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Ford Expedition



  • rickc5rickc5 Posts: 378
    Both Courtesy Ford and Phil Long Ford have been advertising 2001 EBs, loaded, for at least $10K off the MSRP. This has been going on for several months. Of course, you must qualify for the RCL and "new grad" discounts, which total about $1500. So figure a minimum of $8500 off MSRP if you don't qualify for those. This puts loaded EBs in the low $30Ks. Each dealer has at least 50 Expys to choose from.

    We bought our 2001 EB for about $7500 off MSRP in Jan of 2001. Deals are MUCH better now.

    I recently bought a new 2002 Ranger XLT, loaded with everything but the CD changer for $19.4K, which is about $2000+ BELOW invoice ($21.xK). MSRP was $24.6K, which already included $1650 discounts from Ford.

    Dealers here in the Denver area are really hurting. The economy here has not even begun to recover, and every dealer, irrespective of brand, has tons of new vehicles clogging their lots.

    Go to your library, or find a news stand that sells the Denver Post. The Friday papers are full of dealer ads. Or, look up Courtesy or Phil Wood on the web (both have sites) and make some phone calls. These deals are NOT advertised on the web.

    peachtree: Dealers here don't use ANY of the "guides" (KBB, NADA, etc.) to determine the value of a used vehicle. They call their counterparts at dealerships selling your trade-in and ask: "What is a 199x (insert make) wholesaling for?" The answer is ALWAYS way, way below any of the guides. This REALLY screws the public.

    Another local Ford dealer (I won't mention their name) makes 40% of its corporate PROFIT by low-balling trade-ins and then selling those same vehicles at wholesale to other dealers. Again, that's 40% of their PROFIT. Truly amazing!!!

    Its a jungle out there.
  • giridgirid Posts: 19
    There are multiple dealers offering 10,000+ off of MSRP with the final price in a 29K to 30.5K range for the options HeatMiser1 mentioned. Why don't put your money where your mouth is and wager a bet with me on these prices. Then we'll know if the prices are realisctic. Tell me what odds you want.
  • worldii2worldii2 Posts: 27
    GIRID I did not doubt price listing of 2002 EB. I only ask for detailed info such as Rickc5 submits. GIRID provide a few names of your multiple dealers you referred to and perhaps a reader in your area can get a REALISTIC deal. My 2001 EB EXP ordered in Jan in Mar 01...similar to Rickc5 purchase. Rickc5 I follow your comments and you give some positive info. Keep on posting. GIRID if I put my money where my mouth was, you would have to fold your hand TRUST ME! Nothing personal!!! Our readers do not welcome personal attacks. Lets keep it positive,
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    We do not appreciate personal attacks!

  • heatmiser1heatmiser1 Posts: 122
    I have a 4WD Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer (5.4L) and am getting only 12-13 MPG. Is this typical? I have calculated the MPG manually since I know the displayed MPG on the console was incorrect (stated 14-15 MPG average).
  • giridgirid Posts: 19
    Asking you to wager is no more a personal attack than your saying some prices posted here are unrealistic. And, what do you mean by you didn't doubt the prices, you said they are not realistic, what does that mean? Sorry, Tidester didn't want ot make your job any tougher... Anyway, I know 2 friends who bought last weekend at the prices I mentioned. Go talk to Randall Noe Ford in Terell, Park Cities Ford in Dallas, Town East Ford in Mesquite or Prestige Ford in Garland, but Randall Noe is the best deal. Why don't you check em out yourself since you are so confident I will have to fold my hand. And yes, don't forget to post back when you see the prices are real, you won't have to eat crow, I promise. In Dallas, if one pays more than $30,500 for the features I mentioned, you are truly paying more than you need to.
  • renardorenardo Posts: 3
    Thanks for the info GIRID! I have emailed everyone on your list for quotes and I will see what sort of deals they come back with! Might be flying to Dallas very soon!
  • giridgirid Posts: 19
    You're welcome Renardo, Better still, when you email them refer to their ads in the Saturday's (3/30) Dallas Morning News auto section. Here's the details -- Randall Now had $10700 off an MSRP of $39490, Town East Ford in Mesquite had $10,500 off MSRP ??, Park Cities Ford in Dallas had $10,600 off MSRP of $40,365, Bankston Ford in Frisco had $9037 off MSRP of $39,025. I am sure most of these deals have a EB 2002, 2WD, with 5.4 V8 and a TV?VCP package. I gotta rush now but will try to post more later. Let me know how it goes.....
  • Watching CNBC this morning. A stock analyst put a "sell" rating on Ford stock, citing the increasing costs of producing the 2003 Expedition, without a corresponding price increase. Thus, Ford's margin's on one of its most profitable vehicles will be squeezed.

    My conclusion, though again based only on my speculation, is that Ford will not rush to put incentives on the 2003 model, and may be forced into either 1) raising dealer invoices prices without increasing MSRP's, thus effectively reducing the dealer's ability to discount, or
    2) Having to have a mid-year price increase to boost margins or provide room for incentives.

    Either way, it does look like there is reason to expect a 'real world' price difference between the 2002 and 2003.
  • Anyone have the scoop? I know that some may have placed an order - any firm delivery date? TIA
  • Renardo, no doubt about that, 10 days ago I drove out Park Cities with 2002 EB 4.6 EXPI at $30177.03 that include TTL. Hope you get one, the milage computer is lousy, but other than that everything excellent, in city I got around 16 mpg, on highway maybe 21.4 mpg
  • why some people are waiting for the 2003 Expy. That thing is going to be ugly. Its just like a big exploder. We dont need another. There is no way to even make the new 2003 look good considering that modifications wont be enough. I like the 97-02 Expy so why does Ford have to ruin that for us. Its the same thing that happened in 99. Ford started putting the cheap front bumpers to save on expenses. I guess the 97-98 was to expensive with its chrome. I waited for the 99 F150s because I know that Ford styles them the same as Expys. I ended up buying a 98 F150 to go with my 97 Expy so I can still have a normal bumper. Whats up with Ford? And the 01 and 02s were also changed in a bad way. Have you guys seen the muffler. Its sticking out and is way to low. I know I wont be buying another Expy for a while. Maybe an Excursion would be a good idea.
  • alwaysfordsalwaysfords Posts: 210
    None of this would have ever happened if they just left the model T alone!!!
  • bornzobornzo Posts: 19
    I have to agree, I own a 2001 expy xlt and I would love to have some of the improvements the new expy has but I cannot get over how the expy looks like an explorer. I don't like the look. I wished they would have left the expy looks alone.
  • cmitl138cmitl138 Posts: 3
    I recently purchased a 1998 ford expedition eddie bauer 5.4liter
    i heard of a problem with internal leak in the motor
    i also am having a problem with acceleration the truck shakes the check engine light blinks then goes off. the computer shows no codes for a problem. need some insight and if anybody else has had this problem cmitl138
  • jrc346jrc346 Posts: 337
    Sounds to me like you have a bad ignition coil pack. I to had this problem on a 1998 Expedition but I had the 4.6L engine. The engine would idle and run roughly. The check engine light came on and signaled a missfire. I am not sure if you are talking about the head gasket oil leak that affects some 5.4L engines but some claim that they smell a burning oil smell while having the heat on or window open when the problem surfaces. If you have this problem I have heard of people that have had Ford either replace the whole engine for free or cover half the costs for a new engine if the vehicle is out of warranty, because they are aware of the problem.
  • I attended the international car show here in New York City and my Main interest was to see the 2003 Expy. Well to make a long story short I was very upset at how Ford changed the Expy. The body does look nice and I can bear that but the side exterior mirrors that they put on that truck look so incredibly ugly. They are basically large rectangular mirrors that look extremely ugly. I like the old round ones better. In my opinion if they would have kept the old mirrors the new expy would look nice. Ohh one last thing it seems to me that the new one is bigger than the old one. I just had to share my grief.
  • cmitl138cmitl138 Posts: 3
    does anybody know if the fuel filter should be changed every 15,000 miles on the 5.4 liter
    does doing this make a difference in the truks performance
  • s76drvrs76drvr Posts: 15
    Look at around 30-35K to change the fuel filter. My dealer will do it for $30 which after the special tool, filter, and mostly mess is well worth it.

    MSNBC had an interesting link to Ford recognizing a problem with the 5.4 (99 on). Worth a check.

    I like the 03 3rd seat improvement, but REALLY like the new Lincoln "Aviator" about to come out. Center shift and a little smaller. 300HP.

    I've had my fair share of woes with my 99EB (38K), rebuilt tranny, #4 coil pack, cd player, roof rack, and new seat covers (bottom front). Disappointed in fit and finish for $40K vehicle.
  • orkwisorkwis Posts: 82
    Any of you folks tinker with using synthetic oil in your Expedition? Does Ford have a problem with using it from a warranty standpoint? MB and BMW routinely use it in their vehicles and suggest 12k miles between changes based on oil sensor data. I'd like to avoid the extra shop visits if possible.
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