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Ford Escape Mazda Tribute Maintenance and Repair



  • RotaryKid, thank you for your reply-- you do make the most sense-- however I never had rotors go at 23000 miles. From reading these messages, it seems that the Tribute does have a break/rotary problem and Ford should address that problem. It is frustrating when on a busy schedule to be stuck in some parking lot, especially when 20 degrees out. Your explanation of the wipers does make sense. They have been OK since yesterday.
  • I believe you about never having rotors go at 23000, I have never sold a brake job in 16 years where the car had less than 60k and needed rotor replacement. but this is the NEW ford. try explaining to a customer that they need new pads and rotors, the pads are $95 and the rotors are $135 each. ford is the worst thing that ever happened to mazda. I can almost understand having disposable rotors, but that would only make sense if the pads were made of some type of material that allowed them to last at least 60k. anyone who doesnt think paying for rotors on their trib @ less than 25k is sensible should argue with the service dept until they warranty the rotors at least. I have seen it done. good luck.......
  • I drove a 2000 FORD Windstar also experienced the noise like you blow bubbles with a straw in the water.
  • rotarykid, sounds like you are a good mechanic. Unfortunately, I gave up the fight and decided to switch already. Now I am looking for something more reliable. Three times stuck is enough. Any ideas? I figured if Ford and Mazda wanted me as a customer they would have covered the rotors since they know they are a problem. They loose.
  • Rotarykid, as one of the victims of the rotors problem, I appreciate your honesty - more than I can say about my dealer, who (obviously knowing about the problem) quoted me about $250 for a brake job, only to tell me about the rotors (in a way that suggests that it was totally unexpected) and the additional $250 expense while my Tribute sat on the lift with the tires off.
  • mckee4mckee4 Posts: 47
    The beauty of this forum is that everyone has
    access to information that is useful and helpful
    for Escape/Tribute owners. I posted on the other
    the site about 1 yr. ago concerning the issue I
    had with brakes/rotors on my '01 Escape XLT.
    Mine lasted to 29K miles. Ford dealership replaced both for ~$460.00 total. Service advisor did not know that the rotors were unturnable either. I believed him. Bottom line
    is you may get dinged once, but start researching
    aftermarket pads /rotors (Raybestos, Bendix) so
    it doesn't happen again. I plan on keeping my
    Escape (currently 43K miles) for at least 100K+
    miles or for another 2 -3 yrs. I'll probably
    need another brake job this next year anyway. I'll just change out to ceramic pads and hopefully
    turnable afternmarket rotors. There are a lot of
    manufacturers that are apparently going to this
    set-up, probably d/t cost-cutting and standardization. I don't agree with it, but I
    do have a good, reputable, non-dealer mechanic
    that I can take the Escape for service and advice
    on best procedure, etc. Recommend that everyone
    do the same, if they can once out of warranty
    and servicable items. Don't want to take work
    away from Rotarykid though, he's a good one for
    Mazda. Otherwise my Escaoe has been a commendable
    vehicle, once I got past the IAC problem. As
    said before it's better than most vehicles I've
    owned before, including imports for service and
    most aspects of reliability.
  • My 2002 Tribute lx AWD with 10000 km mileage stalled on busy 4 lane bridge going downhill about 70 km My dealer replaced air intake valve and flushed the pcm claiming this will fix this problem permanently.It scared me a little bit being on a busy highway and no power.So I wonder should I get rid of this vehicle or believe Mazda dealer? I like the Tribute, runs well otherwise is there Anybody with the same problem which was fixed ? Please advise
  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaPosts: 1,078
    Just remember a very important skill to recover from the stall (while moving), just drop into neutral and recrank the engine, pop right back into drive and keep going. You don't have to pull over or nothing.

    I wouldn't have even believed there was a stall problem (I've never had it happen to me) until I was riding in my friends Tribute and he stalled on one of the back roads behind our development. He said it only did it on this one particular hill, and he noticed the RPM gauge was running very low before it happens, now he double foots on the hill and hasn't stalled since.

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  • i recently purchased 2004 tribute lx... after i drive the car, i hear the clicking noise that goes on for few minutes after the engine has been turned off... is that normal or should i be concerned?
  • Anybody else have or hear of this problem? I have an '03 ES V6 (top of the line one, the ES, right? I always forget) anyway... I've noticed that when getting off the highway as the speed drops to about 55 my headlights dim. Sometimes also around 30-35mph too. Always when slowing down. ((It's much like when you are putting up a power window and you keep holding the button when it's up, it drains power for a second or two)) then they brighten up again - the dash lights go too.
    Asked the dealership about this when they changed my oil. They checked my altenator and battery (both fine) and they did a s/ware upgrade of some sort as well but the truck still does it. It doesn't do it all the time, but it probably shouldn't at all, correct?
  • darbowdarbow Posts: 30
    Wow, here i thought i was the only 01 Tribute owner to need rotors at 42k!! I blamed my wife's driving habits, oops, sorry honey!. I know about the iac valve (have a 98 Mustang-does the same thing) so everyone here can clean it for a couple bucks, go to and do a search on IAC valve to get the info. Our coolant light comes on (had it replaced once). So in dismay we will be trading in this once beloved suv for a 4Runner or Pathfinder this summer when the prices of used go down, like my new rotors! ha, ha. Have a great Holiday everyone!
  • darbowdarbow Posts: 30
    According to our dealer, dont leave your keys in the ignition while sitting (in a garage of course), due to the battery could drain if over a long period of time. just thought id pass that along.
  • hot exhaust parts contracting. some seem to be louder than others, but normal nonetheless.
  • Hey all, I am back after numerous computer issues. Thanks for the suggestions before. My '01 tribute ES still has a cold start issue. Its been in the shop three times and they haven't fixed it yet. There have been some things fixed by them to try to help (I would list but the invoices are in my truck which is at the dealership being looked at for this issue) and these repairs helped the problem a little but it still happens. They now are telling me that they think my problem is caused by a dirty throttle body. They want to clean it for $90. I am not very smart when it comes to things like this. My question is, would this cause a cold start issue, and is this normal for a trib that has 43,000? Any help is appreciated.
  • wijocowijoco Posts: 462
    It's a possible cause, yes, but do they have evidence of a dirty throttle body or are they going down the TSB list and guessing? That would be my main question.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,119
    at the reliability ratings of an 01 Escape at MSN auto site.. It does very well...
  • We've had similar problems as others: coolant light, stalling. Here are two more: water dripping in on passenger side, perhaps from luggage rack? Biggest is a valva problem - apparently. Engine light came on and dealership had problem diagnosing - I'm still not sure they are right. At first tried to claim that Champion spark plugs were the problem. Then found that #6 had compression problems. Dealer talked to us about new engine! Instead, they're working on the valves. We loved the Tribute so much as first we thought about getting another one. Now, we're talking about no more Ford products.
  • mckee4mckee4 Posts: 47
    For what it's worth, my mechanic (independent) recommends cleaning the throttle body on all Ford products about every 15-20K miles. Apparently the Ford throttle-body designs is condusive for this build-up. Clasley- With 43K I'd get it done anyway. $90.00 is about right based on cleaning
    products and labor. However, if you are mechanically inclined it's not too bad to clean
    and takes about 30 minutes and $10.00 worth of
    Throttle-body cleaner (3M is good and safe for
    parts finishes). I've done mine twice, and add
    BG44K as an aftermarket fuel-system treatment.
    It's about $20 a bottle, but I think worth it.
  • I have an '01 Escape and needed new rotors at 60K. The OEM rotors are substandard, like disposable razors. (Except the cost: $200/rotor for just the part). Any dealer line about "normal wear and tear" is baloney. For rotors to last through only one resurfacing is anything but "normal." I'll think twice before I buy another Escape if this problem isn't corrected.
  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    Try Reybestos Rotors. I have Taurus and had goodluck with them. But I am not sure they have something for Escape. Usually they have two price range, go with the expensive one. I paid $59 per rotor which was the expensive one while dealer was asking $120 for motorcraft rotor. I did the entire job myself, you couldn't imagine how easy it was.
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