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2008 Chrysler Town & Country/Dodge Grand Caravan



  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    Has anyone heard about the T&C getting the 4.0 engine or the option for the 4.0 instead of the 3.8 (like the GC has for Dodge) before the end of the model year?

    The latest news doesn't show that the 4.0 will be an option on any of the other T&C packages anytime soon but it is standard on the Limited.

    You can see a quick video of it if you'd like. I know, it's not the same. :(

    2008 Town & Country Engines
  • odymommaodymomma Posts: 6
    Great review. We di similar and at first purchased a 2007 Odyssey based on Edmunds and CR but after 7 months and 5,000 mi. realized it was a huge mistake. The ride was NOISY and the mpgs were only 13.9 in town driving. We decided to go back to a T&C but ended up with a GC 28M /with Leather, DVD's, and Sirius TV. Love it couldn't be happier. People need to take professional reviews with a HUGE grain of salt.
  • I am in the buying process now. Test drive a Sienna and did not care for it. The Odyssey was ok, but I dislike most Honda vehicles. The Town and Country is my fav by far.
  • scoutllscoutll Posts: 40
    After our comparisons, we were sure it was going to be the Town and Country, but ended up with the Grand Caravan. They happened to have one of each that were basically identical. The only differences were the T&C had remote start and the Grand Caravan had Automatic Climate Control. Town and Country was about $800 more. The real kicker in the end was my wife prefered the dash on the Grand Caravan over the T&C.. That is, until we were driving home and she realized that on the Dodge she couldn't see the speedometer from the passenger seat.......... Hee Hee Hee ;)

    Right now we are getting 20.4 mpg doing about 60/40 short highway/city driving.
    It is very close to our 2003 Grand Caravan with the 3.3.

    By the way... After the comparisons, if the Chrysler twins had not existed we would have "settled" for the Hyundai.

    Order of finish in our tests were:

    1. Dodge/Chrysler (finish order here is really just visual and trim preferences )

    3. Hyundai
    4. Kia
    5. Honda
    6. Toyota
  • sean9sean9 Posts: 82
    Any one else experience a rather loud and annoying exhaust ping after driving your 08 GC and parking it. Goes for a good 5 min until it cools down. Is this normal?
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    Goes for a good 5 min until it cools down. Is this normal?

    Yes. I noticed my Sebring doing that when it was new. It still does it a little after 7,000 miles but it doesn't seem as loud as it did at first.
  • scoutllscoutll Posts: 40
    Mine pings a bit for a couple minutes after it's parked. The only time I really notice it is when it's inside the garage though.. I think it is coming from the exhaust heat shields around the catalytic converter. They heat up and expand while driving, then ping a bit while cooling down. I have heard a lot of cars do it. The loudest one I ever owned was a 97 Ford Explorer.
  • artgpoartgpo Posts: 483
    I must question your claim of very poor mileage with an Odyssey. My 2006 Odyssey EX-L now has 45,000 very mixed use miles. The van has averaged 20+ mpg since Day One. The lowest mpg I have experienced is 19 in stop and go and extended idling usage. I average 25 mpg on the highway at 70 mph.

    Yes, we have to doubt reviews by publications accepting advertising dollars from the same manufacturers whose product is being reviewed. It is for that reason I read Consumer Reports but even then I I try to get as much other independent information before making a purchasing decision. These forums are an excellent source of real owner data.
  • rktechrktech Posts: 25
    ...odymomma...I have an 06 Ody with only about 20k miles. I have to say that it's just recently started to get good mileage. Most of my driving is in town, and that remains in the mid-teens, while highway mileage has just started to reach 22 mpg.

    If a Dodge or Chrysler gets better than that from day one, I'd like it just swell. My lease is up in October, so I'm exlporing the possibilities of the GC.
  • samnoesamnoe Posts: 731
    I asked my dealer/service proffesional about the exhaust ping, I also thought something is wrong, since my recent Dodge van did not do this. But he stated it is perfectly normal. But I feel that this should not happen... Overall, I think Chrysler still needs to improve in the powertrain dept. and driving dynamics - improve NVH is the most important, fuel effecincy next, and the handling also needs big improvement.

    Chrysler is promising some interesting updates for the '09 model year (built-in Wi-Fi?), but I would beg them to take care of the basics first. More comfortable seats in rear. Quieter engines. I would also love to see the glove boxes lighted.

    And please, PLEASE!! bring back the wiper de-icer. And redesign the HVAC controls so it should be more simple, especially the Automatic.
  • sean9sean9 Posts: 82
    Also one other thing I notice about my 08GC van is when turning, (could be left or right) once in a while I get a short metal scraping sound. Hard to explain a sound but kind of like the spring is grinding, or adjusts incorrectly. The sound is very brief less than 1 sec, and only seems to occur if the van is turning at slow speed perhaps on an unever surface? I plan on brining it is for service the week, just curious if anyone else experiences this.
  • asdrew1asdrew1 Posts: 19
    On my van, it took 2 trips to identify the source of the low speed noise. It was a problem with a c-clip on the left front axle nut, which was binding on something, then being released in slow left turns.
  • sean9sean9 Posts: 82
    thanks I will be informing the dealership when i bring it in, this information is very helpful
  • sean9sean9 Posts: 82
    Oh also do you know if they had to change the C-Clip, or make some adjustment? And has the problem gone away since the change?? Mine is also on a Left turn, but sounds like it is coming from the driver side front wheel.. Is this the same side as yours?
  • asdrew1asdrew1 Posts: 19
    Yes, that sounds the same as mine. On the service ticket, they wrote "removed c-clip spring from front axle nut. Binding on steering."

    I assume that they meant removed and replaced, removed and adjusted or something like that. I didn't read the exact words until I got home so I did not question the wording.

    Not one more noise since then!
  • sean9sean9 Posts: 82
    Ok well i finally had my Van in for service. The service tech drove the van and was able to duplicate the noise on the slow left turn. The apparent cause was Backing plates were touching lower control arms on full turns. Adjusted Both FRT Backing Plates. So I will be monitoring to see if this fixes the problem.

    Plus they reprogrammed the van to fix the sliding door problems. And also found the Rad Cap was leaking, apparently this is a common problem on the new 08 GC and the Cap needed replacing with a different one. Anyone else experience this?
  • cinann131cinann131 Posts: 27
    Took van into the dealer and they were unable to duplicate the problem. Have you or anybody else been successfull at having this taken care of? We moved the roof rails, then removed them, but it did not stop the whistling...we were hoping that was the cause. Any one? help?
  • I have not had that issue, but I have heard others complaining of radiator cap issues. I saw pictures of the original somewhere and I had a different one. But mine was made in April 08. There is a service bulletin out on it.
  • cinann131cinann131 Posts: 27
    Since it has been a few days since your post regarding the service, did the noise on the slow left turn stop after the service? Mine is going in end of week for second time as they were unable to duplicate the problem the first time. I am taking info from these boards in hopes that it will help them fix this.
  • sean9sean9 Posts: 82
    The noise has not occured again since the service. It appears they have resolved the problem. I would get the dealer to check for any signs of wear or rubbing on the lower control arms. Even if they can not duplicate the noise they may be able to see where it was rubbing.

    Also the sliding doors have been working 100% since the software upgrade.
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