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Ford Expedition



  • alwaysfordsalwaysfords Posts: 210
    Careful on the head problem - just because it isn't there now does not mean you are "safe". It didn't show up on mine until 50k, and then it came on catastrophically - 4.5 quarts in 1000 miles.
  • meridian1meridian1 Posts: 6
    Wow! I ordered my 2003 EB at $100 over invoice and thought I was doing great. When I asked on antother forum (about pricing) I was excoriated for suggesting that I ought to take a run at some of that holdback. Now I'm wondering.
  • 3dglasses3dglasses Posts: 11
    Hmm, I thought the oil leaking from the head should show up early in life. Should I just stay away from a 99? I can't afford a 'new' one but is there any REAL way to be sure that the right side head won't leak on a 99? Am I better of with a 2000? Any list of VINs or such that can help me rule out the head problem?
  • cpearson1cpearson1 Posts: 30
    In response to some recent questions:
    The 2003 does not offer satellite radio.

    It uses regular gasoline.

    Some dealers have received vehicles.
  • alwaysfordsalwaysfords Posts: 210
    Like I said with the head problem, the best way to be sure you won't have the problem is to be sure someone else already had it fixed. That is why I suggested checking the service records.
  • missy778missy778 Posts: 1
    In the market to buy an expedition. Is the 5.4L engine a better choice than the 4.6L?
  • 3dglasses3dglasses Posts: 11
    I found a litle more info on the head gasket problem w/ 99 EXP:

    Component Description:
    Bulletin Number: 13846
    Bulletin Date: FEB 2000
    Vehicle: 1999 Ford Expedition

    So the question is how do I determine when the EXP was built? Thanks in advance...
  • cpearson1cpearson1 Posts: 30
    There may be a sticker on the driver side B-pillar that shows the build date. The B-pillar is the post on the car where the door latches. The sticker will be near the latch.
  • rickc5rickc5 Posts: 378
    If you live near sea level, never tow anything, have no real need for 4x4 capability (you are looking to buy a 4x2 instead of a 4x4), and never intend to load your vehicle close to capacity, the 4.6L engine might be perfect for you. You'll even get much better gas mileage

    Here in Denver at 5000+ ft elevation, the 4.6 engine is woefully underpowered compared to the 5.4, especially in a 4x4 configuration. Every time we drive our Expy into the mountains, I'm glad we bought the 5.4.

    It all depends on what you intend to use your Expy for.
  • giridgirid Posts: 19
    Bought 2003 Expy, EB 2WD for $250 below invoice price!!!
  • bear36bear36 Posts: 10
    Many posts on this board including some of mine have asked about how to boost HP and torque. We'll I finally took the plunge and put an exhaust system on my Expy. I have a 2000 5.4 EB, I have for a while now been using a K&N air filter, it noticeably helped power and response at higher RPM's and improved gas milage a little bit about .5 miles per gallon. A month ago I had installed, a Gibson swept side exhaust system. My God what a difference! Gibson claims on to give a 15 HP boost to the rear wheels so that probably is at least 20 at the engine. The swept side is pretty quite the increase in loudness is barely noticeable although it is noticeable. The sound changed a little bit also almost like the car has more Testosterone. Stock the 2000 5.4 has 260hp and 350 torque On paper I now have 290 HP and close to 400 torque I did not have my car dyno tested before or after but there is definitely a power increase I even noticed on the freeway at 75 the tachometer is 200 or 300 RPM's lower than before. Too soon to tell if there is gas savings but based on the tach reading I would guess so.
  • I was thinking of getting that exhaust my self. Even though its a quality exhaust, there is no way that you now have a 290Hp Expedition. Adding all of those things did not give you that much Hp. When they claim things its usually installed with some other part that will produce part of that HP. If you get it dyno tested your at the wheels HP will be a lot less then 260.
  • co_daveco_dave Posts: 16
    How did you manage to lower the RPMs at highway speeds. At those speeds your torque converter should be locked up. Your RPMs should remain constant, just easier and it won't have to unlock as much - unless that is controlled by the computer instead of load.
  • ecd71ecd71 Posts: 1
    This is a relatively inexpensive option for the 2003, but does anyone know exactly what info it provides? Is it a dummy light that tells you that you are low, or does it give the running pressure of each tire? Also, it replaces the alloy wheels on the EB with aluminum. Is that an upgrade or down? Does it look different? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • co_daveco_dave Posts: 16
    I hear that the 2003 Expedition is on a delivery hold - might be having a problem that they hope to fix without having a recall that could hurt the image. Also here are some of the current production delays:

    Special Service Vehicle Pkg. (fleet only) est. Job #1 ‚ 9/9/02
    (51P) Tire Pressure Monitor production delayed until 8/5/02
    (240A) FX4 Off Road Pkg. on hold until 9/3/02
    XLT standard steel wheel on hold until 9/3/02, to be substituted with bright alloy aluminum wheels at no charge
    Moonroof option may delay production by 4 weeks
  • the other day. It looks like a large exploder. This design will definately not last.
  • bamacarbamacar Posts: 749
    I drove one over the weekend. My dealer had 3. I agree the look is too Explorer like, but it is starting to grow on me. The ride and steering is light years ahead of the old one. The 3rd seat is wonderful compared to the old one. I was generally impressed. The price was also reasonable given the size and amenities. It was a XLT Premium.
  • bodymanbodyman Posts: 23
    This afternoon I stopped by the dealership that sold me my '02 Eddie Bauer to see the '03 models. Sitting out front was the new virtual twin to my model. It was the same color, engine, 2WD, etc. as mine, with the newer one having the reverse sensor warning system. Outside, the major body differences are obvious. I do feel that the door handles and rear gate handle look weak and are prone to break with time. The keyless entry pad has been moved to the glass moulding area, and is smooth. Also, the mirror mounted signal lamps are below the housing, and are several inches long and wedge shaped. Kind of gaudy European style to me. One mirror feature I liked was that when put in reverse, the right mirror automatically lowers to help you spot curbs and objects. Also, when the key TOUCHES the ignition switch, the seat memory activates. The cassette player/CD changer set-up is now an in-dash 6 CD unit with no tape player. The steering wheel adjustment is now more of a column up/down adjustment. The door armrests are flat, not angled. Front seating was different, but comfortable. Rear (middle) seating is totally redesigned, but I did not try it. I checked out the fold flat 3rd seat operation, and it worked smoothly. There is noticeably more 3rd seat foot room, also, due to the dropped floor and independent rear suspension. If you have others using the 3rd seat, it could come in very handy. I happen to leave my seat out for better visibility and less weight. And of course, I had to drive it, so off we went. I took a bumpy, narrow country road for several miles, and then in town driving. Lastly, I hit the highway at 55 mph. All in all, I did not find any drastic differences in ride quality. I even took the bumpy country road when I left, just to compare, and mine was more comfortable. With all of the visual and mechanical changes between the '03 and my '02, I still prefer the '02 I left in. The '03 is nice, but if I had been offered an even trade for my 4000 miler, I honestly would pass. Just my opinion.....
  • gregfockergregfocker Posts: 39
    bodyman - you have to be kidding me that you did not notice a difference in ride quality on the 2003! Moving to a four-way independant suspension is one of the biggest changes on the vehicle. I was looking at a 2002 and 2003 and rode them back-to-back on the same test drive course. What a HUGE difference! The 2003 did not bounce up & down or lean side to side nearly as much as the 2002. The steering has completely changed as well and is much smoother and responsive than the 2002's (and earlier).

    Everything underneath in the 2003 is much more desirable than the previous Expedition model. The exterior is an entirely different issue. I really don't like the looks of the 2003 Expedition. The style looks good on the smaller Explorer but not on the bigger Expedition. It looks too chunky IMO. I prefer the exterior of the 2002 Expedition and the driveability of the 2003. I opted not to get either...
  • cpearson1cpearson1 Posts: 30
    This system does not tell you the pressure in each tire. It displays messages in the message center in the instrument cluster:

    "Warning-tire very low" This means put air in one of the main tires right away.

    "Check tire pressure" This means tire pressure is a little high or low in one of the main tires.

    "Check spare tire pressure" This means tire pressure is high or low in the spare tire.

    I don't know what the values are for the different messages. This system is better than that in many cars because it also monitors the spare.
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