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Jeep Wrangler



  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591


    There's obviously something very wrong with it, if it doesn't leak. DC says Jeeps are designed to leak. :)

    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • keatskeats Posts: 412
    So, I'm assuming these are soft upper doors or are they full metal? I've never had a drop of water enter my cabin with hard or soft top.
  • goducks1 is exactly right here. In fact, a Wrangler (or original Cherokee or other Jeep with a NP231 Transfer case or similar) is not all-wheel-drive (AWD). Since that's true, it's much less stable than the typical front-wheel-drive car on wet pavement, and a binding transfer case would make the situation even worse when in 4-hi. It has a higher center-of-gravity than a car, and the weight is all in the front, just like a small pickup (which it technically is if you look at the title).
    The comments about tire quality definitely ring true as well, but her driving style is simply going to have to be different than if she had a Camry.
    I have seen comments mostly in magazines about people putting an NV242 case in Wranglers (from a Grand Cherokee) to get the AWD function. Apparently, it can be done. This capability does great things, as my father's 04 Grand has the AWD, and it's marvelous when you're travelling in bad weather, but it's still a high vehicle with a high roll-center. In the end, maybe the spin was a good thing. No one was hurt, and as we've all been teens, we know that teens don't believe anything bad can happen until it does. Maybe the feeling of spinning out of control will cause her to slow down a bit, or maybe want to go driving with you in a parking lot so you can demonstrate some counter-steer techniques. Personally, I feel she'll be a much more capable driver by learning to control a Jeep, which is one of the least "watered-down" off-pavement vehicles left in production.
  • So I tried very hard to induce death wobble over the weekend. Drove the normal roads where it happens. And, to quote Tom, Yee-Haw! There was no death wobble. That being said, I'm pretty sure everyone is right when they say the new stabilizer is just masking the problem. Can't pinpoint it, but I swear I could feel the Jeep wanting to wobble. Never got the chance to try to isolate the tires as the problem. Had the tires balanced, inspected, et al. I'll swap out the GSAs at some point, and pony up for a higher end stabilizer. But for now, the problem is happily "solved."

    Always wondered if the wobble wasn't anything wrong, per say, but simply how it goes with the new Wrangler. The unique front end suspension of a utility vehicle, but compromised to make it more car-like for daily drivers. Soft rubber bushings, etc. Maybe some combination of all those things just means there's going to be wobble every now and then. Dunno.

    Could be worse I guess. My Jeep doors could be leaking.

  • I know it's off topic, but just for fun, here's a link to the L.A. Times write-up on the Jeep Commander. They hated it.,0,2482696.story?col- l=la-home-highway1

  • This is a broad message concerning water pooling on the bikini top and duster back cover of my Wrangler.

    I recently moved from Oregon to Southern California and I'm thrilled I can survive without a full soft-top on during the winter. I have a bikini top with a windjammer and duster for protection from the few rain storms that come through the area each winter (its not fully covered, but enough so I don't have to worry). I have a problem with rain pooling on the bikini top and duster cover and was wondering if any other owners experienced this problem and had any clever solutions. I was thinking of purchasing some straps and ties to keep tension tight to prevent pooling, but it is just a thought.

    Thanks for helping!
  • LA Times....they can't even get their news straight, much less write about vehicles. I quit reading it as soon as he talked about his wife's 1999 Cherokee that was powered by a V6....that's VEE SIX. Enough said.
  • guy21guy21 Posts: 129
    From the number of engine, trans and now body problems that are being reported on 2005 and 2006's DC may be finding that their tooling is wearing out and not worth re investing in with the new 2007 Wrangler coming out. This may also be reflected in the warranty being reduced from 7/70 to 3/36.
  • goducks1goducks1 Posts: 432
    It doesn't do anything for me either though I've never driven one. I'm not sure why Chrysler built it since giant sport utes are a shrinking market. Loved the XJ Cherokee, it was the best looking sport-ute ever and I thought it a shame when they finally killed it. Hate the Liberty and don't care much for the Jeep Grand Cherokee either. I have a bad feeling that after the TJ is replaced next year, there won't be anything in the Jeep lineup of interest anymore. I always like the classic styling, mechanically simple, utilitarian feel of Jeep. The newer ones have lost that.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    ........I was thinking of purchasing some straps and ties to keep tension tight to prevent pooling......

    No, that'll just give you a small puddle! You need something to push it into a slightly convex shape. There is a commercially avaliable product somewhere, but it's easy to do yourself. You need a springy strip of wood about 2" wide and 1/4" thick. It needs to be slightly longer than the width of your top, so that when you fit it between the bars above the doors it bows upwards. Fix it by attaching velcro to it, then wrapping the velcro around the bars. You can leave it as is, but I'd smooth the edges then varnish or seal it for a nicer end product.
  • I have a 2004 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited/w/soft top.
    Would like to carry a canoe on top. Would appreciate all suggestions. Thanks, spiderwebil
  • Hello Everyone,

    I am interested in buying a Jeep Wrangler.
    2001-2005, a soft-top,a 6cyl at minimum. I do not want to spend more than $10,000.

    I will not use it to offroad.

    any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.

    thanks and take care
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    There are several racks out there for soft tops, but here's a new one that might be interesting if you have the top removed completely.


    Reasonably priced too at $99.95 from Olympic and available here

    Then there's the Congo Rack from Kargo Master which costs $319.99 for the Unlimited from the same place, and can be used with a soft or hard top.


    There's a crossbar kit for that one if you need it.


    There's more out there if you look. :shades:
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    The most common versions, the Sport and the Sahara, should suit you nicely. You'll be looking at the earlier model years to be in your price range, but ultimately condition and service history will determine the best value. You might also come across the 'X' model which is a rather basic version of the Sport, and there are one or two other special editions available. However, the Sport model and the slightly more luxurious Sahara, are probably the ones you're most likely to come across.
  • Thanks, mac24. I'll check the rack out. I really didn't want to take the soft top off, but maybe there might be some other options. I was thinking of bumper receivers,front and back, with over the over the top extensions. I guess I could go to trailer, but really don't like that idea too much.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Using front and rear receivers would work, but you'd need to attach to the body somewhere as well for stability, probably the windshield hinge points.
  • 99tj99tj Posts: 187
    sorry for the huge pic :blush: . I sized down my original considerably in Photbucket, but it still posted big :confuse:

  • To my knowledge, not related to Tom. I am originally from central Indiana, so it's not completely impossible. More than likely, it's just a result of our attempts to look like Tom Skerritt.... ;)

    BTW, most people are amazed to learn there's such beautiful country in Oklahoma. I was! (Great national forest roads, with several side spurs leading who knows where!)
  • Dan-
    I have problems manipulating Photobucket as well, but your picture seems a great size to me.
  • Greetings, Tidester: ;)

    Thanks for the correction, and for the link!
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