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Ford Expedition



  • karzzkarzz Posts: 151
    The disappearing 3rd row seat seems to be made possible due to the independent rear suspension and the special patented frame the Expy has. This has opened up the whole rear area of the Expy and allowed space for the disappearing seat, adding the power part was probably the easy part.
  • The Expedition is not available as a manual. The stock tires are not low profile. It should be the same height as other Expys. Maybe the one you compared it too was lifted. Maybe the air suspension in yours is working incorrectly. What i would do would be to add a lift kit since you like vehicles to sit heigh and get some bigger tires. If you want to keep the current ride heigh and just need better tires I suggest that you get Yokohamas. These are the best tires on the market in my opinion. I have 255-70-R16 i believe. These are small when compared to some others. Good luck.
  • Thanks for all the info. that you have provided me, Im back with another question. I love my new to me Expedition, but the third seat does take away alot of cargo room, I was used to my Explorer having a ton of space. Anyway, I saw on another website a thing called the cargo strut which locks the third seat up into place allowing for alot of extra room. Does anyone have one and does it work good? Oh, by the way, thanks for the advise gasguzzler. Wanted to let you know that when I was hoping to get my manual soon, I meant the book manual, mine did not have one and the dealership has ordered one so I have been trying to learn all about my Expy on my own and with the help of these boards!
  • I was confused. LOL I was about to say that it is really strange that someone was looking for a manual Expedition. If you ever want to customize your truck make sure to take a look at my site at . I have put up many interesting ideas there. You will see an Expedition/Mercedes conversion and other interesting things. Good luck with the new truck! BTW, you made a good choice. These trucks are very dependable. I have 94K miles with no problems
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,910
    Ford Makes Changes in Expedition SUV for 2003

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  • My 2000 Exp. has a bar on the bottom of the 3rd row seat to hold it up out of the way. I believe this was added for the 2000 model year. The seat still takes about 1/3 of the space behind the 2nd row seat. Depending on what I am carrying it is usually more effective to fold the seat back down.
  • codavecodave Posts: 6
    I have only seen one problem posted in last 6 months with transmissions. Anybody hear of any? I have a 99 Expedition with the 5.4L with 50K miles. Now I have a faint, high pitch 'whistle' noise, perhaps a small electric motor noise, when it gets to 3rd or OD. I hear it most when the tranny is cold. Once it is warm, the noise fades. Any ideas?
  • Have you had the tranny serviced? It is about due. You would be surprised what some nice fresh fluid will do. It will also give the mechanic a chance to look at the screen and the internals. It is cheap insurance against a bigger problem later.
  • eran1eran1 Posts: 17
    Out of pure curiosity. How many miles do you (anyone or all) have on your Expedition? I have 120k on a 1998, 2wd, 5.4L, XLT. Just wondering if there are others in this arena. The truck is great, except we had a coolant leak on the 4th cylinder at 14k and 92k which made the truck virtually undriveable. Thanks for any comments.
  • jjmd1jjmd1 Posts: 14
    I have a 1998 expy XLT, 4WD with 56,000 miles on it. I have had the 4WD replaced twice. Once at 40,000 miles, the axle actuator and recently,the vacuum apparatus? Both times, the 4wd failed when I needed it the most. I have also had the alternator replaced along with several electrical switches and motors. I love the car, but have had the car in the shop frequently.

    Also, should I have the transmission fluid changed? What type should I put in the truck?
  • 2900 miles on my 2001 EB. I hardly drive the vehicle because I have a company Van. Should I start the vehicle every other day or just let it sit? I usually only drive it on the weekends.
  • What type of aftermarket air intake or exhaust systems have you heard are good for the Expy EB? Do/will they actually increase gas mileage?
  • The best air filter to get is the K&N. Its available almost anywhere for less then $40. It is a cheap mod that does give you more HP. If you want to add a couple more horses, get the complete air intake. It is available for about $200. These help your car breath a lot better then the stock airfilters and they are reusable. I had one on my Mustang GT and have one on my F150. The mileage will not increase greatly. You have to remember that Expeditions are massive so which ever mod you do, you wont feel the extra power.

    As for exhaust, I would go for a flowmaster. I had them on my 4.6 GT and they were great. Not only did it have a great noise to it, it does give you about 15 extra HP. Check them out on the web. You would need a series 40 or 50. Currently mine is stock when it comes to exhaust. I have a flowmaster tip but thats it.

    Because you are interested in adding mileage, you will probably run into a lot of products. Some will be such things as the Tornado. I have heard a lot of bad things about this mod. I would not do it to my truck. So be careful. Hope that helps.
  • Are all Expeditions equipped for a 3rd row seat. Some say yes others say no. I have a 1997 XLT.
  • The third row seat drops into pockets that are in the floor pan in the cargo area. They are probably not just under the carpet waiting for you to expose them, they probably aren't there. You would also need seat belts, which mount to the d pillar, again if the hardware isn't there, then it isn't there, and you would need to add it. Doing it right will be a lot tougher than just buying a seat and slapping it in there, which is where I am guessing you are going with this.
  • If your vehicle didn't come with the seat, the pockets in the floor pan may not be there. Look and tell us what you find.
  • cmachkcmachk Posts: 1
    Hi my husband and I are considering purchasing a 98 XLT with 95,000. The truck seems to be in great condition. The previous owner put alot of money into after-market accessories. i.e custom leather driver and passenger seats, custom running boards, custom mirrors,custom wood grain trim on the inside, fog lights, two tone paint, bug shield, window guards, chrome strips above the wheel wells. The truck looks great and sounds great when running. I talked to the Ford dealer and he tells me I can expect to get 125,000 to 150,000 miles from it. Can anyone tell us why we shouldnt purchase it?
  • dependable engines. I say if you can get a very good deal go for it. I have 96K miles on mine and it runs great. Plus, it looks a lot better then most 99-00s because it has the good looking bumper unlike the plastic ones on the 99+. Tell us what you decide. I have a subscription to carfax so if you want I can run a report for you. Email me with your vin# at .
  • I need some info on tires. I have a 2000 EB 4x4 that's in need of some new tires. It has Good Year Wranglers (originals?) on it now w/55k miles.
    Anyway one tire place tells me Bridgestone's another place tells me Michelins. So which tire is best?

    Thanks in advance,
  • Imported straight from japan. Cant go wrong with that. I have AT+2 and there are the best tires that I have ever had. They are much better then my stock General Grabbers. I paid about $75 a piece. These usually sell for $120.
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