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Jeep Wrangler



  • Hey Dennis,

    Did you get an auto or a 5 speed, if a 5, how does it shift. I have read comments that people say that they have had problems with the 5speeed. Maybe that was on the 98,98s. Did it also 3 months for your Jeep to come in.
  • I got the Sport 4.0L red with black soft top
    5 Speed
    25D Package
    30" Tires
    Rear track lock
    Fog and tow hooks
    Full metal doors
    Steps - Bodyside
    Cruise Control
    CD Player
    As far as the 5 speed, it seems fine so far. I also heard a lot of bad things. Hopefully the problem has been resolved for 2001.

  • Give me a list of the equipment you ordered
  • Hi. This is for the people that have already received their 2001s. I'm going to be getting a Wrangler next year, and I wanted your opinion. I will pretty much either get a used 2000 or a 2001. I was wondering if I should pay more to get the 2001 or not. Is the sound from the soft top reduced alot? Ok, thanks! -alee-
  • I don't know what your budget is, you'll probably pay between $1000 -1500 more for the 2001. I beleive the base price is only 800 more this year, but you should be able able to get a year end sale on the 2000.
    The problem is that you might not be able to find a 2000 the way you want it. You gonna have to settle for what they have.

    I just picked up my 2001 and the roof is much better this year. I'm glad I waited.
  • I ordered a black 2001, both tops, hard top is black. I ordered fog lights, cd with the five speaker,(subwoofer) included, sentry key, tow hooks, 5spd, 6cyl, air, cloth seats, grizzly wheels. Also, how long did it take for yours to come in afer you ordered it?
  • lose the "Steps - Bodyside" and get Rock sliders.

    Mine paid for themselves first time I went four-wheelin'
  • Seems like a nice one. I didn't order the dual top because I live in south Florida.
    I ordered it on May 25. It took three months. You have to remember that they start production till mid july.
    I beleive the average time is 4-6 weeks.
  • Check out this article about the new soft tops and how they've been improved. Pretty in-depth!

  • Dennis,
    What does the new dash look like in the 2001. That's the one thing I hate about the previous TJ's. They are too car-like. Is there a significant difference?


  • ottowrkr... I can't find the question but if the tranny is a NV3550 that is in the 2000 Sahara and the Sport, reverse IS SYNCRONIZED, so the problem going into reverse is not normal!!!!!!!!!! When will you people stop sleeping here? So as I said before, good luck just another lucky customer of D.C. As for hating the Jeeps....I can't find my reply so I'll make it short I bought the 2000 because I like Jeeps! Stupid could'nt figure that out. I now own 2 of them. The TJ and the CJ8. Unfortunately the new ones ARE SHITBOXES and anyone who buys one is gonna most likely be in for a problem when it breaks. Other than all the problems, I like it. It just sucks!
  • sorry the dash still looks like a car. thats one big reason i want a 91. that plus the signigant dif in price and the better looking bikini tops
  • I have a 1999 Wrangler 4.0 with stick tranny. Thinking about purchasing a "Jet" brand performance module. Is it worth the $250 for the stated claim of 15 to 25 hp gain. Is premium fuel needed? Anybody have knowledge or personal experience with this unit?
  • Jim222 you will notice a difference with the chip.. how much depends on how many other mods you make to the unit..I.e. different air filter different exhaust ect. As for 25 ponies from the chip, don't count on it. That is alot to expect, it will however adjust all the computer controlled goodies in the beast and you will like I said notice a difference. Just make sure you save the old chip for the warranty work just in case. They are easy enough to change in and out. I believe they have a stage 1 and 2 for that. The stage 2 I don't think will be very emissions friendly and is supposed to be used with some pretty extensive mods. Good luck and let us know how it works.
  • Looking into purchasing a Wrangler. Any advice? This would be my primary car, already have a minivan for the wife and kids. I have already decided on the Sport or Sahara, the SE doesn't seem to have enough power. I've driven both hard and soft top...can't notice much of a difference between the two, any reason to get a hard top? I live in Ohio (Toledo, home of the Wrangler), how's the winter driving, safety, etc. I've been searching the web and can't find much information. Also, any real difference between the 2000 and 2001 besides the top? Can you get a 2001 top on a 2000? Finally, any reason not to buy?? Any advice would be welcome. Thanks.
  • Mine is a reason NOT to buy! 101 problems and still counting.
  • cticctic Posts: 291
    What are good prices for Jeep Wranglers? Do they go for MSRP, invoice, somewhat above invoice, below invoice? Any year.
  • spoogspoog Posts: 1,224
    What are your problems with the Jeep?
  • Well it didn't take very long...
    My brand new 2001 Wrangler broke down 48 hours after I bought it. The computer that controls the fuel to each injectors has to be replace. I barely made it to the dealership saturday morning.

    They need to order that computer, so I won't have it till wednesday or thursday.

    So much for that labor day weekend, I was looking forward to. They ended up giving me a Chrysler Concorde until it's fix. I felf like a 60 year old men driving that car.

    I heard a lot of horor stories about the reliability of Jeep products. I always thought it would happen to others, not me.

    As excited as I was when I picked it up on wednesday, I was equally disappointed when I brought it in on saturday. :-(
  • I have a 1999 Wranger Sport. There is now over 15k on it and have not had a problem. The only rattle is the compass that I installed. I did put on a set of 31 inch Michelins. They are much quieter and seem to take sustained high speeds much better than the original Good Year tires. I have had it for over a year, and like it so far.
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