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Jeep Wrangler



  • embeedueceembeeduece Posts: 260
    >Uh, Mike, that would be "Steel Blue."

    Guess I could have seen that coming. :blush:

  • usmc_jeepusmc_jeep Posts: 24
    Tom and jefferson1964

    Thanks. My 2000 Sahara came with 1 security lug nut on the spare. I feel kinda worried that my spare on my '05 is "hanging in the breeze" so to say.

    The hard top I have is black. Black as coal.

    I just called my sales guy. Needless to say the top color issue brought an "Oh" on his part. I'm not sure what I'll do at this point. I may keep the black hard top, but I'd like to see the color of the dark khaki one in person before I make that decision.

    I'm still happy that I have a Wrangler again. These are just small issues to iron out.

    Semper Fi,

  • keatskeats Posts: 412
    Congratulations on the purchase. My Rubi also came with dual khaki tops. I really like the Khaki hard top color. It makes the Jeep look more like a one piece vehicle. I do like the softtop color as well, but I think black in the soft top looks very good.

    It is amazing what DC chooses to not include in Wranglers. The aforementioned clothes hanger, grab handles, door sill gaurds, decent floor mats...I spent more than $300 just on those small items. I still don't have a lock on the spare, but I think I'll do that soon. You've got me worrying now! *lol*

    For all of you with new Wranglers, here are a few items I've found to be indispensable:
    Husky Floor Liners--I have them front, rear and in the back. You can get these through most of the Jeep catalogs.
    Rainger hand grips--definitely the best roll bar hand grips out there: Raingler Grips
    Best Top door sill gaurds--got them through Quadratec. The sills can get beat up very quickly.
  • update: The reason I said that it was the oil pump was that the symptoms were the same, a knocking noise coming from the engine as if it weren't getting any oil. But after a second look, there was oil pressure so that couldn't be the problem.

    The real problem, after taking off the valve cover, is that there are at least 4 collapsed lifters, bad news, especially since I only have 72,000 miles on it. I only hope that there isn't anything else wrong with it.

    by the way, I know its been a while since I started this post, but I've been busy with college finals.
  • jpk257jpk257 Posts: 43
    Congrats on the jeep! Keats ran down the exact list of things I wanted to add immediately to my new jeep. I noticed that mine had a clear plastic coating along the door sill. Does yours have the same thing? I seems like this would take the place of an after market door sill guard.
  • jpk257jpk257 Posts: 43
    I new tires this morning and noticed the tailgate now does not want to close without a slam. It appears the wider spare is hitting a rubber bumper just below the tailgate. Has anyone else had this happen & what is the best way to fix? Does it really even matter?

    Thanks -- Jeff
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591

    As long as the tail gate is closing and latching, there shouldn't be a problem. If it really bothers you, you could shave some rubber off of that bumper, but you wouldn't want to go too far. That bumper keeps the spare and the spare carrier from rattling.

    What tires did you get? Did you get a good trade in on your Get Stuck Anywheres?


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • jpk257jpk257 Posts: 43
    Thanks Tom. I was worried that something could get bent...

    I bought Bridgestone Revos and love them so far. They seem quieter on the highway than the GSAs. I did OK on the deal, they gave me $50 for each of the GSAs and Bridgestone is running a $75 mail-in rebate on the purchase of a set or Revos. I was hoping for more for the old tires considering they had 60 miles on them & the spare was brand new, but how much can the tire shop really get for them anyway.

    I will try to post a pic of the jeep tonight.

    Thanks again -- Jeff
  • koolbreeze2koolbreeze2 Posts: 252
    Greetings. I am curious about the back floor liner. How well does it fit and does it have a raised lip? Price? Thanks, John
  • jeff62301jeff62301 Posts: 310
    Image hosted by

    on the opposite side of the parking lot is a great little stream but I could not talk her into driving in it to take these pictures, she wouldn't even let me drive into it. she thought the local police might not be lovers of jeeps like we both are.

    we are planning to help with some trail building next weekend, but no luck so far in convincing her to drive.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Jeff, you are just going to HAVE to bring that Gal and the two Jeeps down here to Turkey Bay! Explain to G/F that Jeeps develop serious psychological problems when not allowed to get off the pavement.

    She has a nice looking Jeep there!


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • jeff62301jeff62301 Posts: 310
    I looked at some old posts related to instument lights, but did not seem to be what I've got. any ideas???

    the light is not on that illuminates the tach, speedometer, etc. its not a problem during the daytime, but at night its a bit of a pain. it just happened this last weekend.

    at first I thought it was just a fuse or something easy to fix.

    but the next time I started the jeep, i used the remote starter. the dash lights were on until i put the key in turned it and stepped on the brake, then it went out.

    any ideas?? wanted to hear some thoughts on this before I stop in the dealership tomorrow and they tell me its not covered by the warranty because of the remote starter .
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Here is the pic that I was trying to post yesterday. ( I hope ). :)
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Do I need a fresh cookie? Should I dump the old cookie?
  • madman2madman2 Posts: 12

    My guess is a short some place.It could be easy to find or a huge pain the rump. Start checking the wires...

    I placed a set of rear lamps on my Jeep and since then, once in awhile, if the left blinker is on and I push the break pedal, the blinker will stay light but not blink. I have been too lazy to fix it myself...
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    And see if I can make it work. Jeff - love your girl's jeep! I can't help you with the lights on the dash - that's different than the gauge problem I had.
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    Hey, it works now! If you click on the photo it opens to the full sized photo. Looks like I'll try another one and crop it so that it might not look so distorted on the smaller size.

    By the way, that's what an Unlimited looks like with the top down. Here's another one.

    Great feature, Edmunds!
  • jeff62301jeff62301 Posts: 310
    I like the "thumbnail' image with the message,, but its sort of squished

  • jimlw2jimlw2 Posts: 122
    This is a very long shot...I had an '88 Chevy Beretta where the leads of a power transistor in the dashboard light circuit made intermittent contact. It depended on temperature and vibration. To save in manufacturing costs, those power transistor leads are often just pressed into the circuit without any solder. It relies on a press-tight connection of the leads through holes of a heatsink. However, given a slight amount of oxidation, temperature changes, or vibration, a capacitive condition can occur on those leads causing the dash lights to not work sometimes but work other times. For my Beretta, I went to the library and copied some circuit schematics for the dashboard light circuit, found the circuit board assembly containing the power transistor, removed the "black box", opened it up, and soldered the leads in place. Never had the problem again.

    You might give any power transitors under the dashboard a gentle "twist" the next time that condition happens...though, not being familiar with Wrangler wiring, power transitors might be inside "black boxes".

    I remember my days in my Beretta before fixing the problem and keeping a flashlight handy to periodically read the gauges when my dash lights went out. I wish you luck finding the problem.
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