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Jeep Wrangler



  • Bass like in fish, or bass as in "pump up da bass"?
  • hosstjhosstj Posts: 28
    Bass as in fishin I work for a major electric co.
    near Glen Rose and its on a dang good fihin hole. Fact most power plants I visit are on some decent lakes. DANG THE LUCK!!

    Question for anyone w/TJ 4.0 5sp. has any one pulled anything close to the 2000 lb. max and how did the Wrangler handle it.
  • eagle63eagle63 Posts: 599
    Question for you all: Do you prefer half doors, or full doors and why or why not. what are the pros and cons of each. Thanks!
  • hosstjhosstj Posts: 28
    Before ordering Hoss, I test drove both full and half doors. Seems full doors are quieter with new soft top. My neighbor has the half doors and loves them. I prefered the full doors. Probably more preference than anything. My 02cents
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Hi Eagle! I got the hard top with my Thelma Jane, so I obviously got the full metal doors. I would have still gotten full metal doors, even if I had ordered my Jeep with the soft top.

    The main reason for my choice of the full doors is the way the Jeep looks with them. I just think they look better with the full doors, but that is strictly personal preference.

    On the practical side, I would rather roll down a window at a drive up window than to have to unzip a window. Also, I'm sure there is less noise with the full metal doors.

    If I had the top off, I would want the doors off too, so in that case it wouldn't matter which type of door I had. I guess that's supposed to be the advantage of the half doors- that you can leave the doors on with the top down, but I would take the doors off anyway.

    Doubt if this helps much, but that's the way I see it.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Hey Everyone, my little girl got 19.0 MPG when I checked gas mileage after filling her up tonight after work!

    That's the best she has ever done. It was just my normal commute to work and back on that tank of gas too- not a long trip.

    For one thing, I think I'm doing a better job of keeping my speed down to 60 to 65 mph. Also, I guess she is still breaking in: she has 3500 miles on her now.

    Way to go Thelma Jane!


    I gave her a BIG hug tonight!
  • hosstjhosstj Posts: 28
    Way to go Thelma Jane!! I remember from reading several post back you were going to use Mobil 1. I to am considering this. Have you changed to M1
    yet? If so any difference?
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Thelma is going on Mobil 1 at 5000 miles, and then I will stay with 5000 miles intervals on oil changes. I do virtually no in-town driving, so with Mobil 1, I could probably go 7500 miles between changes, but I won't push it that far.

    I like to break in an engine on regular oil and then switch to Mobil 1. I'm afraid that the Mobil 1 lubricates TOO well and might prevent the wearing-in of the moving parts if it is used before the break-in period is over. Somebody could shoot me down on that theory, I guess, but that's just my own opinion.

    I know that Mobil 1 increased the gas mileage of my '94 Z-28 and gave me quieter cold starts.


    Have you hugged your Jeep oday?
  • wleekewleeke Posts: 13
    Hey everybody! Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, been so tied up with work and riding everywhere in that new baby girl!
    Monday we spent 4 hours at the 4x4 center trying to find out why there was such a "clunk" coming from the rear everytime I turned a corner or hit a small bump (Geez, you should've heard the big bumps!). Came to find out the rear shocks they put on when they did the lift were not long enough so they replaced them. She rides like a cream puff now!
    Spent yesterday for about 4 hours getting a Jensen CD/Cass player and new speakers installed. Boy, with that console bass it sounds great! Went with a receiver system that was designed for that big 'ol hole Chrysler makes for the radio and it's a perfect fit.
    Still waiting on the pics to return so I can post them.
    Have had nothing but rain here all week long and learning the Jeep handles very well on the wet streets and thru the massive water that collects during the down pours.

    Does anybody have any problems with the full doors not shutting easy? Seems like I have to slam (or pull) mine kinda hard to get it to close properly. I don't know if this is normal due to inside pressure or maybe the door is still not aligned correctly. Any comments are appreciated.

    EAGLE63: I ordered the dual top option with the full doors and then later thought about whether I was going to like the full doors with the tops off. I checked e-bay and bought a pair of 1/2 doors and uppers for $575.00 off a 2001 Sport. I lucked out that the interior was the Agate just like mine, however I will be having them painted to match the Jeep, Patriot Blue.
  • hosstjhosstj Posts: 28
    Hey wleeke what make and size tires are you running? I run Mickey Thompsons on my Z71 much heavier truck and have told dealer to put those my Jeep, but can still change my mind on tires. He gets them when Jeep arrives. I want tires that are predictable on wet roads as my wife has expressed her desire to drive Hoss to work about 40 miles one way to work on occasion. Alot of stop and go in DFW area.
  • yjbobyjbob Posts: 56
    Hey, folks, I just found your site (I'm not much of an e-guy). Can I join in?

    I have a 1995 YJ Wrangler (last year before the TJ). You know - rectangular headlights.
    Over 5 years and 61,000 miles on the "YJ" as I call it.
    This is a basic Wrangler - 4cyl 2.5L in-line 4 (with fuel injection), red body, tan seats and tan soft top (no leaks yet), half doors (replaced driver side door skin - zipper failed). 4.11:1 drive ratio. Standard axles and tires, steel wheels. Cruises at about 58 MPH (where the law allows) at about 2,500 rpm (near the torque peak for the 4-banger, and a pretty calm zone for the engine vibrations).
    No ABS. No a/c, no p/s, no radio (until I installed one last week). My best milage so far is 23 mpg in hilly 30 mile round-trips to and from work.

    I ordered my YJ in February of 1995 and took delivery in September of that year (longest wait I have ever had). Because of the timing, I have TJ bushings on my hood, rather than the YJ loops, and I think my soft top bows are closer to an early TJ than to the YJ. (There was no 1996 model Wrangler - the 1995 was the last YJ. TJ's appearing in 1996 were designated 1997 models).

    manual steering (has slower ratio (24:1) which is good for this short wheelbase vehicle).

    soft top - much fun - took my daughter and her friends to the drive-in "topless" - the road noise is a "feature" for me not an annoyance - I call it "the song of the road"

    4WD - part-time "command-trac" is a solid lock-up between front and rear axles. I bought it for the snow (which we do get in NY state) and it is much more sure-footed than any 2WD vehicle I have driven in winter. (I bought my wife an AWD minivan, and that is quite confident in the snow, too.) I also use studded snow tires (4) in the winter - unbeatable for ice.

    Low range - I used this once, when I passed a bus that had slid off the road. I felt connected to the road at a glorious 2 MPH as I inched around.

    Actually, the YJ has a tendency to slow down (when you let off the accelerator) that is more pronounced than on other vehicles I have driven. This "compression braking" (as we used to call it) lets me drive on snow without any braking at all and with a good feeling of control.

    Stiff springs - rides like a kangaroo, but it corners flat (without a lot of body lean) and I like that feel.

    Upright seating - more comfortable for me than the more reclined positions of sedans.
    The upright arrangement allows my tall teenage children to sit in the back seat without hitting their knees - not bad knee room for a small vehicle. Head room is generous. Hip room in the back seat encourages dieting (the rear fenders in the YJ are squared off - the fenders in the TJ are more rounded, allowing a few more inches of hip room in the rear seat - but I have two small "shelves" on either side of the rear seat - you would be surprised what can fit there).

    Bumperettes - cute little metal circles on the rear frame that take the place of the rear bumper - go all the way back to the "MB" WWII military jeeps. You TJ guys may not even know what they are.


    Gas filler tube - behind the license plate - inconvenient for me because I have only one hand - devised a prop to hold the spring-tensioned license plate down so I could pump the gas. However, the low position of the tube makes spillovers too common unless attention is paid to the fueling - the automatic shutoff does not work quickly enough with the low location. TJ tube is much better.

    Windshield wipers - straight, like the "old" jeeps, rather than bent like the TJ's (and all cars). These wipers stop in the middle of the windshield, as they had done for jeeps of the preceding half-century. Not a real issue for visibility, but an inconvenience when cleaning the windshield.

    Parking brake - had desired a center-pull hand brake, but I got a foot-operated pedel on the left side.

    Tires: my stock Goodyear Wranglers lost traction (but not all of their tread) at about 35,000 miles. The rear wheels slipped out twice before I got the hint and bought new tires (Michelins). Good traction so far with the new skins.

    Recirculating ball steering - sloppy - with the short wheelbase, it means that one has to pay a little attention to where one is going. This vehicle has no strong desire to track straight - short wheelbase. Rack and pinion would be more precise, but I think Jeep engineers feel that the r&p setup is too fragile for off-road.


    Engine block heater - ordered with vehicle

    Side step bars - got them when my daughter almost tripped over the door sill.

    Radio - aftermarket - amateur installation (me)

    Poor man's add-a-trunk - piece of wood divides rear into lower (hidden) and upper compartments - keep tools, mostly, there

    I have a bungee cord on the parking brake handle. While driving, the cord keeps the handle pulled, so I can step on the parking brake while moving and use it as a real "emergency" brake. (This is not an issue with TJ's since the handle has a button that releases the rachet.)

    "Club" anti-theft device - recognizing the lack of security of the soft top.

    Battery cut-off switch - big knife switch right at the battery post - because the oil filter is uncomfortably close to the starter electrical contacts. I also take my wedding ring off when I change the oil (every 2,000 miles) because I am a "belt and suspenders" kind of guy. This switch can corrode - a little sand paper every now and then helps get juice to the starter and the other electrical customers.

    Don't think I'll be upgrading to the TJ any time soon - I like what I have. I just wonder, though, whether the TJ suspension has as little body lean as the leaf-spring YJ has. Has anyone driven both of them?

    Happy jeeping from an old YJ.
  • I have noticed a similar condition with my doors not wanting to shut properly and in my case it is inside pressure. Try rolling down the windows and see if it still happens. When a window is down in my TJ the doors shut really easy.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Of course you can join us! All Jeepers are welcome here. I wonder why so few people with the YJ's post in here?

    Sounds like you really love that YJ. That's good! I love to read posts from people who are enthusiastic about their Jeeps.

    What in the world took so long for your Jeep to come in? Ordered in Feb. and took delivery in Sept.???

    Welcome, yjbob!


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • Greetings!
    I browsed most of the posting this month, and it looks like I can pick up some good tips.
    My Jeep loyalty goes back just 13 years. My first Jeep was an 88 Cherokee, Pioneer pkg.
    Before that I had owned several Subaru's. My Subarus were good dependable 4x4 wagons. But when I could not get out of a parking space that was bordered by a 12" snow drift I decided that I wanted something bigger.
    Jeep came to mind. In 1988 the term SUV was not yet coined. Most anything with 4 wheel drive then was called a "4x4". Now, 4x4's are those small things you ride during hunting trips. 1988 was also the year Chrysler bought the Jeep name from AMC. I kept the same Cherokee for 12 years, and 160,000 miles. Not once did it ever break down. I changed the oil regularly, followed the mx schedule to the letter and kept up with the problems as they happened. The paint started to peel after 9 years. But, I still washed it and kept it waxed so that the rust would not set in.
    So impressed was I with the Cherokee that I wanted another Cherokee, but I did not like the rounded edges and the interior appointments seemed of a lesser quality.
    I was considering a GC. My wife reminded me that I mentioned over the past 8 years that I'd like to get a "Real" Jeep one day. I got an excited feeling at the thought of driving a Wrangler so I looked into it more.
    Around Feb/00 I ordered a 00 Sport 5 speed 4.0. Forest Green, 30" stock wheels, dual tops( black ) and black fenders. I preferred the black fenders because I imagined any driving through brush and mud flinging on the fenders would be less damaging to the black fenders than painted ones. Also, adjacent cars can open their doors onto my fenders all day and not harm my Jeep's exterior.
    This car is so easy to maneuver in tight places. I was amazed at how the Wrangler almost seemed to catch it's back end in a tight turn. The Wrangler can fit in parking spaces that the larger SUV's couldn't even drive through.
    I am a father of 2. The wife drives a mini van. The Wrangler is a great second car for us. I've driven it long distances and it'll swallow the gas. But, if I just drive the 10 miles to/from work 5 days a week then the 20 gallon tank of gas will last me a month.
    Some time in the future when the stock tires need replacing I want to consider lifting it and using larger tires. But the issue of a spare tire comes to mind. Only a 31" tire will fit under that 3rd brake light above the spare and it is the law that if the car comes equipped with that 3rd brake light that it must stay there. So maybe I can find an after market kit that can relocate that 3rd brake light thereby allowing me to carry a matching spare.
  • rb123rb123 Posts: 51
    To answer your question I have had a couple problems with my 99 grand Cherokee in 38k hi of driving. I have had three sets of brake rotors replaced which they did cover, I had to have a fuel pump replaced. But other than that no major problems I know a lot of people were having trouble with noise but I never have. I think the grand Cherokee is a great vehicle. But getting back to the wrangler. when I went to the dealer that I decided I was going to deal with, I was planning on ordering the wrangler I wanted , but they had on the lot just what I wanted so I didn't have to . The only thing I was undecided about was to go with the 5 speed or the auto and I ended up going with the auto. So far I have just over 300 hi on my wrangler and it's a blast to drive no problems yet.
  • wleekewleeke Posts: 13
    HOSSTJ : I went with 32x11.50 BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A. The only thing I'm trying to decide now is whether to change out the wheel flares as the larger tires toss up quite a bit of rain water on the side since they extend out.

    2001 Wrangler: Yeah, I had thought of that, and your right, they do close better when a window is cracked...opps, I mean open, slightly. The service guy at the dealership said they don't like to adjust the doors too much because it can cause leakage problems, therefore I agreed with him that I would just get use to closing the doors harder rather than risk a leak.
  • hosstjhosstj Posts: 28
    I am still waiting on my Jeep. I have ordered it and dealer will install lift and tires 33x12.5x15.
    He has 2 on lot 1 Sahara and 1 Sport both with same type of tire and wheel combo. He includes 5 full size tires and wheels. Spare is mounted where stock tire and wheel are mounted and no modifications. the 3rd brake light is still intact. I questioned about the bracket and how it was mounted due to the much bigger tire and wheel,he said no problem,he has done this for years. Worth checking out.
  • All of you with cracked windshields: I had a 97 that did the same thing. Crack started at the base below the rubber in the center.

    Here's the good part: The dealer replaced it under warranty. He used his knife and felt the entire length of the crack looking for abbrasion (this would indicate an impact), found none, and then said warranty covers it.

    Wouldn't be surprised to find a TSB on this by now, since there seems to be many people with this problem.

    Good luck - just keep trying service departments until one listens. Windshields ARE covered by defects in materials or construction.
  • tjytjy Posts: 39
    Hey twylie! Wow! You all did a ton of posting yesterday!!! I wouldn't have even seen your message had I not gone back to read everything I missed yesterday! That number is 800-992-1997....follow the prompts and eventually you'll get a live person....after the first few I usually just start hitting the "0" and get someone right away. I ordered my TJ on 2/7, just 2 days before you, so it will be interesting to see if we get our Wrangler's at the same time. Good luck with calling and let me know what information you get as you get it, we can keep each other informed that way.
  • tjytjy Posts: 39
    Hey everyone, I noticed a few of you talking about Grand Cherokees too. We have a 1997 Grand Cherokee Laredo that we love! Bought it new 3.5 years ago and haven't had a single problem with it. There was a factory recall on the front rotors, so we took it in and had it fixed under warranty....otherwise, not a single thing to complain about. We love it! It's my wife's truck. Just thought I'd let you all know how happy we've been with our GC!
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