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Jeep Wrangler



  • I have a cool 2000 Sport, no probs. I think this site really helped me decide and has given me a place to look for answers. I enjoy reading all these posts. Its too bad some jackels with no social skills have gotten hold of computers and found this site. I hate to lower myself to their level of name-calling, but come on people....

    It takes a certain level of class to express yourselves with respect for others.
  • Why not buy a new one?

    I would get D44 axle and track-lok if you plan on off-roading.

    I like to compare dealership prices to the jeeps in classifieds. Find a similiar one and see how close they are.
  • Have you used the lemon law?
    Have you tried another dealership?

    just wondering
  • Your underhood light should go on automatically when you open the hood. It might be out or not hooked up right. Under warranty right? Maybe you'll need to make a trip to your dealer.
  • When I opened the hood on my new Wrangler, the light did not work. I took the Jeep to the dealership and the problem was a faulty light bulb, and it was replaced for free. Hopefully this is what is wrong with your light also.
  • I've found an '89 Wrangler with the 6 and auto.
    any suggestions with this purchase I can't decide what pros and cons should I take into account?
    I would really appreciate some input.
  • A lot depends on the jeep. The price of the Jeep has a lot to do with the decision. Not knowing how much you have to spend, I am not sure whether a newer Jeep is in your budget or not and what your plans are for the Jeep. If you are wanting to do any offroading or live in a climate that has cold weather, you may want to find a 91 or newer. The older YJ's are not fuel injected, which makes them not run as well in changing climates and altitudes , also they do not run well on sharp inclines when offroading. Other than that, the 89 is much like the newer Jeeps.
  • Hey, I appreciate your input.
    I did not know that which is very valuable since I live in everchanging Kansas and could be a problem. Other than that the jeep's in perfect shape body wise but I still don't know how the automatics run compared to the manual? But thanks for the knowledge.
  • I would watch out on any 87-90 jeep with the 4.2 engine. carb's on these go bad very easy ,and they also have a ton of vacuum lines that tend to leak as they get older ,and are very hard to find these leaks . As Onlyinajeep stated if you can find a 91 or newer fuel injected that would be the way to go .You say the body is perfect ,have you crawled under it? dont be fooled by a nice paint job,get under with a light and take a closer look .Has it been painted ,if so check for BONDO in the panels. one place to really keep an eye on is the back rear 1/4 panels ,put your hand up at the rear corners of each side you should feel a plastic shield ,pull the shield down and check the condition inside ,this is where lots of mud and guck collect and start to rust the body. If you are not sure on anything spend a few dollars now and have it checked out by a mechanic who knows jeeps ,as the money you spend now could be small compared to what you may spend in the future if you buy someone elses problem
  • Looking at a 1991 wrangler, 79,000 mi. Looks great, no rust, hardtop. 4.0 liter, 5 speed, fender flares, soft top, bikini top, 2 extra wheels, after-market tires. Never been off-road. Guy's asking $9999.00. I think it's way to high. Any idea what I should pay for it? I'm thinking in the $7500-7900 range. Any comments?
  • Don't get me wrong, I love my wrangler. I recently noticed, if I drive around for a while and then it iddles for 5-7 minutes. The time it usually takes to fill up, lower the top and wash the windows. (With the engine running) After I leave, the engine sounds like it's on 4L. But it's not. When I reach 2000rpm it sounds really loud and I have to shift right away. Same thing with 2nd, 3rd and fourth gear. I also doesn't get a lot of power. It sounds like I get a lot power because of the noise, but I don't.
    After a few minutes of normal driving, it will usually go away by it self. Or if I turn off the engine and let it cool down, then it will be OK.
    I need to remind you, I live in South Florida and it's very hot 90-95F. I don't think it should matter...

    I called my service manager and explained the problem. He doesn't know what I'm talking about. Since it's an intermitent problem, I'm afraid it might be very difficult to find.

  • I have a 2000 Sport 4.0. I live in Kansas and not too long ago it was very hot, 30+ days of 100+. During those days, if I sat in traffic or at a drive through, my Jeep also made the noises you describe when I would first take off after sitting. I had planned on taking it in, but now it is cold here and it will not do it. My Jeep would act like yours, the motor would rev higher than normal, make a lot of noise"as if I was really deep into the throttle", but the horse power would be weak, and after driving it about a minute, it starts to operate properly. If you find out what the problem is, please post it on this forum, I would really like to know.
  • Manual vs. Automatic is a much debated topic for Jeep drivers. They are both good, depending on your preference. The only negative to an automatic is that is takes quite abit more power away than a manual, and gas mileage is not as good either. But, if you do a lot of city driving or rock climbing, the auto may be the way for you to go. I have not known many people to have much trouble with either the manual or automatic in the YJs. Just make sure to check the Jeep out well that you are planning on buying.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    First, (both of you), does the engine really rev high, i.e. does the tachometer show a dramatic increase, or does it just SOUND as if the revs are climbing?

    Second, onlyinajeep, is yours a manual or auto?
  • My jeep is a manual. The tach does not jump up significantly, but it holds the RPM's at a higher rate when this happens. What I mean is that when I take off after sitting, the engine will jump up to 3000 and stay there longer than normal. When it does this, the motor is really loud, sounds as if it were pushing a lot of air, and when this happens the acceleration and torque is low, even though the RPM's are high.
  • Can someone tell me what the colors were for the '99s? I have found a dealership where I can get a "program" wrangler for 14,000 and am making a list of the options and colors I would like.
    ps-someone asked "why not buy a new one?", and I just don't have that much money to spend(even on a great jeep!).
  • Mine is also a 5 speed. The noise is when I reach 2000Rpm and up. I can be sitting at a light and rev up the engine up to 2000Rpm and I'll hear it. The engine won't jump up by it self. Sounds very much like dragonfly, it sounds like it's pushing a lot of air, the acceleration and torque is low.
    When this happens and I'm sitting at a light, the Rpm won't jump up at all. It stays normal at 1000.
    You know the way your motor sounds when you're on 4L. It sounds really strong with a lot of torque and low acceleration.
    That's exactly the way mine sounds, when I'm on 2H. So when this happens, I'll be shifting around 1800 or so because I don't want to break anything or make it worst.
    Like I said, it will go away by itself after a few minutes.
    I also looked at all my instruments, and they're all normal.

    Dennis :-(
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    I guess I should have asked if you both have the I-6 as well. However, let's make some assumptions; that you both have the same engine and that as well as having the same symptoms, you both have the same problem.

    If, as dpage says, he has the symptoms while revving the engine at a light, then it's not related to the clutch or gearbox. If the clutch was slipping there would be a rise in engine rpm and a lack of acceleration, but the vehicle would have to be moving to demonstrate this.

    So, the most likely culprit for an increase in engine noise, together with a lack of power, would be either an exhaust leak or an intake leak. The higher the temperature the greater the likelyhood of mating surfaces warping. The I-6 has had a history of broken exhaust manifolds in the past, but from the way you describe the noise I would guess at an intake leak being the most likely cause.

    Does that sound as though it makes sense to you? It's something that's easily fixed in either case, and will be covered by warranty anyway. Make sure to let us all know how you get on.
  • markbuckmarkbuck Posts: 1,021
    Fan clutch is engaging, pulling tons of air thru radiator for a few minutes (sounds like, well, a giant fan is running under the hood) until the fan clutch detects that it is cool enough and allows the fan to freewheel on the water pump shaft.

    Fan probably takes about 10 hp to run, so your engine will give you much less acceleration.

    The newer fan clutches use a silicone fluid which "gells" at a very small temp change, like between 205 and 210F. The engine computer might detect this load and increase the throttle setting to maintain idle. Everything is working correctly.

    Idling or high load conditions (up hill, towing) will raise the temp under the hood.

    Do I win the nickel?
  • I was wondering about that fan myself. The Jeep in question has the 4.0. My wife drives the 4 cylinder and it does not do this even on the hottest of days, it is a 1999. I have let the 4.0 run in the driveway on hot days and would pop open the hood to see if I could figure out why it makes such a noise and the fan was the only thing I could see that would create such a noise. If it is the fan, it sure is zapping a lot of power and response from the motor. Luckily, this only happens on the hottest of days and only for about a couple miles of driving, then the noise subsides and the power returns. I doubt that it will make the noise again until next summer, it is too cool here now for it to be duplicated. Hey dpage39525, have you ever let your Jeep run after you got home and opened the hood to see what is making the noise? I would really like to check out my Jeep again, but it is cold here and I can't get my Jeep hot enough, so maybe you could check yours to see if maybe it is the fan clutch. That sounds like a very possible explanation, I hope so anyway.
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