parts that are suppose to move will stand a better chance if they get an occasional workout. I would think you'd want to at least move the lever through the transfer case occasionally, but the point about this only applying to manual lockign hubs may be true. I don't know if 10 miles is neccesary, and I would try to find a gravel road to do it on. A straight stretch of freeway would work, but any turning may cause the running gear to wind up since the wheels can't slip. In my experience, the other componenet that is good to exercise is the A/C. On most newer cars, you have to move the rotary switch past the A/C settings in order to get to a non A/C setting but in some cars I've had (Nissan truck, and Toyo Supra) the A/C was engaged with a separate switch. The theory is that the seals on the compressor can flat spot if left sitting in the same place for a long time (all winter if you dont' need to use A/C.). Our Jeep requires you to move past the A/C settings when going from Off to anything else, so the compressor should spin briefly, keeping everything happy.

    As with all my ramblings; just my opinion.

    Wishing all a GREAT Jeep weekend! Warm weather, clear skies, and muddy trails...

  • saharanutsaharanut Posts: 134
    Hey guys..sorry i missed the chat last night..
    i've had the crud the past few days..felt terrible. anyway what did I miss?
    Great pic of Thelma Tsjay!!..You really need to get a soft top..I hope I have help getting my hard top off when or if I get my Jeep.
    Keep posting guys & gal...

    Take care!
  • tonkadavetonkadave Posts: 102
    For anyone interested, I am in D-1 status. that means my jeep is at Gateline and scheduled to be built. I got my VIN number today and also got an estimated ship date of 5-11-01 for my Tonkajeep. Now that I have the Vin, I can call the automated number to get updates. That date sounds better than the other day, when they said it would start down the line on the second week in May. They say it will take about 6 days to reach my dealer after that. Im not so sure though as I live right near a giant Auto Depot, where they take new cars off the trains and then ship them to the dealers by truck. I have been watching a couple of new jeeps that have just been sitting there all week.
  • wdubswdubs Posts: 27
    Like Tonkadave, I got my VIN # today. I was told that it was put into D status today. It should stay there for 5 days before it goes to D1 status and then I should get my ship date. I placed my order on 4/13.

    Tonkadave, when did you order your Jeep?
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,011

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • drcsfdrcsf Posts: 36
    Tara: I would strongly disagree with the suggestion that you run "Baby" in full 4wd on dry pavement - I think that can potentially cause more damage that not engaging 4wd at all. The wheels need to slip independently. The 4wd system does not need to be periodically engaged as long as your maintenance is kept up. But if you want to "exercise" the 4wd, as suggested pick a gravel road. Or a soaking rainstorm where the roads are all wet. (I heard it rains in Oregon occasionally) Of course, the ultimate answer to this can come from your service department, where "everybody knows your name." Cheers. Craig
  • Has anyone been to this Jeep Jamboree before? If so, please give some info on what you thought of it. Anyone planning to go this year June 8-10th?
  • tjeep27tjeep27 Posts: 17
    I've been searchin for quite some time now, but I can't find one anywhere. Does anyone know where I might find a 5-10 gallon exterior fuel tank to offer a little insurance for the trails?
  • spyrodragonspyrodragon Posts: 147
    Yes it is good to run your jeep in 4wheel drive at least once a month, maybe not for your jeep but for you! :) Get out and enjoy the outdoors. Dry pavement doesn't hurt your transfer case unless you turn. Even then it's not going to really damage anything unless you drive alot on dry pavement in 4wd. You'll feel it skipping or hopping. No that's not normal terrain for a STOCK TJ but with the sway bars disconnected Alee did just fine! Very impressive what those little jeeps can do. I wouldn't suggest doing some of those things in a stock GC just because of the ground clearance to the wheel base length, probably would bottom-out alot. But moderate trails are tons of fun too. Give it a try sometime

    I havn't been on that Jamboree but I can promise you that all of them are fun. Very enjoyable. Each of the Jamboree's have trails from everything for stock jeeps to ones with 4" of lift and 35" tires... Enjoy!

    Happy Jeepin'
  • ottowrkrottowrkr Posts: 778
    NEVER EVER drive your Jeep in 4 Hi or Low on dry pavement !!!. Only use 4 wheel drive on dirt , sand or very wet roads. . Did you know that there can be, and usually is a speed difference between the front and rear axles.That's also why all four tires must be the same size on a 4x4. If you drive on a hard dry solid surface the speed difference will cause premature wear on your driveline and eventually something will break. Your Jeep uses a non slip coupling in the transfer case. Now a Cherokee or Grand Cherokee that has full time 4 wheel drive the transfer case allows a certain amount of slippage so wear on the driveline is reduced .If you really think it is necessary to give your 4x4 a workout then find some sand or gravel . You don't have to drive fast or far , just let the parts get some movement
  • ottowrkrottowrkr Posts: 778
    You said " Dry pavement doesn't hurt your transfer case unless you turn. Even then it's not going to really damage anything" That is so wrong. Like I said in my last post the difference in mph from the front axle to the rear axle is what causes wear in the transfer case. The problem you get when you turn the steering hard in 4 wheel drive is in the U-joints on the front axle binding. These are two different problems. All I can say is if you drive your Jeep on dry roads in 4 wheel drive be prepared to visit your dealer for service as your drivetrain will eventually fail . Another bit of advise when in 4 wheel drive ,try not to turn the steering wheel to full turn as this is very hard on the U-joints and they will break .Skipping or hopping is not how a 4 wheel drive system works , this is what damages them
  • tntbeautytntbeauty Posts: 22
    ... Craig, Trey, Spyrodragon, and Otto; excellent feedback!

    What I gathered is that running in 4WD at least once a month couldn't hurt... unless I try to get fancy on dry pavement. Sounds as though dry pavement should be okay, but there is a likely hood I could do more harm than good (like if I end up in a tight spot and have to do some fancy maneuvering). So looks like I need to find a convenient patch of muck... all I have around me are fields of grass (for seeds). Good sand is a couple of hours away on the Oregon coast. **sigh**

    Craig, perhaps I will call my Dealer. They are so nice to me, I didn't want to bug them with what I thought was going to be a "stupid" question... but based on the mixed input here, perhaps it is not such a dumb one after all. And, because I enjoy Baby so much, I want to do anything I can to keep her a long, long time. Will call them tomorrow and offer their insight here. While you all have Wranglers, my engine is the same size, and I bet our 4WD systems are similar... so we probably share a lot of common powertrain components.

    Trey... interesting insight on the AC. My GC does have a separate button to push... will turn that on tomorrow (it has been months) and hope for the best.

    Spyro... loved the mental health parallel to 4WD. I currently run to get that regular endorphin hit, but in reading highlights and looking at those amazing pictures Alee provided (I also nosed around your web site) I can see how that would be an adrenaline rush.

    Tonkadave and dubs... you two are so cute... I have visions of the both of you sleeping with your new Jeeps the first night you get them. Keep sharing the updates... makes me smile to read the almost childlike anticipation.

    Washing/Detailing Baby tomorrow... anyone want to help?

    :o) Take care Friends,


    (Terry... this one wasn't too long, was it? ;o) )
  • ottowrkrottowrkr Posts: 778
    I thought you had a WRANGLER , from your profile you own a Grand Cherokee. Big difference ,I was giving you info for a Wrangler. Your GC has either Quadra-Trac or Selec-Trac full-time 4WD so driving on dry roads is OK. Sorry about that .
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Hi Tara!

    I once owned a '99 GCL 4 x4 with the SelecTrac four wheel drive system. Those babies have a "full time" four wheel drive position, and, as the name implies, you can drive full time in that position without hurting anything. In that position, you are still mostly pulling with the rear wheels until you get into a low traction situation.

    They also have a "part time" four wheel drive position, and if you will check your owners manual, you will find that you are warned not to drive in that postion on dry paved roads.

    Wranglers only have the part time four wheel drive, so they should NOT be driven in four wheel drive except in slippery conditions.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • According to the owner's manual on my '01 Sahara, when you set the air system to "defrost" it will activate the A/C compressor to dry the air out (for more effective defrosting). If this is true it would obviate the need for occasional running of the A/C during the winter months. Though I might need to run it occasionally during the summer, as I cool the car by putting the top down...
  • Well after putting the soft top on last Monday, then getting snowed on Wednesday, Friday afternoon finally offered warm enough conditions to go topless. I got a lot of waves and jealous looks from Jeepers who still haven't taken off their hard tops. I just don't get it- why the hell buy a convertible if you don't drop that top every chance you can get? Isn't that what sunroofs are for?

  • jthurlowjthurlow Posts: 21
    I have a '99 Sport, with the six cylinder engine, auto transmission, 28" stock tires, cruise control, and the 3.07 ratio.

    I ordered the jeep from the factory two years ago, after a lot of homework. The ratio was the elusive factor to unravel.

    Two friends of mine had '98 Six Cylinder Saharas with the Auto Transmission, along with the 30" tires and the HD shocks. They bought these jeeps off of dealer lots. After a lot of home work, I concluded that this 30" tire "Canyon" package also included the 3.73 rear end ratio. (note: every six cylinder engine new jeep I have seen recently on dealer lots here in Central Georgia has the "Canyon" package.)

    My friends liked their jeeps except for gas mileage--14 MPG was the reported highway mileage from both.

    I was planning on using my jeep for hunting--on our hunting lease, and in GA wildlife management areas. I concluded that I would always be on a road--unpaved--but still a road of some kind. I decided that the stock Sport jeep with 28" tires and the 3.07 ratio would suffice. After two years, I have navigated a lot of muddy/bumpy roads with 4WD, but never had problems--I have never been stuck.

    Back to the elusive 3.07 ratio: I told the dealer that I wanted the standard 3.07. However, there is no ratio documentation on the sticker, inside door plate, or any documentation that came with the jeep. Per a comment on this forum, I found a metal tab sticking up on the rear end differential housing that had "3.07" stamped in the corner.

    A question has been asked about RPMs and mileage with the stock Sport, 3.07 ratio, and 28" tires; here is my experience:

    55MPH: 2050-2100 PM
    60MPH: 2250 PM
    70MPH: 2600-2650 PM

    (note: the tach is calibrated in 250 PM increments; some readings are estimates.)

    I am a conservative driver on the highway with the jeep, and stay in the high 50s-low 60s. Generally, I get mid-teen mileage around town and low 20s on the highway. Today, I went to Griffin GA; 130 miles @ 60 MPH on cruise control, and 15 miles on back roads: I got 22.5 MPH on this trip.

    The above summarizes my experiences. I am glad that I ordered the 3.07 ratio as it is adequate for my needs and results in reasonable gas mileage. Question: any idea the extent to which cruise control impacts gas mileage?

    Also, the six cylinder engine was reported as updated for the year 2000--does anyone have any positive or negative impacts of this update?

    One last possible mileage impact: jeeps for delivery to California, and certain other states, are calibrated to meet California's emission standards--mine is not one of these. Does anyone know if meeting such standards impacts gas mileage?

    Best Regards,

    John Thurlow
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