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2008 Chrysler Town & Country/Dodge Grand Caravan



  • maryh3maryh3 Posts: 263
    If I remember correctly most car manufacturers recommend that you take off the antenna before getting a car wash and so do the car washers. Its CYA on their behalf. Almost nobody ever does it though and I don't think many antennas are lost or cars damaged due to people keeping them up when they get a car wash.

    I have an old Taurus SHO with an antenna motor that takes it up and down. But just about everybody who has one of these also has a broken antenna motor. I am not sure why they stopped embedding them into the wind shield though. Unless you are a stickler for following the rules I would not expect to see any problems with leaving it up when you get a car wash.

    I noticed that the new floor mats are for Stow n Go only -- I am getting the Swivel n Go. Bet the ring for the table base is creating floor mat problems and nothing is available yet. I do hope they bring out some type of floor mat for these new swivel seat packages. My biggest complaint about the 08 T&C was that all the interior colors are so light. We mothers would prefer as black as possible. Chrysler will probably offer one someday but that will be too late for me.
  • bear17bear17 Posts: 5
    I have the 08 TC. The key is in the end of the FOB. It will unlock the door with the key in the ignition. The doors also will not lock if you hit the door switch to lock the van with the key in the ignition.
    You should be getting better MPG. I get around 19 MPG with only 2500 miles on the van. So far it has been great with the 3.8- 6 speed Trans. Swivel and Go seats.
  • samnoesamnoe Posts: 731
    Thank you all for replying. Let me share what I figured out myself:

    1. In order to turn off the radio/media and listening only to the NAV commands, simply turn down the volume when the radio/media is working to ZERO. and when you hear the NAV prompts, just turn it up! Interesting those 2 are NOT mixed. They work separately. Lowering one volume will not affect the other. That's excellent.

    2. About my MPG, I did a long highway trip, about 40 miles, and I reset my MPG meter before. In the end it gave me about 19-20 MPG. What a relief. I guess the 4.0 NOISY engine uses a lot gas, especially for stop & go traffic.

    3. About the key to open the door, I still can not figure that one out, I need some more explanation. Below the power sliding door controls on the fob there is a black piece that seems to be something which I can't figure out. Is that what you're talking about?

    4. The antenna problem I was reffering to is the REGULAR antenna, not the satellite. I also wonder why Chrysler is still using this old-time tech instead of integration in the back windows, like most other manufacturers are doing.

    5. Interior has light colors which makes it look much nicer IMO. But I believe that Chrysler should also offer a dark interior for those families who needs it. They used to offer dark colors (dark navy) on previous models (2002?), but seems that they had too few requests for that practical - but unexciting - color. When my mats get dirty, I always think that it's easy to replace, and I don't make a big deal about it. What really bugs me that in the Stow'n'Go version (which I have) tha second row mats is just a joke. Looks like a thin piece of garbage, and so small covering only about half the space. My old 2005 GC had much better (bigger & thicker) mats for second row.

    I still have a lot to write, and one day (in the near future...) I will make a full detailed review.
  • Re: # 3, the black piece is what allows you to take the SMALL door key out (I'm tellin' you it's tiny looking) I don't have mine yet but I test drove and the dealer showed it then-it's a slide or push mechanism that allows the key to slide out of the end of the fob.
  • d66d66 Posts: 2
    We just purchased a 2008 T&C Touring this weekend and so far we are just loving it. After test driving the 2008 and seeing all the new features we just had to have one :blush: so we traded in our 2005 T&C. We do a lot of traveling with three kids so the dual DVDs will be perfect for us. The only problem we have is trying to get two movies to play at the same time. The manual doesn't just come out and give you step by step instructions. We placed one movie in the DVD player down below and then placed another in the top CD/DVD slot. While in park we could get one movie to play on the front dash screen while the other movie was playing on the two rear screens (with sound coming from the headphones). Can anyone help? It would be greatly appreciated.
  • maguymaguy Posts: 13
    I am getting a Touring with entertainment #2. Does the mygig system have a 6 disc CD player or is it a single?
  • d66d66 Posts: 2
    Never mind......I finally was able to figure it out. I've probably used more gas sitting in my driveway playing with all the feature in my new van. Today my plan is to load music onto the hard drive. Did I mention how much I love all my new features on this van :shades:
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    I am getting a Touring with entertainment #2. Does the mygig system have a 6 disc CD player or is it a single?

    It is a single.
  • Does anyone know of one site that I can find a specific Chrysler equipped to my specifications without going through a dealer or searching each individual dealer's inventory online?
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    The inventory search tool at is pretty much all that's available. I know it takes some time, having to search one dealer at a time, but you can customize the search out to whatever distance you want.

    I'm an employee and that's what I had to use last year when shopping for my Chrysler. When I finally went to the dealer I knew they had the car I wanted and there wasn't another one in that same color and configuration within 150 miles.
  • I like the 2008 Chrysler and Dodge minivans a lot--they look great and the prices seem fair for base trim. But...I've read lots of horror stories about failing transmissions on Chrysler products, both on the Edmund's forums and elsewhere. Of grave concern was a post from someone claiming they had transmission problems on several generations of Chrysler vans he/she had owned (makes me wonder why they continued buying, but that's another issue). I really want an 'American' (as in traditional Big Three) product this time around, but the Chrysler boys aren't getting good write-ups as far as I can tell. Should I be alarmed, or give Chrysler a chance? :confuse:
  • dennisctcdennisctc Posts: 1,168
    Don't let some posting from some bitter buyer weigh too heavily on you. I can tell you I've had 3 Chrysler minivans since 1997 wihtout a single tranny issue. I have many friends and coworkers too....NONE!! You can check out other make's forums and here and see many horror tales for them too.

    I'd test drive em all and make up your own mind.
  • Thx for the feedback!
  • We're in the process of buying an 08 T&C Limited. We didn't particularly want a sunroof but that's what's available at the moment with the other options / colours we want. Anybody with the sunroof here? What is the overhead console like with the sunroof? Do you still have the "ambient halo" light? We really wanted that and are trying to decide if we should just order it from the factory without the sunroof.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    Consider that most people posting have a reason, either they have a problem and want to see if anyone else has had one like their problem, or they want to vent or brag. Proberly those with problems out weigh the bragging posts.
    I have had 17 Chrysler vehicles in my life, only two had any problem and they were fixed by Chrysler. The big noise about chrysler transmissions is 95% rumor and 5% fact.
    There is a huge bias against any vehicle made in the USA. Just look at any car or truck magazine, foreign vehicles are the envied of the car writers. That burns me up! Right now Toyota has dropped in the score related to the number of times buyers have to bring back their vehicles back to be worked on after delivery. We sure don't hear much about that do we?
    I am an 62 year old who buys American when ever I can, even if it cost more! We are so deep in debt to China, Japan and countries we once were at war with, and rescued their economy to restart them, we have been taken over by our kindness and mercy given to Germany and other European Countries.
    With the CHRYSLER LIFETIME POWERTRAIN WARRANTY i DON'T SEE ANY REASON TO FEAR ANY POWERTRAIN PROBLEM THAT MIGHT COME ABOUT. There is no other vechicel that comes even close to LIFETIME at least that I have found. And that is a no decuctable too!
    As far as I am concerned most American vehicles are about the same and have drastically improved to more than beat the foreign vehicles. I am sure there are some who will dispute me on that, but that's how I see it. Check out some parts on a vehicle made in Europe or Asia and see how much more they cost and then check out an American list of the same parts.

  • I would agree with farout here; I think they are all the same. And I just bought an 08 Grand Caravan.

    And, I would add that I don't believe the Japanese cars are more reliable. However, I do believe that the service departments at the Japanese dealers do a much better job to give the appearance of reliability. They really seem to emphasize fixing it right the first time. The priority at the American car dealers always seems to be "Get it done".

    Since 1988 (before my van), I've owned a 88 Mazda MX6, a 1998 Honda Accord, a 1992 Ford Taurus, a 1994 Ford Windstar, and a 2002 Pontiac Bonneville.

    When I had the Accord and the MX6, the dealer always gave me a loaner when I dropped the car off for service. And, on a few occasions, they asked if I could use the loaner another day so that they could do a few more things or check things out a little more thoroughly.

    When I had my Ford and Pontiac, the dealers never did that. The goal always seemed to be getting the car ready when promised; regardless of whether or not the underlying problem was fixed.

    I've seen this at a Mazda dealer, two different Honda dealers, a Ford Dealer, a Pontiac Dealer and, now, a Dodge dealer. And the pattern always seems the same; the Japanese car dealers have repair shops that emphasize customer service.

  • dennisctcdennisctc Posts: 1,168
    I think dealership service is same as manufacturer, meaning you can find crappy dealerships regardless of brand. I had an Acura once where the seatbelt warning would just go one when it wanted to, except when I was within a mile of the dealership. It took dealer months to figure it out and fix it. I was shocked at my Dodge dealership recently when I needed oil change and airbag sensor checked. It was suppose to be done before lunch and wasn't. They called me after lunch and apologized for being late, but they found bad outter tierods, noticed that my warranty expired in 3 days and wanted to fix them under warranty for me.....not bad in my book.
  • staciystaciy Posts: 8
    could you tell me the friends price of the touring 08 with a msrp of 35625. zipcode 35613. It has the 25m package, nav, and sirius tv. Also extra for red paint. It is at a dealership and I wanted to know what you show as the price. Thanks,
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    MSRP: $35,625
    Friends: $30,654

    The above Friends price includes a current rebate of $1,500 in your region.

    Also, you can determine the Friends price on any vehicle by looking up the invoice on Edmunds. The Friends price is 1% below invoice. Any rebates or other price incentives are subtracted from that for even greater savings.
  • lilvbclilvbc Posts: 15
    Hi, just going to ask this question again in case anyone knows -- has anyone gone through a carwash w/ this van? I'm worried about the old-style antenna on the right front of the van getting mangled; it doesn't look like you can take it off easily either. Thanks.
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