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Ford Expedition



  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,999
    Well, we could ask Karen to start one for you guys - anyone else like to have one here? Click on this Owners Clubs link for examples.

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  • dgraves1dgraves1 Posts: 414
    Thanks, Steve. I'm not an Expedition owner (yet). What I am really looking for is a model specific site that has tons of information (FAQs, Tech Tips, Classifieds, message boards, etc). If asking for a reference to another website on Edmunds is poor internet etiquette, I apologize and will delete the post.
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    I find the lack of enthusiasm about Expeditions a little surprising. I drove a 98 for two years, never had a problem, and found it vastly superior to my 96 Tahoe.
  • lew12lew12 Posts: 2
    I will be picking up my new 2002 Expy on Monday, 11/19. I'll be taking it on its first road trip on Wednesday, 11/21 - 750 miles roundtrip over the holiday weekend. The salesperson is telling me it's okay, that there isn't a break-in period for the Expediton. I'd appreciate feedback if anyone has an opinion on whether or not its a good idea to go on a long trip two days after purchase. Thanks
  • dgraves1dgraves1 Posts: 414
    Where did the post with the link to the Expedition Owners site go? Is there a policy against links to other sites on Edmunds? Model specific owner's group are a great source of information that could never be duplicated by Edmunds. You are doing a great disservice to the users of these forums if you don't allow them to tell each other about other useful internet sites.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Is there a policy against links to other sites on Edmunds?

    I don't know specifically about the post in question though Edmunds does have some restrictions on posting links. Here's the policy contained in the Terms of Use (TOU) regarding links to other sites:

    You agree to not promote other auto forums that provide message boards or chats.

    Clearly, it is desirable for users to exchange information regarding other useful sites but not desirable to promote other auto related sites with message boards or chat. :-)

    Thanks for understanding!

  • dgraves1dgraves1 Posts: 414
    tidester - Who said I understood? :)
    I won't discuss it here as this is not the appropriate forum. See you over in "Talk to the Hosts" if you care to join me.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Maybe I should have said "Thanks, in advance!" ;-)

    I'll check out "talk to the hosts later."

  • katt3katt3 Posts: 2
    I am interested in getting a extended warranty form my expy. The best one i have seen is offered by Can anyone give me a reson not to buy it? Or if it is any goood?

  • jjmd1jjmd1 Posts: 14
    I was wondering if there is any difference between the 16" and 17" tires in terms of the ride or gas mileage? Also, just had general tires put on the car. Are these good tires or not?

    Finally, when should I change the transmission fluid? I have 54,000 miles on my 1998 XLT?
  • The door locks on my Expy are going crazy. Locking and unlocking automatically. Sometimes several times in a row, sometimes only once. It is a continual problem which occurs even when the vehicle is shut off. At dealership now - they have replaced some computer module which controls all the accessories, but problem persists. Dealership cannot figure out the the cause. Any suggestions.
  • I've got a 98 expy (5.4 Triton)with 48,000. When in drive and idling, I get a vibration in the cab with the engine running at about 600-700 RPM. If I shift to neutral it goes away and my RPM goes to 700-800. I took it to my local Ford dealer and they did a engine diagnostic test which passed all tests. The computer told them if there was a vibration, procedure SSM 12738 directs them to replace both motor mounts (at the tune of $600) and perform an engine isolation procedure. They also said they checked the mounts and they look good. I'm skeptical it's the mounts as anything above 700 RPMs is smooth. Any ideas?
  • The Expedition 16 inch tire has a taller sidewall than the 17 inch tire. This absorbs vibration better and gives a softer, smoother ride. Handling may not be quite as sharp with the 16 inch tire.
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
    I'm here to announce the new Ford Expedition Owners club now available on Owner's Club board. Please stop by and introduce yourself in Meet the Members and let me know how I can help build your club.

    I have linked this discussion into that folder, but it will always reside here in SUVs.

    Looking forward to meeting everyone!

    Owner's Clubs

    Community Manager If you have any questions or concerns about the Forums, send me an email,, or click on my screen name to send a personal message.

  • Just signed on for the first time tonight. I went by my local dealership last night to check on a new Expedition. The word over there is the new Expedition is due out June 2002. According to the sales rep. this is going to be more than just a basic makeover. Ford is planning to take the new look and features from the 2002 Explorer and role it into the new Expedition. This is the first and only time I have heard this information. Is anybody hearing this same thing or am I peddling old gossip?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110

    Thanks for the info and welcome to the Town Hall!

    I am sure if anyone knows about it they will jump right in!

  • To give everyone an update on my vibration at idle problem. After calling the Ford Customer Relations number and them calling my local Ford Service Supervisor, my advisor called me back and said come in for a free 52 point safety inspection. Did that and now they say the motor mount SSM is applicable to my problem and even though my 98 Expy is out of warranty they're going to replace them for free. They're doing that tomorrow. I let you know if my vibrations go away.
  • Is there someway to determine if the limited slip differential is working. I have a 4x2 Expy and it seems to get a lot or rear tire spin on pavement which is barely wet. This happens even with minimal acceleration. Wheels spin to the point I have had trouble getting out of a drive through carwash - no exaggeration.
  • I recently purchased my fourth Ford SUV. I have owned every generation of Explorer, which include my most recent purchase of an 2002 Explorer to accompany my 2001 Expedition all E.B. My most recent previous Explorer had 133K miles on it and I only did the tuneup at 105K, and oil changes every 5k. My 2001 Expedition has been the same and I have just slightly over 20K miles on it. I cant wait for the 2003 to hit the street.
  • I have a 1999 Expedition XLT 2WD. I have been trying to sell it for well over a month. It seems I cannot give it away.

    Anyone had any trouble unloading theirs?
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