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Buying a Used Avalon

I'm looking at two 2000 avalons. One is the XL the other XLS. The XL has 145,000 Kilometers but has a very bad wobble in the front end. The dealer stated they would take care of it to my satifaction as part of the deal. It can be had for 9500 Canadian. The XLS has 103,000 kilometers and seems flawless. Both cars are in nice shape. the XLS rides nicer and feels tighter. It will go for 13,500 Canadian. Is one a better buy over the other. I'm concerned after reading the suspension problems with the Avalon that the XL might have suspension problems.
Any advice would be a great help


  • gwsgws Posts: 67
    The ratio of price to price and mileage to mileage are about the same. The XLS has more features. Check to ensure that the XL timing belt has been replaced; presumably the other was.
    I'd be inclined to go with the XLS. Is either price flexible?
  • THe price basically is what they would let it go for. I've offered 12,500 for the XLS but they said 13,500 was as low as it would call backs yet on their part. It was orginally listed for 13,900
  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591
    2000 year model was the first model year. I would steer clear of both these models, unless you have to have it. Then the lower mileage car, would most likley be the better bet, regardless of trim package, the only difference between the XL and the XLS.

    I would look around for a 2001-2004 model though.

    See CR for reliability ratings. The 2000 year model go down a notch being the first year out.

  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,061
    I would go for the XLS in a heart beat. I have a 2000 XLS with 54k miles and it has been flawless in almost 7 years. At $12,500 CDN or $10,788 USD and 64,000 miles I think it is a damn good price.

    Good luck with your purchase!
  • Thanks for the good advice. I have always wondered a few thing about buying second hand. How old is a car? Is it better to buy a 2000 (100,000 km) with lower milage or a 2003 with higher milage(170,000), say highway milage
  • jaymagicjaymagic Posts: 309
    Recently sold my mother's 00 Avalon XLS silver for $15,200 US. It had 34,000 actual miles and everything worked perfectly. Excellent body -- one minor accident 3 years previous, so had front right fender replaced, but looked like new.

    24MPG in town, close to 30 on the road. My mom hit 90 and decided her driving days were over.
  • wig1wig1 Posts: 3

    I own a 2000 toyota avalon xls with 77,000 miles. I notice a whining in the engine when I take my foot off the accelator and the engine comes to a idle speed. I notice it with the A/C off.It probalbly does with the A/C on to. I take good care of the car and have regular maintenance done by dealer.
    Thought I would ask here before i put my the toyota dealer.
    Has anyone had a similar experince with their Avalon? Appreciate any comments.
  • I am in the market for a used Avalon and would like to pay around $10,000. Are there any significant differences between the 2000 model and the 2004 model?
  • Other than the cosmetic ones, search this forum or google for the "engine sludge/gelling" issues.
  • 2ndcoming2ndcoming Posts: 2
    I just bought a 2000 Toyota avalon XLS private sale for $7000 CAD. The couple that sold it to me were really cool people. I was a bit worried because you never know what your going to get from a private sale. But all I had to change was the starter and even though it does need some suspension work, the car looks and feels brand new and rides smoothly and is a major upgrade from my 1999 Mazda 626 DX.
  • That sounds like a good price for the 2000 Avalon XLS. Hom many miles on the car?
  • radioguy1radioguy1 Posts: 5
    We own a 2001 Avalon with 187k miles...we're thinking about trading it in and getting a 2007 from one of our many Houston area Toyota's what the sales guy sent over... * Internet Price $24,988.00
    * Mileage: 25,617
    * Exterior Color: SILVER
    * Interior Color:
    * Transmission: A/T
    * Stock #: P5926
    I asked him if this car had a 4, 5 or 6 speed. My 2001 has a 4 speed. Without actually looking at the car, and based only on the information presented here, does this look like a reasonable starting place on price?


    Houston, TX
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 5,025
    Can't tell you if its a good price without knowing which Avalon you are looking at. There is a 10K price difference in original MSRP from a base XL to a fully loaded Limited.

    Also, the car is a 5 speed. In '08 the Avalon got the six speed.

    1999 Chevy S10 / 2004 Merc Grand Marquis / 2012 Buick LaCrosse

  • radioguy1radioguy1 Posts: 5
    You're right on the transmission...the sales dude did say it was a 5 speed. He also says this is an XLS model.

  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 5,025
    I have an '06 XLS that stickered right around 34K new. It has the JBL and VSC/ heated seat packages. It has been a wonderful car have around 24,000 miles on it and never back to the dealer except for oil changes. As for the pricing you are being given, give the used car values (right here on Edmunds or KBB) a look to get an idea of suggested retail on this car.

    1999 Chevy S10 / 2004 Merc Grand Marquis / 2012 Buick LaCrosse

  • finfin atlantaPosts: 586
    The car has a lot of miles on it to be only a model year old. This lowers the value as a resale for obvious reasons. But if the car has a clean title and vehicle service history, is spotless inside and out, has near new tires and at least the JBL sound system, it is probably worth, retail, about what you posted. Having skid control or other options would also help. The main thing is to be sure the car is near new clean and drives that way - perfect. (The warranty will take care of anything wrong but drive it a while anyway.) My .02....... great cars... :)
  • radioguy1radioguy1 Posts: 5
    Another dealer has, I think, a couple of 2008s on the lot with around the same mileage, some less that I'll get some prices on today. I drive a lot...around 34k a year, but my mileage is out of the ordinary. I wonder if this car was either a lease or a Toyota vehicle for one of their executives.

  • radioguy1radioguy1 Posts: 5
    The wife and I went down to another dealer since we had some time to kill last night. This dealer had 4 Avalons, all "Touring" editions, identical in that they had black leather seats and black interiors. The outside body colors were either silver or white, or off white. All were 2008 cars, sold as used cars (we'd be listed on the title as the second owner), and all had the remainder of the factory warranty on them. Their mileage was anywhere from 7k to 20k. All had the same price-$28,995.00. The sales guy said that the Touring was one step below the Limited (which I know isn't true). I think the basic price on a Touring model is around 31K, before options. None of these cars have a lot in the option department, and frankly, I'm not worried about that anyway. I wondered what the group's opinion would be of what I've learned.


  • neshdelneshdel Posts: 3
    I'm thinking of buying a used Avalon -- 2005 or 2006, XLS or Limited trim. I know that stability control & traction control were options in those years, and want to be sure that the car that I buy has those options.

    Does anyone know how I can tell by looking at the car whether the VSC is installed? In my current car, there is an off switch for the stability control, but I read somewhere that there is no such off switch in the Avalon.

    Thanks very much for any help.
  • wynn711wynn711 Posts: 4
    Call your Toyota Dealer Parts Dept and give them the VIN off your car and they should tell you right away if the VSC option is installed on your Avalon.
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