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Jeep Wrangler



  • adplusoneadplusone Posts: 66
    We are buying a new (1999 Wrangler Sport with 10k miles on it) for our son for graduation. I would like to move up to a larger tire/wheel combo. Use will be mostly highway and lite off roading (no rocks) and we live where snow never happens. What is the max size tire/wheel combo I could go to without getting into the lift business??? Brand recommendations on tires....offset/brand recommendations on wheels? Thanks in advance!

    Alan Hofer
    Weslaco, Texas
  • saharanutsaharanut Posts: 134
    anyone seen the Extreme 60th anniversary edition..
    OK...How Am I supposed to make up my mind when they keep on teasing me with new toys??
    Sorry I havent posted in awhile..
    Its geeting warmer...Yard work to do!...
    take care guys...


    Keep posting!
  • wdubswdubs Posts: 27
    Saharanut: I've seen the 60th Anniversary Edition. It comes in Silverstone Metallic or Black. I would have bought it in silver but it is only available with full doors and I wanted the half doors with soft windows. It's a great looking Jeep! There aren't too many around so if you want one get it soon.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Feel free to disagree with old tsjay any time, my friend.

    I was combining my buying experience and old Tonkadave's. My dealer told me that DC includes an advertising fee within the invoice that covers national, regional, and local advertising costs. I never actually SAW Thelma Jane's invoice, but it supposedly included a line item for this advertsing cost. In my case, goducks, the Edmunds total didn't jive with the invoice, and, apparently, the difference was that ad fee, which Edmunds says they do not include in their invoice cost.

    Tonkadave had to pay the extra ad fee for his area (Philadelphia) over and above the invoice cost.

    Maybe things changed between the time you bought your Jeep and the time that I bought Thelma?

    I don't know, goducks, it IS confusing! I thought that I finally had it figured out, but maybe not.

    All I know for sure is that I got my Thelma Jane and I couldn't be happier!


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • saharanutsaharanut Posts: 134
    Ive seen the 60th for awhile now..
    today on TV i've seen commercials for a EXTEME edition of it.. It has the black tubular brush guards on the front
  • tonkadavetonkadave Posts: 102
    You didnt mention weather the jeep had 15x7 or 15x8 rims. Either way, you wont have any trouble with putting 31x10.5 tires on without a lift. You might have to throw in a couple washers on your steering bumstops to prevent rubbing on full turns, but you might not. Your stock rims are more than likely 5.5 inch backspacing. Most aftermarket rims are 4.5 inches or less. That should be fine for those tires. You can shoot for a backspacing of half the rims width in inches. That works most of the time. If you put in an easy to install and inexpensive 2 inch spring spacer lift ($200.00) you would be able to move up to a 32x11.5 tire. I have seen stock TJs with 32s and 33s before. Its probably fine for the street, but im sure if they went off road they would rip their fender flares right off! I recommend The BFG All Terrain KO's for your jeep, if you do mostly Street driving. I have had them on most of my past vehicles and my current 2 trucks and never had any trouble.
  • tonkadavetonkadave Posts: 102
    I researched the ad fees quite a bit while I was looking. I called several different groups at Chrysler to get some info on it. Chrysler says its a legitimate fee that every dealer has to pay. Some dealers choose to eat some or all of the costs. In some cases there is a regional ad fee like in my area. In Metro areas the cost of radio, TV and newspaper advertising is high,exceeding the Chrysler national amount. So they pass a zone ad fee on to the customer as well. I had to pay it. I went to every dealer in Southeastern Pa., Southern NJ and Northern Delaware. I even called Maryland. They all had the fee and would not eat it on an over invoice or invoice deal. As I said before, I walked out of several dealers over refusing to pay it and they just let me walk right on out. I guess in some areas they dont have the regional fee and only have the national fee. Its up to the dealer whether or not to eat it, or pass it on. By the way, it doesnt show up on the sticker price or the pricing guides. It is on the invoice though.
  • I agree with Tonkadave on the BFG AT KO's. I have the 33x12.50's on mine and I really like them. As for wheels, I have the Centerline Hellcats on mine (15x10). You could go with the same wheel in a 15x8 with the 31x10.50 tires and have a great looking Jeep!! IMHO, the Hellcats are one of the best looking wheels on a TJ. You can see pics of mine at

    I have the Skyjacker 4" suspension lift too....
  • tntbeautytntbeauty Posts: 22
    :o) Thanks for the welcome Sas... even belated ones are nice.

    Dad just bought new tires for Mom's 98 Wrangler (her first new set at about 45K). I don't know the size in inches (although we didn't raise or widen anything); they are All Terrain Wildcat LT's. Bigger than factory stock by at least an inch or two... wide meaty tread (which is good because she has a tendency to eat Honda's... **winks** @ Sas). Mom loves them and they do look pretty aggressive, though she admitted she feels slightly tippy/bouncy now. I am still on my factory Goodyears @ 40Kish.

    Oh... and to the fuel economy discussion... my 99 4.0L I6 GCL with the tow package (I have no clue about gear ratios!) gets 17.8 during the summer, and 17.4 during the winter when I lug that gravel in the back end. (And yes, I get more miles for the buck when I use cruise control at about 63... but that is too darn slow!) My Dealer tells me my better than average fuel economy is due to my use of synthetic oil. Have no idea if that would help with Wrangler's too... and synthetic oil is about twice as much as the regular stuff.

    Carry on... interesting the things I learn here as relates to my "day job." :o) You Gentlemen will make a grease monkey out of me yet.

  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    With SelectTrac full-time 4WD in the 4WD Full-time mode, the power is split 50/50 between front and rear axles. It's only QuadraDrive that is a reactive system (read: RWD until slippage occurs).

    Vans, SUVs, and Aftermarket & Accessories message boards
  • sfjeepssfjeeps Posts: 66
    After getting a lift kit in you will have more sway because you will have more travel from the taller springs. I hope your not tearing up the freeway at 80mph. Keep in mind because you have lifted your Jeep you will have a higher center of gravity and more body roll as well. As for the steering play, check your front track bar and be sure it is tight. With wider tires the steer will feel different because you will get more rolling resistance.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Hey, Mr. Drew! What's up north of the border?

    We need to do some investigating on this issue of full time four wheel drive with the SelecTrac system.

    I owned a '99 GCL with the SlecTrac system, and the owners manual stated that it was fine to run the vehicle in the full time four wheel drive position all the time. I don't remember if it got into how the torque was split front to back in this mode.

    I do remember that the constant 50/50 split of torque front to back was what was you get in the PART TIME four wheel drive mode, and that's why they don't want you driving in this mode unless you are in low traction conditions.

    Who can tell us what actually is happening in the full time four wheel drive mode???? What makes it OK to drive in this mode at all times?

    Whether it is correct or not, I couldn't tell you, but I was told that in the full time four wheel drive mode almost all of the power goes to the rear wheels, and the front end only gets power under slippery conditions.

    Somebody help us out here?


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • spyrodragonspyrodragon Posts: 147
    Yea man I know... I'm not complaining or anything. What is 80mph??? I havn't seen that in a LONG time :) I expected the sway and all, It's just that I'm not quite used to it yet... although I'm just about there since I love driving it so much more now! There's no way I'd do anything to hurt my baby on the road... Off-road well you know, things happen. I've spent hours under her looking at stuff, figuring out how things work and what could go wrong. Thanks for all you help yet again! I love it.
  • drouleaudrouleau Posts: 3
    So, I just take delivery on my new Jeep TJ about 2 weeks ago. Woke up today to start it, nothing happens. Get it towed to dealer, miss work today too, only to find out some animal has completely chewed through the entire underhood electrical wiring harness (1/2 in of copper wiring) overnight, thus huge electrical repair now needed. The Jeep is parked outdoors, with no garage, I have no choice. I can only assume raccoons or something else did this. They tried to nest atop the battery and the extra battery mount as well, due to the amount of grass and twigs I found there. How can I prevent this from happening again? (no shotgun suggestions please!) Do these electronic rodent repellent things work? Anything I could place atop the battery to prevent nesting/gathering?
  • tonkadavetonkadave Posts: 102
    Much to my surprise when calling for an update on my Jeep order, i found out it was Built yesterday! Blew right through frame, paint and trim all in one day. Less than 2 weeks after I ordered. Thats even with the plant down last week. It hasnt been shipped yet though and I will track it along the way. Now it gets exciting.
  • twylietwylie Posts: 619
    drouleau - never heard of that happening, and don't have any advice, but WOW! Good luck getting it repaired.

    tonka - congats. That's great. Won't be long now.

  • jthurlowjthurlow Posts: 21
    When I took delivery of my '99 Sport, two years ago, I had no documentation as to the gear ratio. I finally found the metal tab attached to the rear differential hub by crawling underneath--3.07 is stamped in the corner.

    The 2001 Wrangler flyer states that the 3.73 is provided with the five speed when ABS and Trac-Loc are ordered together.

    Suggest that you when you take delivery, first ask the dealer to put it on the hydraulic lift and look at the metal tab--assuming that the dealer provides you no paper work as to the ratio.

    Best Regards,

    J. Thurlow
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Even though we have chatted tonight, I wanted to publicly post a congrats on Tonkajeep being born!

    Hopefully he will arrive at your dealer in record time.



    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • rb123rb123 Posts: 51
    As an owner of both a wrangler and a Grand Cherokee I think I can explain the difference in the four wheel drive systems. My JGC has the Quadra Drive system, this system is always in four wheel drive and it will move the power front to back and side to side and then there is Quadratrac which is also always in full time and based on traction will move the power front to rear but not side to side. then there is selec-trac which has two wheel, four wheel part time, and four wheel full time, now on this system power is not moved around the difference between the part time and the full time is that in part time the front and rear axles are locked together making it very hard on the system on turns if you are on dry pavement. In full time mode the axles are not locked together allowing slip on turns so the axles can turn at different speeds. So I think this should kind of explain it.

    By the way did you ever get that soft top.
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