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Jeep Wrangler



  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    I have updated Thelma Jane's page to include a "sex crimes" section. I tell the story of how the first two dealers I went to tried to rape me, and how nicely I was treated by the third dealer, where I bought Thelma.

    I give all the details on the deal, right down to the penny, and I have included a sheet that lists all the options that I got and the retail cost for each. This is the factory order form with the option codes and descriptions. It looks like the window sticker, sort of. Because of this sheet, it takes a while longer to open this web page than it used to.

    This may be of some help to anyone thinking about gettting a new Wrangler Sport, whether you plan to order from the factory or buy off the lot.

    If you are interested:

    Hope it helps someone. Anyone is welcome to email me with questions they might have..


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  • jurp11jurp11 Posts: 8
    Im pretty new to the whole Jeep thing, ive heard many differnt things about numerous Jeeps. The thing that considered me the most was that the rollover very easy. Plus alot of liitle things like when your driving at high speeds the noise level is very bad with the soft top. These are all thinsg that concern me very much. Please help me, Ive always wanted a Jeep and been consiered about these subjects. Plus I aslo heard the newer Jeep Wrangler's are made more stable and do not flip over as easy. Please Reply
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Jeeps will not turn over if they are driven as they are intended to be driven! They have a short and narrow wheel base and a high center of gravity. This makes them very good off road vehicles, but it also means that they cannot be driven the same way you would drive a car!!!

    You must slow down accordingly when cornering with a Jeep. You must also slow down and try to avoid the need for sudden swerves to avoid objects or other vehicles.

    The Jeeps get a bad reputation because people try to drive them just like they would drive a car, and they end up in trouble. I would almost say that you are LESS likely to be in an accident in a Jeep, if you drive them like you are supposed to, because YOU WILL BE DRIVING SLOWER!

    As far as the soft top noise, the 2001's have a four ply top that I don't think is noisy enough to be a problem. My Jeep is a hard top, but I test drove a couple soft tops at highway speeds (JEEP highway speeds, not 80 or 90 miles an hour), and I didn't think the noise was bad at all.

    Hope this helps.

  • I have been driving Jeeps for many years and I can tell you that if you drive a Jeep like you do a car, there is a good chance it could get away from you. Sudden gusts of wind can throw a Jeep around on the highway, going around corners too fast can result in a spinout and possibly a rollover and driving one can be a whole new experience for you, especially if you have only driven front wheel drives cars all your life. It took my wife a while to get used to driving a Jeep, she drove front wheel drive cars all her life, but now she knows the limitations that drving a Jeep create and she loves it. Her favorite thing is the range of visibility offered by a Jeep. She can finally see over traffic. I personally feel a Jeep is a very safe vehicle. It handles well if you respect it and if you are hit in a wreck, you are not sitting at ground level like a rabbit in front of a semi.
    As far as noise is concerned, that can vary very much. We have a 1999 and 2000 Wrangler, both with soft tops and half doors. I can personaly tell you that they are very noisy on the highway. The soft top is basically an expensive tarp and after a year and 10000 miles, they start to stretch and this makes the noise even worse. Most of the noise is created by the half doors. At speeds over 65, the uppers on both Jeeps start to bow out, creating all sorts of noises and drafts. Now, if you have a soft top and full doors, the noise is considerably less, and if you have a hard top, well it is much better. Another thing, like tsjay mentioned, the new 2001 models have a 4 ply top which makes the top quieter, but if you get the half doors, then you will still have the same wind noise as the old ones at highway speeds. Half doors create most of the noise in both of my Jeeps, but I would not trade them for full doors. I love being able to take the uppers off when I take the top off. Full doors feel too much like being in a car to me and they are not fun to take on and off and try to store. I can handle the noise, but I could not handle full metal doors.
    In closing, the important part in deciding if a Jeep is right for you is to test drive several models, "hard top-soft top-full doors-half doors" and see what is right for you. And be certain to take the Jeep out for a LONG test drive, driving one in town is NOTHING like driving one on the highway. You can not tell what a Jeep is like in a 15 minute test drive, keep it a better part of the day and drive it on the highway for atleast 15-20 miles to see if the noise bothers you. Trust me, buyers remorse on a $18000 or more vehicle hurts, and no one wants to see anyone go through it. My wife and I have Jeep Wranglers as our daily drivers and would not have anything else, sure it is a love hate relationship sometimes, but I always come home to my Jeep. :) And my wife. :) :)
  • eagle63eagle63 Posts: 599
    I admit that I'm a novice to jeeps. But I have a question: What is the purpose of the soft top? I mean, why even bother putting it on? If it's not a nice enough day to go topless, or if you just don't feel like going topless, then why not just put the hard top on? It's more protective, less wind noise, more secure, you can see better out of the rear window, etc etc. anybody else agree?
  • Well here's the deal as I see it. The hard top is hard to put on. It takes at least two people. Because it weighs what? 100+lbs or so. Now say your out crusing around with your hard top off and oops a storm comes up. Well your SOL. With a soft top, it folds down nicely and one person can put it up and down in 5 min. Works out nicely. Now I have the dual top option (both hard and soft top). I leave the hard top on in the winter and the soft top in the summer. I just like being able to put the top down in the summer because I don't always have someone with me or a place to store the hard top. And I can't tell you how many days start out nice and warm but end up with an afternoon shower. Just my $.02 worth
  • chefrkmchefrkm Posts: 34
    I know this isn't the area to talk about the XJ, but I think this affects all of us Jeepers. I just heard that the wonderful Krauts at DC are discontinuing the XJ Cherokee. Why they are doing this I'll never know. I guess they want to make sure that their new KJ (Kraut Jeep) sells well. This Jeep is a ICON as much as the wrangler! It started the whole SUV craze and led the pack for people who wanted a Great off roading SUV. Now if they can do this to the Cherokee whats stopping them from doing it to the Wrangler. Rumor has it that they WILL change the wrangler in 03 or 04. I hope they dont make it another "Girlie" looking Jeep as they did w/ the Cherokee.

    So everyone, bow your heads with a moment of silence and pay your respects to a the Jeep that started the SUV craze.....
    Long Live the XJ!!
  • jsb32jsb32 Posts: 1
    I can give you a great reason why a hard/soft top combination makes sense - Pittsburgh weather.

    It can rain at a moment's notice. It can be nice at a moment's notice. It's great to be able to have the "quick change" option of the soft top for the 3 seasons of the year here where it can be nice enough to take the top down, yet not get drenched 2 hours later when the skies open up.

    However, starting last month, we haven't been above freezing and we've gotten a mix of snow and ice that seems would be tolerated better with a hard top. Plus, I've always had a feeling that the hard top would be a little less drafty in the really cold weather.

    At least that's the way I'm leaning. I haven't ordered my TJ yet (Monday's the day), and I've pretty much decided on the dual top option.

    I'm still a bit confused on the ABS option. I can see the value of ABS during the winter here, but I would rather not get ABS if it precludes me from getting the upgraded Dana44 axle options. This TJ will be replacing a VW Golf that has done great for 10 winters without ABS - I just faithfully put my Blizzak's on in November.

    Any opinions from others out there who live in the snow/ice belts?

    Thanks in advance,
  • Well, here are my reasons for only getting the soft top. Sparx only came with a soft top. But more than that, I loved the idea of being about to go topless at a moments notice. And then, when the weather gets bad all of a sudden(which seems to happen a lot), I can easily put the soft top back up. I wasn't going to get the dual top option because I didn't really feel like paying that much. What's the point? Think about this: you're on the trail in a hard top cause it's pretty cold. Somehow you roll over and your beautiful Jeep is on it's back. I don't think that fiberglass hard top is going to stand a chance if that ground includes some rocks and you roll over with some momentum. Same is true if you're in an accident. The soft top isn't going to shatter if something like that happens. With the choice of only one top, I'm glad I chose the soft top, even in 15 degree weather, it isn't bad with the Jeep's amazing heater it has. Well, those are just my thoughts.

    Alee and Sparx
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Congratulations! Glad to hear that you are ready to place that order.

    Now talk dirty to us! Give us all the details: color, Sport or SE, auto or 5-speed, etc.

    Like you said, the ABS would be nice, but it was more important to me to get the canyon wheels/30" tires/Dana 44 option, which is not available with ABS.

    I went with the hard top only on my Jeep. It has not been hard to heat the cabin in my Jeep in this cold weather. I'm in western KY, and we went for about three weeks with the temperatures never up to the freezing mark (we finally got there yesterday). I never had trouble staying warm.

    Before you sign the dotted line, you might want to look at the deal I got, the details of which are included (right down to the penny) on my Jeep's web page. I'm not saying that I got the all time best deal in history or anything, but I sure learned that it pays to shop around! You might benefit from my experience.

    Once again, congrats on the Jeep.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Hey, Jeffer2!

    Have you decided whether to get a Jeep or not?

    Let us hear how things turn out, or feel free to post more questions. Hope you are getting the info you need from this group.

  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Hey, Ducks!

    We miss you! Where the heck have you been?

    How about letting us hear from you????

  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Back in mid to late October last year, when I was struggling so bad in trying to figure out some way to trade for a Jeep, a few people were posting some real nice articles to offer me encouragement and to give me good advice. I haven't seen any posts from these nice folks in quite a while, and I miss you guys.

    Spike66, weatherdog, and kmq102, WHERE HAVE YOU GONE? You were one of these folks too, Goducks1, but I have already posted a request to hear from you.

    I hope I'm not forgetting anyone, because a lot of different people were really sympathetic to my desire for a Wrangler.

    Some of you guys who are still actively posting were very nice to me too, but I'm trying to find out where some of our friends have gone.

    Let's hear from you guys!

  • I'm buying a 2001 Jeep Wrangler SE 5 speed manual shift and need some help picking out the best options. The car will be used for a daily commute of about 30 miles per day. At this time I don't see any off-roading in my future. I might run it on the beach once of twice just to say I did. The only options I have picked so far are Radio - AM/FM Compact Disc(RBR) and Door - Full Metal w/Roll-up Windows(GCF). I also opted for the Highback cloth seats. No Hardtop since I has no place to store it. My questions are
    1) Which tires should I get / what are the advantages of them. choices are 15X7 Grizzly Aluminum Wheels or 15X7 Full Face Steel Wheels, or the standard 15" x 6.0" Styled Steel
    2)Is A/C a valid option with the 4 cyl engine.
    3)Is there something else I should be considering?
    Thanks for your help
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    It's strictly personal preference when it comes to looks, but I like the Grizzlies compared to those other choices you mentioned. I have the "Canyons" on my Sport, and these are my favorite style wheels, but the Grizzlies are my second choice.

    Air conditioning? Coudn't live without it myself, but it depends on your climate. You didn't say where you live, but here in western KY I would not want to be without air conditioning.

    Unless you are going to upgrade your stereo with some after market stuff, I would DEFINITELY get the $200.00 subwoofer option! You ought to try to find a Jeep with it and one without it, and compare the two. If you can't do that, then just take my word for it: there's a world of difference in the sound quality.

    Also, if you ever think you'll be on ice or snow, they say that the trac loc is a real good option. I didn't know the value of it until after I had placed my order, so I didn't get it. Wish I had, though. Unless you are getting the $840.00 canyon wheel/30" tire/Dana 44 option, the trac loc will cost you close to $600.00. I could have had it for less than $300.00, since I was already getting the Dana 44 rear end in the Canyon package!

    What color are you thinking about?


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • jeffer2jeffer2 Posts: 35

    Jeffer2 here. My Wrangler search is on hold for a little bit. I have a few other things going on right now.

    I'm thinking of a new vehicle though because my current ride (a 1995 Grand Prix SE with just over 40,000 miles) has been a little unreliable lately. Last month I had to have a fuel injector replaced. Last week I had to have it towed in because the ignition switch/lock cylinder either wore out or broke. I used to have '91 GP that had over 200,000 mile on it when I got rid of it, but this '95 - I'm a little disappointed in. Too bad because it's a good driver, and comfortable car. Your 2000 was even better.
    Anyway, that's why I asked a few questions here about Jeep relialbilty and dealer service. I'd also like to do some basic maintenance myself. The GPs are impossible to work on (at least for me). You can't even get to the spark plugs.

    My brother used to have a '93 Wrangler he really liked, but he had to sell it for college. Only complaint he had was that the locks froze up a few times, and finally broke, and the tops were hard to install. Someone else I know has a '95, that he is really impressed with. I always loved convertibles.

    Besides a Wrangler, I may look at a Ranger or Escape (I know about the recalls). I'll post here when I decide what to do.

    How's Thelma Jan? Later - Jeffer2
  • I'm getting the jeep in yellow. I live in NY state. So I probably should get ac. I'm worried about the effect of the AC and power of the engine. We have about 1 and 1/2 of snow so I'll look into the trac loc. Thanks for your help
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    If you think you would only need the air conditioning for about a month or so in the middle of the summer, then I wouldn't worry too much about the power issue. Even if it is a little bit of a strain on the engine, you will only be using it a small percentage of the time, like in the hottest part of the day for only a month or month and a half each year. It would help you on resale value, probably, too.

    You are right about the 4 cylinder not being exactly a power house. But, for a lot of people's needs, it does just fine. It won't do a whole lot better on gas than the six, but the inital cost between a Sport and an SE is ridiculous. For all practical purposes, all you are getting with the Sport that you don't get with the SE is the I-6 engine.

    I do a lot of highway driving and have to take business trips, so I wanted the six for the extra power. That's why I got a Sport instead of an SE.

    Yellow sounds good. It is a real popular color these days. It sure does catch your eye! I've seen quite a few, and they do look good.

    Not just any dealer has someone who even knows how to order a Jeep. Be sure and find someone who knows the option packages and let them work up something for you. Even if you buy somewhere else, then you will at least know what you are getting. If you are not going to order from the factory, it is still important to know what equipment is available in what combinations, so you might want to go somewhere pretending that you are going to order from the factory.

    Keep in mind what I said about the subwoofer, if you want a decent sound system without spending money for after market stuff.

    Are you going with 30" tires? Jeeps sure look a LOT better with the bigger tires!

    Catch you later

  • Happy New Year all! Man, go away and everything changes. The forum is new and TSJAY has his Jeep! Way to go! Ok, let me see if I can actually post based on the complaints I've read on this new format. First, my new '01 Sport is now over a month old with 1200 miles. Average MPG has been 16.5. Pretty consistent too, and that has been mostly highway but also some 4wd. Overall, I absolutely love my new Jeep. No complaints yet. We have had a fair amount of snow in December in Southwestern Ohio, so the Jeep got to have some fun. What a great snow car. I opted for the Dana 44 instead of ABS, a tough choice, but let me alleviate some fears of those worried about that choice. I have had to re-learn my winter braking technique without ABS, but from my roots in Western NY, it came back quickly. Also, the Jeep actually brakes well in snow, locking up very little. I think the tread on the 30" tires helps a great deal if there is some snow pack. It is very controllable despite the short wheelbase.

    On the dual top, I still am very glad I paid extra for both, but the hardtop benefits are really for cold climates or extended highway travel. Without those, the new soft top is just fine, especially if you get full doors. The hardtop is considerable warmer and quieter though. My only concern is where to put this thing come spring. I am looking into some hoist options. I have a garage for it, but don't want to take up my baby's parking spot for it either.

    BTW, before I go, got a question. Does anyone use an automatic car wash with their Jeep? I wanted to run my Jeep through a car wash real quick to get the salt off, but was reluctant to try. I have the full doors and the hardtop is on, but wanted some input first. I would prefer to hand wash it, but in a pinch, will an automatic car wash do?

    Well, greetings to all again. Hope to read and post more here in the new year. Could be a resolution of sorts I guess. Take care.

  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Welcome back! I knew I was forgetting some of my Wrangler IV buddies when I posted the "where are you guys" articles.

    Yep, it really happened! I got my Jeep after that long, long struggle. Had to take out a home equity loan to clear up some of the debt on the Grand Prix. I don't remember what my situation was the last time I heard from you. Had I ordered Thelma Jane yet? Or was I still in a dither trying to figure out a way to get a Jeep?

    Have you checked out my web page for Thelma Jane yet?

    Let me know what you think about her.

    I got Thelma on December 8th. It was only three weeks and two days from the time that my order was placed until I was driving her. She has right at 1600 miles on her and she has had zero problems. My gas mileage is similar to yours. The last tank checked out 17.9, but she hadn't been doing quite that well as a rule. Maybe she's breaking in and the gas mileage is going up.

    Did you post any pics of your Jeep? I don't want to go scrolling back twenty articles at a time to try to find your last post. I wish there was a better way to get around and find articles. I have talked to so many people and read so many posts that I can't remember if you posted any links to pics of your Jeep.

    So glad you're back! Keep that posting resolution and be an active participant in this group again, ok?

    Some of us were trying to get a weekly chat session going, but it hasn't gotten off the ground yet. Do you have Instant Message? If you do, holler at me. I'm tjoh298765 on Instant Message, so put me on your buddy list and holler when you see me online, which is about any time from 6:00 PM to 10:30 PM CST weekdays and almost any time on weekends.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
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