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  • For anyone who may have just recently wandered onto this site, it might be somewhat confusing. We have tons of regulars to this forum, even more dedicated "lurkers", and a few key contributors. I won't begin to name them because I know I'd leave some out inadvertently. We're open to all.

    You would be hard pressed to find a better group of people anywhere. The fact that we have a common bond in Wranglers is merely a coincidence, and served as the catalyst to get us here to begin with. (I think there is another school of thought that there are no "coincidences"......)

    You have to bear with us for a while as we pay tribute to one of our fallen colleagues, which should be clear if you read the posts from the last week. Go ahead and fire off any questions or comments relating to Wranglers - - we'll offer support there as well!

  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    I think it's time to get back to Jeep stuff. I appreciate our hosts and all of you members here allowing the posting to be mostly about Ross Allen and me. It was off topic, but not entirely off topic, since Ross Allen was most defintely a Jeep dog.

    I have begun the healing process, and time will ease my pain. I still ask that you keep me in your prayers.

    I thank each and every one of you for the kindnesses you have shown me throughout Ross's illness, his death, and my initial grieving.

    I firmly believe that dogs go to Heaven, and I know that I will be reunited with my sweet puppy again.

    Have you hugged your Jeep(dog) today?


    God has blessed me with a beautiful, healthy new granddaughter, so there is joy for me in the midst of the sadness.
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    I think one or more of your grandkids needs to become a Jeep wheelin chick in a car seat! :)

  • keatskeats Posts: 412
    To get back to Jeep stuff I'll post this for those of you who have removed or hate your floatie bumper ballon end caps. For some 06 models, like Xs and SEs Jeep is sending them with these new much better look caps. I ordered mine from Wyckoff-Chrysler online. They seem to be the only dealer who knows the correct part number. Front and back caps together only cost $25. Here is a pic from their page:


    Here's the link to the website: End Caps
  • Wow does that ever look better! And, their survivability off-road should be many times better. I think that might do until I can get the Mopar Armor bumpers...
    Did you say this is the 06 factory setup?
  • keatskeats Posts: 412
    Yeah, but not on all. Sports and Rubicons and special additions still come with the balloons. The balloons for front and rear are like 3 times more expensive.
  • Those do look better. I do have to say, however, that the bumperette came in handy recently. I found that mine had been bent back, presumably because someone hit it / backed into it in a parking lot or the like. If the bumperette hadn't been there to absorb the impact, the offending vehicle might well have hit my tire, or fender.

  • Just to follow up on the hands free discussion we were having recently, this article discusses a proposed nation-wide ban on cell phones for new drivers, and also lists states that already have similar legislation enacted.;_ylt=AoOLA08ndpmd- - algXcu92Mwys0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTA3cjE0b2MwBHNlYwM3Mzg-
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    They won't do squat against a determined tree. :) I now have a dented fender - I'm hoping to flat fender it! :)

    Armored flat fenders + corners + rockers = good thing :)
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  • keatskeats Posts: 412
    I got these on last night, and I couldn't believe how much better they look. Of course, I took the front balloons off after I bought my Jeep, but it looks so much better with the caps closing in the bumper. I wasn't sure how the back would look, but I was very pleased. It looks much, much better. I'll try to posts some pics at some point.
  • wpowellwpowell Posts: 125
    These look great, thanks for sharing. I ordered a set online this morning, but they are now on backorder.

  • keatskeats Posts: 412
    I'm not surprised. The guy at Wyckoff said they seriously underestimated the demand for them. I think they initially told me it would be 3 to 4 weeks but I got them in two.
  • Time to order a new bumper for the Unlimited. I have a chance to buy a cheap cargo trailer, and I need the receiver anyway. I can add a receiver only, but it would just drag off-road, so I might as well get a new bumper.

    Quadratec has some choices with a receiver in it for < $250. I kind of like the Warn, but eventually would like to get one that I could add a good tire carrier to. Anyone have any suggestions?
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Most aftermarket bumpers are designed to either have a carrier or not. Adding later isn't something easily found, but you may try Jeeperman or the Warn bumper that is prepped for the carrier.

    Hanson Enterprises is another option.

    Keep in mind, for a good quality rear bumper (and carrier), you may be looking at quite a bit more than 250.00

  • i recently perchased a 2000 wrangler that someone bent the front bumper and i cant fix it. but while i was at a junk yard i found a 1989 with an after market bumper but i dont want to buy it if it wont fit does anyone konw if it will fit or will i have to make new mounting brackets.
  • i can get this one for 50 bucks
  • and im pretty good with a welder
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Why not try eBay? Pages of them there from $10 and up. Here's an OE Rubicon one currently at $10 with $15 shipping click me. Lots of aftermarket ones too.

    To answer your question.................not without modification.
  • Hello

    I have not posted in a while but am reading the forum almost daily. Tom-so sorry to hear about your loss--have comfort that your separation is only temporary.

    Well earlier this week I noticed a squeak emanating from my 2004 White Rubicon with 10,000 miles. It began around 20 mph and went up to highway speeds and beyond. It sounded a lot like crickets and it was driving me nuts.

    I am lucky to have a two mile stretch of empty straight blacktop at work so I experimented a bit. Here is what I did:

    Got up to 40 mph--shifted into N--turned the motor off and coasted--the squeak still there.

    Braked, turned left and right, went off road in 4 hi--the squeak still there.

    So I went to this forum (man I love this forum) and looked up the word 'squeak'. I found a post from a guy who had a similar problem in that the squeak appeared not to correlate with engine speed (as in rpm) but rather with drivetrain speed. The diagnosis for his jeep was a joint and seal on the drivetrain at the front of the transfer case that was dry. The solution was lubrication.

    Well, I aparently have the same problem and a wonderful tech at the Jeep dealership informed me that the lubrication method was only a temp fix and that the problem would not go away. After the warranty expires, you are on your own and the driveshaft could be comprimised in the long haul.

    Well, they are putting in a new driveshaft for me under warranty and I guess that is a good thing. But I have some questions for those of you who know much more:

    1. Is there a different stock driveshaft on the Rubicon than on the other Wrangler models? The dealership told me all Wranglers have the same driveshaft.

    2. Any concerns/discussion on gear ratios. I.e. is it tough for them to set it to the 4.11:1 it came with. How do I know they did it right? Thanks for any replies

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