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Jeep Wrangler



  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    I HAVE traded. Scroll up a few posts (417 I think) and you will see that I traded for $6560.00. ( I was thinking I ought to be able to trade for around $7000.00, and I actually did a little better than that. ).

    I ordered from the factory, so I don't have my Jeep yet.

  • ttt6ttt6 Posts: 11
    tsjay - I'm not sure about your 'buyers market' comment on the TJ. When I started my research I notice DC does ABSOULTELY NOTHING to move TJs ie no low APRs, cash backs, enticing leases, incentives nada zilch. (they gave a no charge Auto which is a 3 speed, yes we're in 2001 and they're pushing 3 speed autos which they been making since 1945 (trying to be funny) AND it cost them NOTHING to put in the TJ)

    I anticipated sales during the holidays ie Labor Day / End of Summer gimmicks etc yet NOTHING on the TJ why?...

    Basically DC has the monolopy on the fun small 4WD market. THERES no competition SO they can stick it to the loyal Jeepers. $22,000 buys LOTS of car yet the Jeep is rather spartan. The TJ uses simple basic engineering principles for assembly HECK I can slap one of these together in my garage (again trying to be funny BUT I'm not laughing) - Dealer says they sell themselves and YES you can buy close to invoice. BUT I can't shake the feeling that DC is sticking it to us. DAMN DC!

    Like you I am in lust, my fantasy is a yellow Sport with all the fix'ins, black hard top, 30" canyon casts BUT for this price I expect darn near perfection because WHERE does the money GO??? engineering? rare exotic parts? NOT. I am anticipating that after paying $20,000+ my TJ will give me problems and thats not acceptable.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    I know that DC isn't giving any incentives, but the dealers ought to be glad to move some Jeeps and get their money into some other vehicle that will sell faster. This should mean that you can find a dealer willing to give you a decent trade-in allowance and sell the Jeep very close to invoice. That's what I found after shopping around a little ($200.00 over invoice on the Wrangler and $1000.00 over "average trade-in" on my Grand Prix).

    There can be no question that the Jeeps are grossly over-priced. The Jeep I have ordered is sticker priced within $350.00 of the sticker price of my Grand Prix GT. There's a world of difference in what you get with the Grand Prix vs. the Jeep. Crap, I got leather interior and an OVERDRIVE automatic transmission (not the three speed that Jeep offers). My Jeep will be a 5-speed.

    But, I want a Jeep and I'm willing to pay the price. I'm hoping that driving a Jeep will be the most fun I've ever had with my clothes on. It better be for that kind of money.

    As far as quality, I am expecting a good vehicle. I don't think buying a Jeep necessarily means you have to settle for poor quality. There doesn't seem to be an abundance of dissatisfied owners in this group. I'm sure we would hear from people if they were unhappy.

    You just have to decide for yourself if having a Jeep is worth the price. The vehicle itself sure isn't worth what they charge for them.

  • tsjay-
    I am a quality engineer for an automotive supplier and I have no concerns at all with my TJ. I look at many body panels regularly in our plant as well as in many assembly plants and I think my TJ is very well made. The paint job is very good and the gap/flushness of all the body panels is excellent.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    That makes me feel good!

    I didn't think there was anything wrong with the quality of the Wrangler, and hearing from you makes me feel even better.

    I wouldn't have ordered one if I thought I was going to get a piece of crap.

  • Where can I buy my spouse a wheel cover that has the Jeep logo and a Jeep key chain?

  • TSJAY:

    What is going on with the closing of the Jeep factory? I thought they were closing for 2 weeks between Christmas and New Years. At this rate my Jeep will never get built. I ordered it the last weekend of Oct. I called the Jeep number with my VON and they told me it would be built the 2nd week of December. I think its those damn Germans putting the screws to us. Didn't we beat them in a war a few years ago.. How do they end up running the show???( that was suppose to be funny) I am going to have a hard time waiting any longer.....
  • Well although I haven't posted much I gotta tell you folks that everything about this topic has been educational and a big help. I wish I had a digital camera so I could show you what I got:)
    I got a completely redone from ground up CJ-7
    the only original Jeep parts are the body.
    It's got a high performance 327 bored to a 383
    with lockers a nine bolt main in back and a dana 40 up front custom solid axles custom drive shafts 3" lift dual quad holley manifold and carb. bump shift automatic headers glass packs and dual exhaust. I know these specs don't mean much to some but you rock climbers are having trouble not dribbling on your keyboards about now. When I go from Park to drive you best have a foot on the brake cause those 300 horses will roll rubber off the 32-12.5's before you even touch the gas. Well I know I'm in for some nasty surprises because I didn't build it I bought it but You really gotta here this thing pulling 40% grades over 2-foot rock steps to appreciate the power of a V8 under the hood. Well I think I'm gonna go drive this thing around while I still have money for gas cause the mileage ain't pretty.
  • Wheel cover & key chain...that should be no problem to find.

    look up "jeep essentials" in any search engine and you will be able to buy online or order a catalog.

  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    The plant shutdown is for this week. Apparently it is due to slow sales and too many Jeeps in inventories around the country.

    They will still take the two week shutdown at Christmas as far as I know (unless they make it even longer due to low sales).

    According to my dealer, who supposedly gets better information than we do when we call the 800 number, my Jeep was supposed to be made tomorrow originally, but will now be made a week from tomorrow. That makes sense, since the shut down is one week long.

    So, I still ought to beat the Christmas shutdown. My Jeep should be shipped the 5th of December and arrive within a week or two after that. My dealer just checked the status of my Jeep today.

    It looks like the shutdown simply delayed things for me by one week.

  • vubsvubs Posts: 14
    i was looking at a '01 white/tan sahara and guess what... i saw underlying rust at weld joints on the door. that was my 2nd choice but now it's out (at least you won't see rust clearly on a sienna).

    question about invoice $. i know what kbb, edmunds and others list (20748 w/dest), but how come the dealers always have a higher number claiming theirs is current? several here have mentioned getting deals for $200 over invoice but $200 over what? just curious. has anyone out there gotten a jeep from CarMax (good/bad)?
  • Well its official! My Jeep is in route! It will arrive here December 2nd. I cant believe it was built so quickly. Jeep told me it wasn't scheduled to be built till the 2nd week of December. I'll keep you posted on the arrival of the vehicle...
  • Well all my Jeep was assembled on Thanksgiving Day. I hope the people assembling my Jeep were thankfull for their triple time pay and put my Jeep together properly... I had a question but I cant seem to remember it right now....Oh well maybe after I get back from School.....
  • The dealer will have the latest numbers for an invoice. They are the first ones to get any changes. I would print out a copy of the invoice from here or a bank/credit union and then get a copy of the invoice from the dealer and compare them. Then you can see where the changes are.
    The invoice numbers should not change that often but they do change.
    When someone says 200 over invoice they mean 200 over 20748 (the invoice price you have listed).
    So 20948 + tax, title & license
    Hope that helps
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    My baby is supposed to be built one week from today! I hope there are no complications or delays of any kind.

    Still looking for suggestions for a new user name to go along with my new Jeep. Help me, brothers and sisters.

  • Please give me the ideal Jeep '01 Sport setup.

    -Dual tops
    -Dana 44
    -Full metal doors
    -deep tint
    -best stereo combo
    -canyon wheels...

    anything else? How much should I be paying for this thing? Seattle area........thanks.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    One thing that Goducks1 says is a good option for ice and snow is the "trac lok." Since you are already getting the Dana 44 3.73 rear end, it only costs $285.00 to add the trac lok feature.

    I was too late in getting this info and had already ordered my Jeep, so I won't be getting it. I could have changed my order, but it would have delayed my Jeep in being built, so I decided to live without it.

    Also, I hope you are not expecting much out of that stereo. You have to get the "best" sound system in a Jeep just to have a very mediocre sound system (and that's being kind).

    What color are you getting?

    I LOVE your choice of wheels! Those canyons are beautiful. My baby is going to have them.

    I paid $200.00 over invoice for my Jeep, and that's as good as I have heard anyone do in this group. You can try for a better deal, though, cause the Jeeps aren't selling well. They even shut the plant down for a week due to low sales.

  • My wife and I are the owners of a 1999 SE and 2000 Sport Wrangler. We bought the 99 new 1.5 years ago. It has been in the shop several times and is about to go back in. The Jeep has never been off road and has been babied. The problems it has had are, 1.) Weather strips torn, 2.) Water coming from floor 3.) Window washer leaked on hood all the time 4.) Front end came from factory out of balance 5.) Warped front rotors and now 5.) Leaks anti-freeze from the radiator and is leaking power steering fluid. This is all from a bone stock never abused street driven Jeep Wrangler.
    The 2000 we have had for 4 months. It's problems include 1.) Torn weather stripping,2.) Lights did not work. 3.0 3.) 5spd transmission is noisy and very hard to shift 4.) 5.) Has recently not wanted to start in the mornings, sometimes takes up to 2 minutes.
    I just would like you to know that I have driven Jeeps most of my life, I have 2 Willys's Jeeps and used to have a 1985 CJ7 Laredo. I am a fan of the Jeep, but this is changing. If I were looking at buying a Jeep Wrangler, I would look at it very closely, drive it at least 24 hours before buying it and then think some more. These vehicles are noisy, rough riding, squirrly handling, water leaking, and lately mechanically flawed vehicles, but that is what makes them Jeep Wranglers. If you are buying one thinking that this is going to be comfortable on long road trips, mileage will be good, and it will never give you a problem, DO NOT BUY ONE. If you are looking for something to haul the family around in and is easy to pick things up from the store in, DO NOT BUT ONE. If you are looking for a fun little vehicle, that will need to be worked on, can become a convertible, can go darn near everywhere and can be modified to your hearts content, then by all means BUY ONE.
    The point is, these are like no other car on the road today. They are from another era and that is why most Jeep owners have them. We are able to overlook the problems because we enjoy them for the good and bad. But, do not expect it to be quiet , dry, smooth, roomy and userfriendly, because they are not in the least. I would have it no other way, I love my 2 pieces of junk and would not trade them for anything.
    It's a Jeep thing, if you have to ask, you wouldn't understand.
  • goducks1goducks1 Posts: 432
    back home again after a week in SoCal..didn't have my Jeep, but the girlfriend has a convertible Mustang, so I got lots of sun.

    Kudos to the previous post on pointing out the drawbacks of Wrangler/CJ ownership. I think that people considering a new Wrangler need to be aware that although the new TJs are a great improvement, there are a lot of things to put up with as an owner, esp if this is your primary set of wheels. I haven't had the mechanical problems on my '98 Sport though-only one thing that needed to be fixed under warranty (the gauge thing, scroll back a bit on this post to see).

    benjaminchoi: Trak-lok is a good option, but make sure you get A/C, even if you live in the Northwest (I do too). You will need it sometimes, trust me.

    My Jeep is at the 4x4 shop today, I'm adding front and rear tow hooks and black Smittbilt tubular side-steps (aka nerf bars). Will be getting new tires next week (30" BFG All-terrains). Whoo-ho! Mebbe I'll post some pictures.
  • ttt6ttt6 Posts: 11
    Excellent post. If I go the Jeep route, I go with a stripped SE 5 speed. This way if I get buyers remorse or a lemon, I won't be in too deep. The TJ will be a second car, for quickie errands, joyriding, and light off-roading.

    goducks1 HAHA I'm in the same situation (sort of) my other car is a Stang convertible. I hope the TJ will compliment my Ford.
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