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Ford Expedition



  • carguy5000carguy5000 Posts: 146
    " This is why I leased this one, which I have never done. In two years, it's someone else's problem. I work too hard for my money to be stuck"...What, are you using Monopoly money to make your lease payments?
    I would assume that you work just as hard for the loot to make your lease payments as you would to make loan installments.
    I would still try to get the situation tended to since it IS yours for the next two years!
  • pwaspwas Posts: 34
    How do you like the 4.6 engine performance and gas mileage? What are the major differences you see in the 2001 vs the previous expedition that you owned? what are the improvements. Do the michelins ride better than the firestones? are they smoother and quieter?
  • sencsenc Posts: 44
    You are correct; money for lease or purchase is real money; I'm just not going to be stuck with a vehicle that will require numerous visits to the shop and reduced trade value in the event knowledge of the Expy vibration problem spreads. I suspect the owners of late-model Explorers(great vehicles-I had 3 of them with NO problems/bad tires,in my opinion) are worse off than those who leased them since Explorer resale value has plummeted. The lease holder will just drive it to the lot and turn it in. I do intend to continue to get them to solve the problem on the Expy. The wife drives it and I want her happy with it..I just don't understand how you go to great lengths to make it noise free, rattle free, comfortable, but, the rear-end shakes; Ford could find it if they would assign engineers to it, rather than let dealer service depts. field the complaints..
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    I trade every 2 years, rain or shine. Decided to trade out of my 98 EXP for a Toyota Sienna last year. Seemed like a wise thing to do considering gas prices. I do 95% of my driving in town. City milage in my EXP was 13 around town on regular unleaded gas. My Sienna gets 16.5 mpg around town on premium. If you're gonna compare apples to apples, you gotta subtract 10% from the Sienna milage (as premium is 10% more) giving me a net dollar for dollar 14.85 mpg in the Sienna. For all practical purposes the Sienna has a 1.85 mpg advantage. At 1000 miles a month we're talking 20 bucks a month difference. Speaking from experience, you get a hell-of-a-lot more car in an Expedition over a minivan and well worth the $270 a year in added gasoline. Wish I had mine'm working on it.
  • carguy5000carguy5000 Posts: 146
    .....keep working, I know you can do it!!!
    This morning, the Expo was black....the battery gods got me!! Got too used to the automatic lights. Yesterday, it rained all day, had to override the auto switch and put the fogs on as well (might as well use 'em). Got home, put it in the garage and forgot that I had turned the lights on manually. Needless to say, I was reminded this morning!
  • sencsenc Posts: 44
    It's hard to compare the 2 I have owned. The early one was an EB with all options. The nly thing I hated about it was the LLS, which clicked all the time. It could have been fixed but I never had time to take it in. Also, that one had no vibration that I ever noticed. The one I have now is an XLT 2wd with cloth(trying to save a few $$) and the only complaints I have is that it has rear vibration, shocks are TOO soft(you roll around turns) and it dumped all the rear-end fluid on my garage floor on day 2, requiring a week in the shop. That didn't do much for my confidence in Ford. The sad part is I have always had good luck with Ford, but there are alot of horror stories out there, and the service depts can't keep up and Ford(and prob. most other mfgrs. refuse to stand by their product. They even claim delaers are indep. busineeses and they 'can't do anything' about them. That is bull, because I know some dealers and the mfgr has a heavy hand on them and flexes their muscle all the time. They just don't want to back up the product they produce anymore.
    The Michelins do ride better, and I was hoping that would elim. the vibration, but it is about the same. I have the same Michelins on a ML320 and they improved it considerably. I will probably never buy anything but Michelins. My guess is Firestone will be history very soon. The continue to deny the problem is theirs, but they are 'making upgrades in materials and design....'. What a PR fiasco.
  • boonsboroboonsboro Posts: 22
    I have the Firestone tires on my 2000 Exp. Does anyone have recommendations on a good replacement tire? Ford lists 3 replacements for P265/70R17 -- Goodyear Wrangler RT/S, BF Goodrich Radial Long Trail T/A, and Michelin LTX M/S. Does anyone have these tires on their SUV?

    From the Ford web site I see that we can be reimbursed up to $130 per tire or the dealer will swap them for free. Check out for more details on the recall.

  • sanandtonsanandton Posts: 342
    I had my Firestones changed out to the Goodyear Wrangler RT/S 17" before I would take delivery. That was 6 months and 15k miles ago. The ride is superb and very quiet. Not sure about the tread life. They are wearing even, and still look strong, but someone else posted only 40k out of theirs in past.
    On the other hand the Michelins can't be beat. I would have had those instead, except there was a shortage at the time.
  • sencsenc Posts: 44
    I went with the Michelin LTX M/S and have them on both vehicles. They are great tires and should last a long time, but I probably will not go beyond 40K miles because I like plenty of tread even though they would not be considered worn out. Hydroplaning is just no fun! I paid $150/tire mounted and balanced, no bargain, but got what I paid for..
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,006
    US Government Releases Rollover Results

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  • klkrauseklkrause Posts: 96
    It's so amazing to me that we now have to come out with roll-over ratings. It seems so intuitive to me that the taller the vehicle the easier it is to roll-over. When you buy an SUV ... duh ... you are more likely to roll-over when you jerk the steering wheel than if you were driving a car.
  • carguy5000carguy5000 Posts: 146
    Remember, it is the Governments job to protect the people from themselves.
  • centralflcentralfl Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Ex in the garage now test driving it this weekend. We are planning to lease as we did with our previous vehicle, 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee. My philosophy has always been never put anything down. That is just money in their pockets. Find out what the vehicle is worth, minus the rebates and dealer cash incentives, as well as the 3% on sticker kickback they get and start dealing from that point. Don't let them just get your $1500 and pocket it. that's always a neat trick. Never go beyond four years on a lease, that is a long time to be locked in. And last, always make sure they have checked all financial institutions for better lease deals. They usually use several different banks and if you credit score is high, above 740, there are several banks that you can choose from that will give you a better rate. Have fun and remember, walk out at least three times. They will always come after you.
  • carguy5000carguy5000 Posts: 146
    you have put ENTIRELY too much thought into your twisted process w/too many built in assumptions (money down=money in "their" pockets?) Nice one.
    Try this. Ask two questions:
    1. What are you selling the car to the lease company for?
    2. What is the money factor that you are using?

    Make it clear that you want to put no cap. cost monies down, only fees.
    Do your homework first by figuring invoice prices and the $1500 rebate currently on the Expo.
    ......And all of this can be done without the foolishness which you suggest.
  • ejzejz Posts: 18
    Have had a 2001 EB 4X4 for almost 2 weeks now. Guzzles gasoline but otherwise we really like it. Had an interesting occurrence the other evening: The car was unlocked in the garage and had been sitting there for a few hours and all of a sudden the vehicle alarm went off (at about 11:30 PM). Fortunately I was still up and went out and started it up to shut the alarm off. Anybody else had random alarm activation? Maybe a mouse crawled up in the engine compartment and set it off. Just wondering if this is something I should worry about happening again?
  • sstaylorsstaylor Posts: 35

    I saw an ad in Sunday's paper for '01 EBs at $379 a month for 24 months. $2k down, 12k miles, and the sales manager said that they were base EBs (4.6L, but with the free moon roof). One other area dealership I mentioned it to checked it out and said that they would meet the price. It was from the Atlanta Journal/Constitution for Team Ford/Hub Ford.

    Sound like a good deal?

  • missemisse Posts: 22
    Looking at a 2001 XLT 4WD; does not list the 535 trailer towing group; salesperson claims all 5.4L engines have the super engine cooling and transmission oil cooler; can anyone verify this or explain what I could look for in the engine compartment to discern for myself?
  • carguy5000carguy5000 Posts: 146
    I believe that the trailer towing package is standard on the 2001 model which was optional last year. Along with the class 3 hitch, you should get the oil and trans coolers. The optional package this year is the class 4 package, offering increased towing capacity. If you are looking to tow big weight, it kills me to say this, but seriously consider a 3/4 ton Suburban with teh optional engine. That extra wheelbase length has plenty of benefit!!
  • rickc5rickc5 Posts: 378
    Engine cooling would be a larger radiator. You would need to measure the thickness of the radiator(s) to determine the differences. Transmission cooling is usually provided by a separate small "radiator" that is connected to the transmission via tubing/hoses. Unfortunately, I haven't the foggiest idea where Ford has located this item.

    Another option would be to visit the service dept. of your local Ford dealer and ask a Service Manager to help you determine the differences. The Service Managers I have spoken to have been extremely helpful.

    Personally, I have no use for the trailer hitch on our new EB Expy (std equip), but I like the idea of having improved cooling for the engine & tranny.
  • sstaylorsstaylor Posts: 35

    I am working a lease with a local dealer. '01 EB with 5.4L and limited slip diff., and Rear Seat Ent. Sys. I have gotten them to a payment of $407/month for a 24 month lease, with $2k down. Any suggestions on requesting a change in tires from the Uniroyal OEM tires to something else?

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