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Jeep Wrangler



  • koolbreeze2koolbreeze2 Posts: 252
    Greetings to everyone. I have been in Florida for 6 weeks and just caught up on all postings since I left. Lots of reading. Welcome to all new (or used) Jeep owners. I was surprised by the number of Jeeps in Florida. Lots of older Jeeps in good condition. Also saw tons of chrome on Jeeps. Must be the good weather. I'm not a big fan of alot of chrome on Jeeps but any Jeep is a good Jeep. Chrome and all. Great top down weather at this time of year for Jeep owners down South. Gas was a killer on the drive back. Did not take Rosie. Drove down in my wifes Toyota. 3500 miles in my Jeep and she would be filing for divorce as I speak. Go Easy and Have Fun. John
  • rd75rd75 Posts: 10
    I've never owned a Wrangler before (I've had a Cherokee Classic for years) but I recently found a 95 Wrangler YJ with 74,000 miles in immaculate condition. It has the 2.5L with manual transmission. I can get it for about $6,000. I've wanted a Wrangler for years, but I don't want to regret getting the 4-banger. But the price difference is talking to me. I've already got my '01 Cherokee Classic that sucks gas around town, I'm not sure if I need another gas guzzler. The YJ drives great and seems to have a fair amount of zip around town. Any words of wisdom on the 2.5L with manual transmission? Any ways to get a little more power out of it?
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    You should be able to get a TJ for the same money. Looks similar but with round headlights and a much superior suspension (coils vs. leaves).

    The I4 2.5 has less power and similar fuel consumption to the I6 4.0. Never heard a 4.0 owner that wished for a 2.5, though plenty would like to switch the other way.
  • keatskeats Posts: 412
    Yep, 6K is a lot of bones for a YJ. A friend of mine recently bought a 99 4.0L with 100K in good shape for $5800.
  • rhuckebyrhuckeby Posts: 1
    Yeah, Doesn't sound like any bargain to me either!
  • skyking49skyking49 Posts: 112
    "Generally, if you want trouble free high mileage, do it in as short a period as possible."

    I guess that means I should put on as many miles as I can as fast as I can? I just gave my wife my 97 Honda. It had 12,500 on it when I bought it in 98. When I gave it to her about 3 months ago it still had under 50,000 mi. on it. I put less than 4,000 mi. per year on it and planned on doing the same with my 06 Jeep Wrangler. I might go up to 5,000 per year because I love driving my Jeep and I am sure this summer I will probably put on an additional 1,000 mi on it. That would still only take me up to 5,000 mi. per year.
  • gman1259gman1259 Posts: 209
    I have heard from the Jeep dealer. They tell me the fan clutch is going bad.

    I am having the clclutchthermostat and the raradiatorluid changed. $500.00..

    Only 2 years old!
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    I didn't mention the fan clutch (my bad) as you didn't mention not hearing it anymore. At least that makes your bill a little cheaper, a new OEM radiator would have been over $500 just for the part!

    Do make sure they do a flush and refill, rather than just a drain and refill. Change of coolant is a routine service item which you obviously have to pay for, but a replacement fan clutch isn't. Why aren't they covering it under warranty if it's only two years old.........high mileage?
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    "Generally, if you want trouble free high mileage, do it in as short a period as possible."

    I guess that means I should put on as many miles as I can as fast as I can?

    Not necessarily, it's just that reliability is increased and maintenance costs are reduced on a vehicle that runs 24/7 compared to one that runs just a few thousand a year.

    If you intend to keep your Wrangler for the foreseeable future, make sure you base your servicing schedule on time as well as mileage, i.e. change your oil and filter every three months rather than at 3k miles.
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    I'd agree that $6,000 sounds like quite a bit for a YJ, even as low mileage as that. If you were in California, I'd tell you to email me - my 98 manual Sport will probably be going for something less than that (but then, it isn't pristine and it isn't low mileage). Saturday we'll renew the tags (they expired 2 weeks ago and we forgot about renewing them until last week), give it a bath and a vacuum and place the ad.

    I was going to ask mac about the thermostat as it applies to Glen's problem, but he's already gotten an answer. I had changed the thermostat on the Tacoma once, but it didn't make any difference since it had a problem with the radiator.
  • drewmeisterdrewmeister Posts: 168
    Well, I'm going to be the weird one and disagree here. I think it might be a good deal, if it's condition is really that good. When I sold my YJ, I sold it for only $1000 less than I had paid for it a few years earlier. That's because I had all the tops, plenty of options, and I took care of it. Of course, I always wished I'd kept it, from the moment I drove away after selling it. If this is going to be just a "puttering-around" Jeep, then it might be an excellent choice, rather than a high-mileage TJ that's been abused (mtngal's is an exception, a well-cared-for highway-miles truck, but they're hard to find). The TJ definitely rides better, and the top mechanisms are much better, but the YJ does have kind of a cool interior (I know, I'm weird in that I liked the lower YJ dash better for visibility) and it has leaf springs. If you're ever doing a lift, leaves rather than arms and coils makes the proposition a LOT cheaper. Just tell me it isn't a Turqoise Islander package!
    I've never owned a 2.5, but I've driven a few. They're not bad if you aren't commuting on the highway. Most of the Wrangler's issue with mileage is the shape of the body and weight (many newer SUV's are rated at about 19-21 mpg highway, even with brand-new hi-tec engines), so don't expect a 2.5 to get much better mileage than the 4.0.

    Either way, if you plan to keep it awhile and don't want to do any restoration, it might be an excellent choice. But what do I know? I looked for months for a used TJ in the $7k range, and wound up buying a six-month-old Unlimited.

    Just for kicks, everybody set your wayback machines to 1995...and read a new car review of the YJ
  • dhidhi Posts: 1
    is there such a thing as a power soft top for a yj or cj or tj? thanks dan
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    I remember someone making a prototype but I've never heard of one in production. The Wrangler hood design doesn't lend itself to easy power operation. Side windows alone are a major problem.

    However, that doesn't mean there isn't one out there somewhere!
  • believebelieve Posts: 74
    Hi all.....
    You'll love this...I told you all that Costco refused to mount the BF Goodrich 31 x 10.50 ...well that was Lancaster PA.....I decided to call Harrisburg and ask them.....their answer was ....."really not busy right now and it would be a good time for you to get this done"! off I went on a 45 minute ride and sure enuff...they were great....the guys treated me like gold and made a few friend to boot.....I must add that the tires are GREAT!!...big diff in the ride. I want to thank you all for your suggestions....Thanks Tom...Thanks Mac...Thanks Hondagirl(mtngal) ;) Ill post a photo asap.
  • gman1259gman1259 Posts: 209
    "As you didn't mention not hearing it anymore." Not hearing what? I didn’t hearing anything.

    They replaced the thermostat and flushed the cooling system.

    I have 45,200 + miles on the Jeep (the warranty lasted for 36,000). We drive too much, but the Altima has well over 60,000 + miles and it is only 3½ years old. I did get an extended warranty (on the Jeep); however, as I have found in the past, they are not worth the money they cost. I purchased an up-graded plan, but it still only covers specific things (I do not know what). When the dealer figured what the problem was they entered the item into the computer and the fan clutch came back as not covered. Figures…this will be the last extended warranty, unless some out there can convince me there is one out there worth the money.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Not hearing what? I didn’t hearing anything.

    You can usually hear the fan kick in, especially at lower speeds, as it's got quite a throaty roar.

    The only extended warranty I'd consider would be the GMPP Major Guard. It's not the cheapest, but it covers virtually all mechanical and electrical components (except for regular service items) for wear and tear as well as failure.

    GMPP MajorGuard
  • davids1davids1 Posts: 411
    I hear you about the interior. When I was looking for a Wrangler 3-4 years ago, I initially looked at TJ's. At 6'-5" my knees/shins were hitting the bottom of the dash (bummer). ;-( The YJ's have a lot more leg room for the driver/front passenger than do the TJ's. Also, they are very simple vehicles to work on (not necessarily comparing to the TJ's here).

    My advice:

    Find one you like. If you want it and you can stomach the purchase price, buy it!!!
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    The legs hitting the dash was addressed more recently by lowering the seats (comparison between the '98 Sport and the '04 Unlimited).

    I agree that what I might not think is a good price might be an excellent price for you. Example was my (hated) Tacoma - those that have been around the Wrangler board for a long time probably remember how much I disliked it. We bought it for a good price compared to what others were paying (something like $200 over dealer's invoice). After a month I wouldn't have paid 2 cents for it - it was definitely NOT worth what we paid for it.

    On the other hand, I got what appeared to be a lousy deal on the '98 Sport - it was an unwind and I paid something like $500 over invoice. That would have been a decent deal at the time for a new one, but this one was technically a used vehicle, so some would say I over-paid for it. However, that Sport is still sitting in my driveway and I'm going to be SO sad to sell it in the next week or so - I still love that car, and for some reason, almost prefer it over the Unlimited (do prefer the seats). It's been worth every penny and then some.
  • davids1davids1 Posts: 411
    I haven't sat in an '04 or newer version! Lowering the seats maybe a good thing, maybe not. The more upright I can sit in a vehicle, the better!

    FYI, I paid $5,000 for my 95 Rio Grande 3-4 years ago. It has the factory hard top and auto transmission with the 2.5L 4-banger. It also has aftermarket A/C. It's no hot rod, but is sufficient for my needs. It is not my daily driver. I could probably sell it for $5,000 today with little effort!
  • zeistzeist Posts: 8
    For anyone who knows: I just put a halftop on my Sahara that had an original hardtop. Right now my roll bar in the back that is exposed to the weather doesn't have any pads on it. Do I need to cap or fill the holes in the roll bar to prevent rust? Do the roll bars hold water, snow? Thanks for your help.
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