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Ford Expedition



  • jj35jj35 Posts: 283
    I am hoping to trade my minivan later this year on a new vehicle and was considering the Expedition. From what I am reading, it appears that Ford is sometimes partly paying for repairs after warranty, which is great! Has there been anyone who has experienced problems with their Expedition while it was under warranty where Ford refused warranty coverage for the repairs? I am trying to research this next purchase better than I did my last.
  • Blue Oval News has a link to Ford's media page, where 2003 Expy pricing has been announced. The XLT will be the same as the 2002, and the Eddie Bauer will increase $110.00. So the MSRP is essentially the same, but I wouldn't expect the deep incentives currently being offered on the 2002's.
  • giridgirid Posts: 19
    will be the discount on the 2003 model? Any ideas? I hope it is not more than 4 or 5K over the 29000 quoted for the 2002.
  • worldii2worldii2 Posts: 27
    Pursuant to Media Ford. The MSRPs for the 2003 Expedition range from $31,295 to $41,935
  • I just purchased a used 2000 Exp Eddie Bauer and everything is good except for 2 things.
    1) When turning corners, there is a loud grinding sound like the 4WD is attempting to lock in. The truck is always set at AWD. This happens sporadically.

    2) I hear a lot of wind noise coming from the passenger and driver side windows when going about 55-65.

    Any thoughts on #1.
  • We own a 2000 XLT 5.4 L 2 X 4 with 30,000 miles on it. The truck still has the original tires (Brand name: General) and which are in very good condition. The tires have plenty of thread and have been balanced and rotated in accordance to the maintenance schedule. The problem that we have is that, on wet pavement, the tires loose traction with ease and the truck skids violently to the sides. Could you please provide suggestions on how to solve the problem?
  • ranwinranwin Posts: 15
    cristinamaria - I also have a 4X2, 2001 Expy with about 17000 miles on it. Experience same traction problems you have. Tires are Goodyear Wranglers. Have actually had difficulty getting out of a carwash due to tire spin. I think some of my problem was re-learning to drive a rear-wheel drive vehicle after many years of driving front-wheel drive vehicles.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,950
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  • I'm not a dealer, and have no inside info on discounts. Based on past experience, I would guess the discounts depend on how soon you want an '03. If you plan to purchase in April or May, you will probably have to work to get any discount at all, depending on where you live. In Atlanta, you can get most domestic vehicles at or below invoice plus any available incentives. After the factory is cranking at full power and the dealers all have their initial inventories, you should probably be able to get close to invoice. Notice that Ford is already offering heavy incentives on the "all new" 02 Explorer. In short, if you can wait a few months for an '03, you'll probably save $$.
  • giridgirid Posts: 19
    I agree with you, but I hope I don't have to wait till Sept. or something, June or July is fine. Thanks for the input.
  • worldii2worldii2 Posts: 27
    Some readers have expressed a safety concern regarding third seat power fold down. A child in subject seat could become injured if rear control button for seat was inadvertently push. My recommendation for engineers is to have a weight sensor in the seat to disable operation. Readers point of view is welcome.
  • bornzobornzo Posts: 19
    You may want to look at purchasing tires with an A rating for traction. I replaced the original tires on my 2001-xlt 4x4 from firestone ats to michelins ltx m/s and there is a world of difference. Just my opinion.
  • heatmiser1heatmiser1 Posts: 122
    When you say you can get a 2002 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer with entertainment system for $29,000 plus TTL, are you speaking of the 4WD or 2WD? I just went to a Ford dealer today to se their specials and can get a EB 4WD loaded (with entertainment system) for $31,975 ($29,975 for 2WD). I just wanted to know if there was room for the dealer to discount even deeper.

    Either way this is an incredible deal and would possibly swing me back into a new 2002 Ford Expedition (with extended warranty) over the Toyota Sequoia. Even with the extended warranty I am saving over $7,500 by going with a Ford Expedition over the Toyota Sequoia. Of course the residual of the Toyota at the end of our 6 years of ownership will be worth more than the Ford but doubt that it will make up all the $7,500 difference.

    Decision, decisions, decisions...
  • heatmiser1heatmiser1 Posts: 122
    I live in San Diego, CA and travel to Mammoth Mountain with our familiy for skiing about 3-4 times each year. We currently have a 1999 Eddie Bauer 4x4 Ford Expedition which has handled great in the snow over the past few years.

    I was wondering how the 2wd with limited slip will perform in the snow. I would rather not purchase the 4wd since this is the only time we will use it and weather in San Diego is hardly ever bad.


    1) Does anyone have first hand experience with a 2wd Expedition in the snow?

    2) How did it handle?

    3) Did you put tire chains on?

    4) Do you need them for all four wheels?

    5) How it they manage?

  • ranwinranwin Posts: 15
    Have a 2 wheel drive Expy with limited slip. See my previous posts regarding tire slippage on wet pavement. Although handles fine in heavy rains, I get a lot of tire spin on damp pavement.

    Had a little snow and ice this winter in Kansas. You can get around fine with the 2 wheel drive, but have to be careful of sliding and not accelerate to quickly or brake to hard.

    I was never worried about getting stuck, but sliding through intersection, missing corners, etc. was a concern if I wasn't paying very close attention to speed and braking.

    Hope this helps.
  • giridgirid Posts: 19
    It was for a 2WD. I am not going to even consider the Seqouia. It's either a 02 or and 03 Expy
  • renardorenardo Posts: 3
    I went to a few local dealers here today, and of course they want full invoice ($39K+) for any Expeditions they have left. Even dealer samples are that much.

    Where are you guys finding loaded EB's for so cheap?? Is is possible to fly there and drive one back??

  • worldii2worldii2 Posts: 27
    Renardo, I agree with your comments on pricing of loaded EBs. Some price quotes posted we see are not realistic and there is an old saying in the vehicle purchase business. "A deal is not a deal until you leave the F&I office with FINAL sales contract and keys in your hand. With the 2003 Expy not being available until mid-year, dealers
    will only be realistic based on their floor plan inventory.
  • heatmiser1heatmiser1 Posts: 122
    Brand new 2002 Eddie Bauer 4WD Expedition for $31,975 including:

    VCR Entertainment Package
    5.4L Engine
    3.74 Limited Slip
    Side Airbags

    There are a few dealers in San Diego selling the Expeditions for this price. Makes you wonder what resale values will be for these...

    My friend bought a 2001 XLT for $31,500 about 14 months ago. He wants one of the EB 4WD's selling at this low price and asked the dealer what he could get for a trade-in price on his 2001 XLT. The best the dealer could do was $18K. OUCH!!!!! That's $13,500 (43% depreciation) in one year!!!!! Think twice before jumping on these even at these low price deals...
  • Renardo,

    Not sure where you are located, but Atlanta has a nice airport, and there are at least 10 dealers here who would love to sell you an expedition at $100 over invoice less any incentives. If your dealers are asking MSRP, they're not living in the real world. You shouldn't have to go far to find a dealer that understands the reality of the market.


    While I agree that the depreciation has been stiff because of the redesign and the current incentives, I think your friend was lowballed in a big way. The guys that provide values on the Smart Shopper forum, 'Real World Trade In Values' discussion have said that used expeditions are still easy to move and relatively strong. If he really wants to trade, or feel better about the value of his ride, post a note over there requesting a value. Bill or Terry will be glad to tell him what they're selling for at auction and/or what he could expect on a retail sale.
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